Tangmo announced her ‘break’ from Thank

Channel 7 actress “Tangmo” Pattaratida spoke to the media for the first time in regards to her ‘break’ from boyfriend “Thank” Pongsakorn Mahaparaya, step-son to famous Politician Korn Jatikawanich.

Tangmo revealed the reason behind her rocky relationship to Khaosod

“Khun Thank broke an agreement that I made for him. It’s a very bad one and I couldn’t accept that. I don’t want to say what he did because I have to protect him because he is mine. It’s better for you to ask him yourself. But like I said, ever since we got together, this is the only thing I can’t stand. The girls, the flirt, those things are too petty and normal for me”

Thank was seen out and about with a student from MSW

“Honestly the reason for our break from each other is not because of this girl. This is petty stuff, stuff like this, I’ve been prepared for it for a long time because for him to have friends who are girls is okay. I have friends who are guys too and there’s nothing more than that. I don’t know, it’s best to ask him yourself. As for the girl, if you go and ask her about this and she confessed that the rumours are true then I want her to come and apologize to me but if the rumours aren’t true then I will protect her, but this is not the problem”

“I can’t even say I’ve broken up with him because it’s only been two days, it’s too soon. And if one day we shall return to normal then people will accuse me of lying. So I want to call this a break from each other. And it’s got nothing to do with Thank or me falling for someone else”

“The reason is because Thank doesn’t love himself, he broke an agreement that I made in the beginning. I can’t say what he did because it’s very bad and I can’t accept that. I believe in one person’s life, there’s only a few things that can be considered a big deal”

Is he trying to make up with you?

“Yes and I’m giving him a chance to redeem himself and improve. But I want to give myself time to get over what he had done (shaky voice)”

“I value everything that I have said. I have told you that I would love this man as much as his mom would love him (shaky voice) meaning that I’d be willing to forgive him for everything regardless”

“His family has been very kind to me. They treat me like a family member and I feel like I am part of the family too so that’s why I have to help them. I promised them that I would help them to the best of my ability, but I can’t do this alone. I need everyone to help me and if one day we have to separate (shaky voice) on that day I would know that I have done my best”

“Thank is a good person. I still confirm that he is still the one that I love the most and he is still the best person to me compared to my past relationships”

9 responses to “Tangmo announced her ‘break’ from Thank

  1. Oh geez, her again? I feel like Tangmo needs to shut up about her personal life. No one was asking, so stop announcing. Geez, this is pathetic. No one cares! And it’s not even an official break up. They had a……… disagreement (??) because “แต๊งค์ไม่รักตัวเอง.” O_o

  2. Sounds like Tangmo and Tanya are in the same category. So selfish! If a guy is not treating you right, then leave them. Don’t just sit there thinking he’s gonna change, cause most likely he won’t. If he really cared, he would have done nothing wrong in the first place… at their ages, they are all adults, it’s not like they are kids or of younger age where they don’t know any better. no sympathy from me… they both did it to themselves.

    • i believe in second chances when they deserve it. even thirds. i admit i make the same mistakes more than twice.

      anyways i am not too bother if she stays or leave her bf, she’s just literally dumb. going to school is hopeless for her, no wonder she stop.

  3. Whatever it is that he did that got her upset should be between the two of them since there most likely weren’t any third hand. I mean how could there be when they’re like siamese twin. She’s an attention seeker and I bet no one even asked. Why would you come out and announce something like this if it’s not even official and her half ass answer just makes her prove that education really is a must.

  4. ok so dodge wasn’t good to her? he got banned because of her!! i hate tangmo!! i can never get my b-mix days back because of her!

    her and thank won’t last! if he cheated on her then it shouldn’t be a problem because she cheated on her previous bf. so what goes around comes around but it does sound like thank has either an addiction to drugs or gambling b/c his family is getting involved. hmmm.

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