Hea Hoh will not renew the contracts for “Lydia-Beam-Payu”, plans to put them on suspension

Big Boss of RS Promotion “Hea Hoh” announced he will not be renewing the contracts for “Lydia, Beam & Payu”. He plans to put a hold on all of their work till the end of their contractual agreement because he felt he is better off giving work to the more determined ones.. rather those who spent way too much time engaged in scandals!

The executive made the announcement at the press conference for Kamikaze’s concert in a room full of stupefied audience, blown away by his interview.

“RS Promotion is a corporation so it’s normal for music artists to come and go. In the past I have always chosen them myself and with some, we create a plan for them and for some we don’t”

“Some music artists will have work continually but some, whom we could see are not really interested in work and are constantly making news about their personal life, we don’t want to make music for them, like Lydia, Beam and Payu. I have to say, we probably won’t be renewing their contract. We will put them on suspension till the end of their contractual agreement, they have almost 2 years left on their contract”

“Please don’t say we’re banning them because it’s not like we’re just starting to. Lydia, Beam and Payu haven’t had music work for a long time now. I don’t want to go in dept about the details behind that and it’s not just them 3 that we’re doing this to. There are others in the same category”

“We have a lot of artists in our company and we want to choose those who are hard working. The crew are all hard working so our singers need to be on the same par. Anyone who is willing to work hard then we will be willing to work for them. But if they’re not then we don’t want to work for them either because there would be no point.”

“In the past there’s been a lot of music artists who have left us to work for other companies and in the past not many of them succeed”

“Just because a music artist is well known doesn’t neccessarily mean that he/she is well loved. Some are very famous but nobody likes them so there’s really no point. We just want to work with someone who is determined to work. Music artists need to make themselves loved by fans. They shouldn’t be creating news. Honestly, most of them are teenagers so to make mistakes would be normal, we’d call them in and talk about it and if they improve then that’s ok. But some are just not interested. They spend more time on their personal life and I’m not interested in those people”

Hea Hoh criticizes Lydia for boasting too much

“When people say this other company will take them. I feel nothing by that. I think kids needs to watch what they say, don’t talk so highly about yourself and lie to other people, it’s not good. Other companies might be dumb enough to buy it, but one day they will find out the truth”

“From her(Lydia) interview I felt she was just trying to make herself sound valuable by saying a lot of other companies are contacting her. Please don’t think by saying that will make her more valuable. RS Promotion only wants to work with those who are hardworking and appreciate the quality of the work. Those who are way too involved in personal rumours are not really interested in work at all. We don’t want those people”

“Today RS Promotion is not about quantity, we’re about quality. Right now we have 2 types, one are the music artists who have worked with us for a long time and are continually getting regular work. Then there are the new ones. Our target market is aimed to sell to teenagers and we still have younger ones working with us. If they are prepared to be determined then we will stand beside them. As for those who want to move on to other careers then I’m happy for them. It’s not wrong for them to do that but please don’t create a buzz about it”

“As for the music artists who are well loved and have a lot of fans, we don’t really let those ones go easily. There are a lot of things to look at”

Source via Manager

42 responses to “Hea Hoh will not renew the contracts for “Lydia-Beam-Payu”, plans to put them on suspension

  1. What bs is he talking about? Beam never had any scandals and the only reason why they haven’t had any work out is because of him and RS who wants to promote only those walking trash girly berry or whatever they are called. Lydia made so much money for them too and they’re just throwing her away. RS already got swallowed by grammy and sony anyways.

  2. so where is film in all of this? he had one of the biggest scandals ever and he’s still getting work out of the wazoo.

    mod from four-mod had a vdo of her and her ex kissing all over the net. how come she’s getting work? whorry berry have tons of scandals also and how come they’re getting work,.

    yea lydia made a bad choice with her bf matthew but everyone loves lydia!

          • Yea I went back and read and went in depth at my other post about it. Her bf Matthew isn’t any better also. They’ve both had plenty of leaked pictures.

    • I seriously have so much hatred for Film, this boy cannot sing to save his life. And honestly i swear Hea Hoh is in love w/ this boy…no matter how stupid he acts or how bad he preforms he’s constantly getting promoted by RS…

  3. Wow! Maybe there’s something lost in the translation, but Thai executives generally sound really unprofessional in their press releases. Either get a speech writer or take a course on how to respond to interviews. Why on earth would you say negative things about artists still under your contract? It makes you look like an idiot! I hope Beam, Lydia, and Payu won’t dignify Hea Hoh’s slanderous comment with a response. Then again, perhaps they should just sue his a** for defamation. I would just love to analyze their contracts for loopholes. And the drama continues…

  4. WTF is he smoking? BEAM+SCANDALS. That is like the weirdest most IMPOSSIBLE situation ever. In my years of following D2B-Dan&Beam, I’ve never seen that boy get himself involved in a scandal. The most I’ve ever seen is that thing about him and Dan supposedly fighting over Dan supposedly hitting on Bua, and that was freaken epically funny as hell.

    “Today RS Promotion is not about quantity, we’re about quality. Right now we have 2 types, one are the music artists who have worked with us for a long time and are continually getting regular work. Then there are the new ones.”

    Quality over Quantity? Really? Cause last I checked, RS was throwing out all these stupid little kid groups, with like a dozen members PER group, who can’t even sing for shit. Quality my a$$. And then, as if the groupies weren’t enough to kill our ears with their painful singing skills, there’s even sub-units too. wtf. The music sucks, and so do the singers. They’re selling crappy music to these stupid unsuspecting teenagers! I swear to god this just has to be illegal.

    Beam’s been with their asses since forever. Even when Dan left, he didn’t leave. I thought his contract expired a year after Dan? I swear it’s been like 2 years now. Beam, sweetie, why the hell are you still with that crappy company? And he only had like one album out after Dan left. lol.. well not like Beam’s a “gifted” singer or anything, but shoot… =.= screwing him over just cause he’s old stuff.

    Lydia’s been with them since forever too. I don’t like her music, but she sure as hell can sing better than 99.9% of these stupid kids they have right now. lol.. I can’t say much about Payu, but that kid is also better than whoever they have now as well.

    Anddddddddd then to add some more fuel to the fire they brought back Howard Wang. And they’re trying to make him Taeyang. fck… Kill Beam off and haul in Howard. Great idea.

    You know what, while they’re at it, they should just fire ALL their singers. The ones who actually have talent (or some of it) have been sacked, while the ones who don’t are being promoted constantly.

    It’s fine, DON’T renew Beam’s contract. He’s too damn awesome for RS.

    • Wow you seriously know your stuff and everything is like totally right! That dude Hea Hoh should read this seriously and know whats what lol

    • I agree with ever particle of ur comment…I cant believe they’re doing this so P’Beam…he and D2B made the biggest name for them…i’m sad to hear of this…aside from D2B, parn is the only artist that I can listen to from RS…it’ll make sense if they don’t renew her contract too…

      agree that howard wang guy is *gag*

  5. wow he must be really mad at them to do this, so i think there’s more to it. he should tell why. i haven’t heard anything of beam except for his girlfriend who he keeps low profile and he seems like a hardworker. lydia about the boasting, yeah i think i would believe that. and i have no idea who payu is.

  6. Once upon a time, I was a huge fan of RS Promotion artists: Tata Young, D2B, Four-Mod etc. But now they suck big time. I honestly don’t like RS and Grammy. They promote singers that cannot sing *cough-bie-cough* but definitely RS has more shitty singers. I admit, Beam is not the greatest singer but to abandon him like that is just cruel. I love him in D2B. He’s not strong enough to go solo. Ugh RS can kiss my ass.

    • i love your *cough-bie-cough* i was beginning to think i was the only one in the bie is completely overrated camp. but pleaseeee! don’t lump bie into Grammy, i know he’s under Grammy but the only reason this guy gets as much promotion and everything else he does is because he’s under Exact and is K.Boy’s favorite “son”. Not that I really care as I’m not a fan of Tata but when was she with RS? I thought she was always under Grammy since her teenage years before she moved to Sony

      • I think maybe fun got Tata mixed up? I never remember her under RS either. I remember her in the 6-2-12 which was produced by grammy. Her second album is by grammy too. I still have the cassette lol.

  7. Wow! so unprofessional of him to come out and criticized about these 3, especially when they’re still under contract by RS. I like Beam and Lydia a lot..and for him to say that Lydia likes to boast about herself, that is so untrue..I don’t recall her bragging at any of her interviews!

  8. i’m so pissed!! what had beam done???? i think its only one time we heard beam in news wif a girl!! ONE TIME!! and doesn’t beam work his ass hard enough??!! grr,. >_<

  9. Maybe he doesn’t like that Lydia actually uses her talent, as in her voice to promote herself instead of her cleavage and butt cheeks. He probably wanted her to take after his favorite group the, what did you call them min? Oh yeah whorry berry, but Lydia had too much respect for herself and gave him the fingers.

    RS is Channel 7 and Channel 7 is RS, meaning for them talent is irrelevant as long as sex sells.

  10. I use to be a huge RS supporter. Back in the Raptor, JR-Voy, Nancy Raffy…etc late 90’s days. Now, their company is declining in the quality of music. I would say Lydia is a huge asset to this RS. She has a pretty good voice, and probably would be suited better somewhere else like Sony. If she is with Sony, she has a chance to work w/Grammy and other companies as well.

    Beam may follow in Dan’s footsteps and go to Sony if this is true. And the potential for a DanBeam reunion will be high.

    As for Payu, his timing sucked. He came out around the same time as Chin. They are both luk-krueng, make R&B type music, and dance. Chin is a better dancer and singer and backed up by a more professional company.

    These are must my 2 cents about this whole ordeal.

  11. oh ok i went back and i kind of read up on lydia but it was in the past when there were rumors of her being thaksin’s mistress and then her and that mor krit guy.

    i think beam didn’t do anything scandalous but more the fact that he doesn’t want to work. since he’s been taking off here and there from the biz with school.

    so basically rs promo doesn’t see education important but instead he see’s who is more dedicated.

    payu is the bf of ying mann and ying mann herself is already scandalous.

  12. He should have hired a public representative to speak for him because he sounds and is acting so unprofessional. Why say all of this to the public? Why not keep it private? He’s gonna get flamed for saying this crap because those three (More like two: Beam and Lydia) still have fans. I don’t recall Beam in any scandalous news at all. Lydia, it was all rumors surrounding her aside from her idiot boyfriend. For Payu, well I can’t say anything but the fact that he’s surrounded by drama (Ying Man.) I’ve been to his Twitter before, and arguing with you sister on the internet isn’t good for the public eye. The boss just sucks, he doesn’t promote quality, it’s more of quantity than anything else, music from his company is mostly crap nowadays.

  13. “In the past there’s been a lot of music artists who have left us to work for other companies and in the past not many of them succeed” – haha that part is messed up but i see dome doing pretty good with grammy. dan had 2 hit songs on his solo. james did ok in grammy i mean he did do like a korean song right..

    • Those who left RS are probably very happy right now LOL. James is doing excellent. He does what he loves and that includes behind the scene stuff. Remember now, just because we don’t see a lot of him, doesn’t mean he’s not doing important stuff for Grammy ^_^

    • He’s bitter that all the real talented artist left his sorry ass of a company for a company that is more stable and professional. I mean even Chompoo Fruity who was there for decades and decades, even sat on the board left their ass. I mean doesn’t that say a lot?

    • hmm. .since i’m a huge Dan fan, i’m just gonna answer about him.. and a little about Beam 55

      anyway, Dan has more than 2 big hits. that’s for sure. since his movie (32 Thunwa) was out, his 2 singles (We love each other and Sai taa yao), it became big htis and got on the top charts in thailand including download charts (as far as I know). And as far as I remembered, Dan’s song “Sai taa yao” was nr.1 on online music (by that ime).. on pleng.com!!!, while RS singers, like Jack and Waii came 2nd and 3rd (ouch, that must have hurt, Hia Hor)

      And then at the same time his lakorn came out (Kularb sorn nam), the OST. of the lakorn also was also a hit (from his album BLUE).

      It’s just that Dan is giving alot of time doing stuff behind the cameras (producing lakorn, producer for other artists and the latest director of Sin Chronicle, 2 episodes for ch3, just recently and received alot of love words). So, ch3 is giving him alot of time and sapce to do his things. While Sony is giving him time to finish his album and now he’s picking up his mini concerts again after some break.

      Sony will have a concert soon, called “10/10” including Dan, Tor+ and lots of Sony artists. and Dan has accepted 2 more lakorns (except the one he’s doing now + album making)

      I think he’s successful alright and VERY busy. And about Beam.-.. smart kid, don’t renew the contract and just follow Dan. Hia Hor is just spitting out alot of shit

  14. Okay maybe Lydia and Payu had scandals, but wth BEAM?!
    Beam’s never had any bad publicity, and to add on to that he’s been with company since 2001 during his D2B days, like RS would be anything without D2B. Beam should follow Dan and move to Sony or even Grammy who actually have good artists, like Endorphine, Potato and heaps more. Besides D2B , Dan-Beam, RS sucks.

      • Hahaha thanks :p I think this was my most unprofessional post ever here on DL. LOL But I just can’t hold in my anger when it comes w/ RS and their shitty ass ways. And this is coming from a former #1 RS fan.

  15. i love that they r doing tat because it seems the younger stars r no longer caring about the example they set.

  16. OUCH, his word are wow. Im surprise Beam is in the scandal thing, and surprise mod,film,tack, and more are not.
    And RS are taking them out because they are not famous and not good, it’s not because they have scandal, it’s all about the money and profit. yeah Beam was in D2B but he was nothing compared to Dan and Big(the voice or good looking), he was like a back up. As for lydia, good for her because I hate her voice, and for payru who the fuck is he, oh yeah ying man boyfriend

  17. Oh yeah even if lydia beam payu are going to other company, it doesnt mean they are going to be famous, and they suck

  18. I forgot to add another thing. LOL I had a feeling Lydia has been tossed aside. They seem to be hella promoting Waii. “RnB” (as they would refer to Lydia as, though I would refer her to something else :p) is out the window, anything kpop like is in. Poor Lydia. Though I hate her voice, she deserves a better company.

  19. *coughcough* i have to admit i do like some of the younger KZ groups but omg…. I HATE RS!!!.. HOW THE HELL CAN THEY DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO BEAM!!!!! HELLO!!! D2B WAS HELLA POPULAR! AND FREAK THAT’S HOW RS PULLED IN THEIR MONEY!! SIGH.. IM SO HAPPY DAN LEFT.. he’s way better off now.. i hope beam will leave soon too… T_T i haven’t even seen beam in a scandal at all so don’t he(hea hoh) f*cken say that about beam!! argh!!!

    as for lydia.. im not much of her fan but she does have a good voice.. she should just switch companies..

    payu.. just when i thought he was gonna be back.. he had to get with freaken ying mann!! wtfudge dude!!! eversince their relationship, he’s been hekka gone >_<..

  20. I forgot Beam was still with them lol. All I ever hear and see from RS now is their kamikaze crap they’ve been spitting out. I say it’s actually a GOOD move, they were rarely promoted anyway (except for maybe Lydia but even her work was slowing down).

  21. The reason why she’s apologizing is not because she thinks shes done anything wrong but its just because she is trying to survive in a business where the press is the mafia and big companies like this have the power and the PR to destroy someones career. This can cause them to not be able to work again.

    Theres a lot more to this than the public eye can see. The war between the artist and the record label (namely RS) has been an ongoing battle for many years with many people/artists fighting in it. 90 percent of artist who are with RS wanna get out after 2 years because by that time, they are not the new product anymore and RS doesn’t have the ability or the effort to maintain any artists careers. This can be seen from the fact that no artists from the 90′s are left working with the company. Whereas Grammy has artists such as Bird, Marsha, Mai Jaroenpura, Jetrin, Nat Myria, Zaza, and many others who are still maintaining a healthy career with the company.

    See how all the artists who leave RS have no work during the last 12-18 months of their contract? Thats because they put an immediate ban on these people who are not renewing their contract with the label. During this Banning phase, they are not allowed to find work by themselves and the company does not find them any work. If they do try to work, they will be fined 10 times the amount of money they made from each job. RS even goes as far as to order their sales team to put the artist on hold and tell anyone who wants to work with them that they are unavailable.

    What kind of CEO publicly disses out their employees because they are leaving to work at a new place? Everyone knows that Lydia and Beam are the ones who refuse to sign a new contract with this dictator label. And its undeniable that they have been contacted to sign with Sony, Grammy, or any other better labels. The reason why Hia-Hor came out is because he wanted to save face after 2 of his most talented artists were rumored to leave and join other labels.

    RS is also a dirty company. Ask ANYONE who’s been associated with them and they’ll tell you that money has been cheated from them in disgusting amounts. There is absolutely no transparency in their financial system. Album sales or song downloads cant be checked by the artist, and artists are paid what RS decides fit. Concerts and events are the only work that artists are paid mostly fairly since those can easily be checked with the organizing companies that hired them.
    However, along with these paid events come double the amount of free work for Hia Hor’s “friends” or possible business allies. Many a time artists will be sent to a politician’s parties, businessmen’s social function, or a socialite’s birthday party to perform free of charge to cater to Hia Hor’s personal gain. Many of these people are wealthy enough to pay for an artists performance, but Hia Hor would offer them for free in return for a favor.

    These are just some of the dirty laundry in RS. One day the entire company will crumble down on itself and all secrets will be revealed.


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