Touky is taking liberties with Louis Scott

“This movie is a bit much. It’s like P’Touky is trying to take liberties with me, always touching my body unneccessarily on purpose” Says Louis Scott about his comedian co-star “Touky” Sudarat Bootprom in an upcoming comedy flick “Touky Jao Ying Kao Kob”.

In a cheerful mood, Louis tells Khaosod about his experience working with the comedian turned heroine.

“Whenever there’s a little opportunity, she will pull one of her flirtatious craft on me. [In the movie} I have to beg her to help me out with something and she will always be smooth about it, doesn’t do as I ask unless I give in on something”

“In return she asks me to kiss her cheek, ask if she could kiss me, sometimes it’s not even written in the script but she will add it in anyway. I get a little embarassed but it was fun”

How do you feel about being able to star in a love scene with a hot woman such as Touky?

“It’s a golden opportunity because no one could star in a love scene with P’Touky and get to take liberties with her like I could (laughs)”

This film staring Louis Scott and Touky Sudarat is due to be released 22nd July 2010.

Teaser is available on Youtube.

14 responses to “Touky is taking liberties with Louis Scott

  1. Looks like a comedic movie to watch! Thanks for sharing the trailers. I’m definitely going to watch this one!

  2. DAYUM! I’ve known about him for a white, but I didn’t realize how good looking he was until now. The movie looks interesting.

  3. lmao.. i’ve always loved louis ever since raptor days.. ahaha.. he’s so adorable in here!! i wouldnt mind watching it.. ahaha..

    and hmm.. i also hear a mild song in hehe XD.. love MILD ^_^

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