Pancake is hiding a fling?

“Pancake & Weir” are still the favorite couple onscreen and offscreen despite the predictions from various celebrity psychics who failed to bear any impact on their romance. Against all odds, the couple continued their love life and denied all rumours along the way.

 But the latest gossip to hit the town courtesy of ‘TV Inside’ revealed Pan & Weir could really be on the verge of break up and the culprit is no fault of the male party.

The reason is because of Pancake and her hot leading actress status that’s making all the men out there wanting to throw themselves at her. One man in particular is successful at courting her.

An inside source revealed whenever Pancake is off-work, she picks up her Blackberry to chat with this young man whom she met through a set up arranged by a junior actress in the industry. And as for the status of her relationship with this man, well, they say he is definitely a Kik/fling. Pancake is seeing him on the side while officially dating Weir.

And plus, this fling of hers is not your average guy. His father holds an important position in the police force but at this stage his name can not be identified…

Source via TV Inside/Gossipstar

15 responses to “Pancake is hiding a fling?

  1. What? lol…LIES! How do they get such “inside sources?”

    Well, it could be possible. I’ve always found Pan&Weir’s sweetness kind of artificial.

  2. inside sources are usually thai media peps lying and making shit up just for people to be entertained, i guess i shouldn’t blame em they’re just doin their job, but this is still BS

    • Same! This couple is sweet, and if they break up, I dont know how to say this, just something would be missing. 😦

  3. did you guys read the previous article about them leaving separately at this partay? to be honest, it has never Ever pop in my head, not even once that they may Last. Pancake… i used to dislike her but the more i see her idk the more i start to enjoy her. not her acting skills however. ithink she can do better. sorry to offend fans!

  4. LIES LIES LIES! They still seem sweet. Im always watching their updates on youtube and they still are normal. I dont think Pancake would CHEAT?? is that the right word? on Weir through her blackberry. :S Weir is such a sweet heart towards her. Dating for so long now, they CANT break up. The WILL last. I beleive they will!!! ❤

  5. I really don’t like Ch7. I believe Kade and Noon were put together by them and the same goes with Wier and Pan.

    • Well you cant really blame it on the channel. Kade and Noon are only one couple who ended up not loving eachother because they dont have good feelings for eaochother anymore. We cant expect every couple to breeak up because of the same reason. Look at Amy & Cee, dating for so long and now are almost getting married, and they still last. Its up to themselves, not channel or media 🙂

  6. Both have fling and they will eventually break up and it’s not like they are in love it’s all about the money.
    ^^Some Stupid people will think that the channel is the reason they are together and breaking up, thats the most funniest thing I have ever heard, how stupid.

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