Channel 3 is willing to accept Pinky

Actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech has become damaged goods after her home wrecking scandal made talk of town in the media press. Since then, the actress was officially ‘cut off’ by channel 7 who publicly announced they will not renew her contract. More news claims channel 3 is not planning to take her on either because her reputation is shattered beyond repair.

The only company willing to offer her a job is TV Scene, on the condition that Pinky must sign a contract with them.

Big Boss of channel 3 Prawit Maleenont shed some light to Manager about Pinky’s future with the channel.

“I can’t answer this because I’m behind on news. I don’t know anything about this so it’s best to ask Khun Somluck. But if Pinky is happy to move here and we’re willing to accept her then I would be happy. We are open to her, not closed and the news doesn’t bother us. There’s a lot of news out there, it’s normal now. Everybody’s in the news but if their work is of good quality then we can accept her”

“Have I ever watched any of Pinky’s work? I have, but briefly and I don’t know whether she will sign with Pin (TV Scene Boss) it’s something they will have to discuss themselves. I don’t want to interfere”

“Lately I don’t know many details about who’s coming and going. I don’t know who’s been selected to come here. In the past I’ve been busy”

“But whether or not she will sign with us, it’s up to both parties. I am willing to welcome her if she’s happy then we’re happy. Or if she wants to work for channel 3 and channel 7, then we do have celebrities who are like that. We’re not closed off to them either. Chakrit Yamnam acts for more than one channel and same with Tik Jessadaporn. He works for more than one channel too”

Source via Manager

24 responses to “Channel 3 is willing to accept Pinky

  1. Even if she is a girl with no taste in men (stealing them) she’s a pretty good actress i enjoy her lakorns if i like the P’ek i’ll watch her lakorns, if not i don’t watch her lakorns, but yet i had a sudden change of mind with her working with aum and other ch3 actors, hmmmm maybe i’ll be liking her moving to another channel………….i’ll be entertained with the future news of her being in the same channel as Aff and Tanya, even if Pinky is good at acting she could never compare to Aff and Tanya.

  2. I would love to see her with ch 3 she would be a great addition for them. I’m getting tired of these new nang ek n their bad acting. sad how ch 7 didn’t renew her because of her personal business and they don’t even know the truth! I’m rooting for Pinky to do really good so ch 7 can kiss her ass!!!!

  3. I personally enjoy her as an actress so I will definitely support her dramas. I don’t care much for her personal life as long as she is a doing her job as an actress then that is good enough for me.

  4. I don’t mind her moving to channel 3. she will be in the samw category as pat napapa, namfon, and all of the minor young actresses…cant be compared to A list like, ann, aff, rita, and janie.

  5. Pinky would really suit the praeks from ch 3. I love to see her with Mart, Rome, Ken, etc and personallly, I think she’s a better actress than some of ch. 3 nangeks, even Aff.

  6. i think it would be interesting too!! even though i can’t get over the fact that she went from aum to…a ugly married man…if the news is accurate. it did a lot of damage to her image indeed.

    • LOL, same here. The pr’eaks of CH7 are way cuter and hotter. CH3 pr’eaks are OK, but not GOOD.

  7. I just watch good lakorn wid good actors and actress…i careless of wat news they have behind…personal is personal work is work…so i dnt mixed those up together for me to stop watching their lakorn cuz da news they got…i dnt care…i’m watching their ability of wrk not wat they happen to do in real life…

  8. the quality shouldn’t matter and an actress’s private life shouldn’t be put into the public but most of you are forgetting that she is a public figure and believe me there are kids out there who idolize pinky so what she does has an impact on society and for the channel to have a clean image they need to eliminate the problem. clean image as to be family orientated.

    channel 3 says it doesn’t matter but wait when the time comes. they won’t know what to do.

  9. I love Pinky and would love to see her with Ch. 3 because, personally, I think Ch.3 lakorns are better than Ch.7

  10. YES Pinky fighting MOVE to CH 3 and play a lakorn for this year ; i miss your lakorn very much. Don’t care about the bad news , people will know someday what it was true and right ! ! and don’t care the WITCH Tanya , she’s only a woman who’s already punish by god that’s why she couldn’t have a baby, i hate this actress very very much ;;;

    • I hope channel 3 does take on Pinky. She’d be a great addition. After her recent public humiliation, I doubt she will allow history to repeat itself.

      I’ve been pretty critical of Tanya through this ordeal, but what you said about her not being able to have a baby is just mean spirited. I was shocked to read such a comment!

  11. Even if I cry a river, it won’t change anything. I love how Ch3 are very open up but your past do matter just for those that are saying so. I am not bother by stars’ past, but behavior is very important in holding any jobs.

    • Same here. CH3 is open to EVERY CELEB! Arent they getting too overbeaord of having to take care too many celebs? Like every old CH7 pr’eaks/n’ekas etc. all go to CH3 and how do they arrange lakorns and stuff for that many? I think CH7 has the right amount of celebs. Not too much, not too little, but good enough for their budget and care. LOL. 🙂

  12. Uk! I hope they dont accept her..i’m not found of her..even b4 the whole scandals…don’t know why either, i loved her as a lilo kid…but she can sing…

    I dont know about all of you, but celebrities private lives do affect whether i support them or not…for example Charlie Sheen, this man is pure evil, abusing women, why would I support his works?

  13. wow her reputation is wrecked! Were there even any proof Pinky was REALLY trying to steal Tanyas husband?? Only clues, but not actual proof!
    I prefer her in CH7 cuz the lakorns are amazing and the pr’eaks and nang’eaks are cute and she suits the pr;eaks there better. CH3 pr’eaks are OK but not as good looking, same as the nang’eaks.
    CH7 is where Pinky had great lakorns and scored high ratings, CH3 will just make it worse for her. It doesnt seem like she wants to move channels tho. 😥

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