Pictures of Bee Matika and Kan Kantaworn Leaks

Young actor, Kan Kantaworn came out to say with his own mouth that he has a girlfriend already, but then how come there are leaked pictures of him and actress, “Bee” Matika getting really close to each other? That isn’t all, but there is a picture of the two cheek and cheek that displays the bond of the two. Bee and Kan will probably have to come out and clear this up quickly!

[Source via Zubzip]

13 responses to “Pictures of Bee Matika and Kan Kantaworn Leaks

  1. I actually don’t see anything wrong with these pictures. I pose like this with my close guy friends as well. They look plastered in the cheek to cheek picture though.

  2. what about the other girl in the picture? they’e close too how come they don’t think she’s his girl? this is so retarded.

  3. gosh. theres nothing wrong with the pictures, so girls and guys aren’t suppose to talk or see each other or be friends unless they have the sole purpose of being gf/bf? stupid. Thai news is ridiculous sometimes.

  4. These are seriously not bad at all! First pic, don’t know why it was even involved in this “scandal” lol it has another girl in it too w/ same pose as Bee. The 2nd one, it would have stirred up trouble if she was sitting on his lap :p But she wasn’t. The last one, if he had his arm around her, then MAYBE, just maybe, it might raise ONE question lol.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with these pictures… how come the media makes a big deal out of nothing all the time.

  6. this is ridiculous.. the pics arent even up to the same level as poo’s >_<.. so iono y rumors are stirring..

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