Kao Jirayu Get’s Gay Rumors For Being Close To Chin; Denies He’s Hitting On Min

Inconsistently denying that he’s hitting on his senior (roon pee/รุ่นพี่), “Min” Pichaya Watthanamontree. and trying to sell her his charms, “Kao” Jirayu Laongmanee was hit with rumors like this it has put him in a position where he had to deny the rumors quickly saying that it isn’t true at all and  Min isn’t his type plus their age difference are far apart. As for the picture of him and “Chin” Chinawut Indracusin with arms over their  necks isn’t a leaked picture at all, but instead it was for their Pepsi Commercial.

There are rumors that you like Min Pichaya?

“The rumors that are saying I like Min? This is the first time I’m hearing about it. I don’ t know how there are rumors about it. I don’t like Min because our age differences are too far apart. As for the rumors about me exchanging BB pin or exchanging numbers never happened. I’ve met her before on “Wun Waang Yung Waan Yoo” and it was nothing. I see her as a senior that’s it.”

Have you talked to her yet?

“I have and she’s a cute person.”

How do you feel when they try to pair you up with someone all the time?

“I guess it’s normal, but in the beginning I didn’t prepare myself or anything. I acted normally like I would.”

Will you be working with her?

“We did a photoshoot and that was it nothing else.”

Right now are you crushing on anyone or have anyone on the side?

“No, I don’t have anyone. I’m single.”

Recently there are leaked pictures with you and Chin.

“It was for our Pepsi Commercial it was nothing. Chin is a man. We’re not gay.”

Well have you had guys come and hit on you?

“No, I haven’t. There hasn’t been any.”

[Source via Rakdara]

32 responses to “Kao Jirayu Get’s Gay Rumors For Being Close To Chin; Denies He’s Hitting On Min

  1. wow. he is sooooo NOT gay! u can tell when someone is or isnt! maybe the guy in blue but def. not him >.>

  2. LOL making news out of nothing. Just because Chin has his arms around him like that doesn’t make them gay. It’s the Asian culture.

    • By Asian culture, do you mean making news out of nothing or the fact that Chin having his arms around Kao make them gay?
      If it’s the first, well, that’s true for every culture, not just Asian.
      If the second, that’s not Asian also, just what the Thai media like to do Lol
      They should really learn that that’s just stupid xD

      • By Asian culture, I mean Chin having his arms around Kao.

        FACT. Asian culture is more open to physical body contact. A lot of young Asians, girls and guys, hold hands, hug, etc… and it’s not gay. Whereas in America, if a guy come up to another guy and holds his hand, they get disgusted and think it’s gay.

        The media is just the media, it has nothing to do with what I’m talking about with the Asian culture. All media is like that, trying to make news.

  3. Okay this is even worse than the Kan and Bee news, he’s onl 14, leave him alone, he probably hasn’t even gotten over “girl cooties” at this age. haha (jks) but seriously leave the poor kid alone.

  4. Aww…That’s my cute little kao lol. Straight to the point interview, very smart, he answers it like it is, he’s doesn’t beat around the bush like other celebs. Wow, people accusing him of being gay, like seriously, he’s a kid, leave him alone.

  5. wow thai media never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity of gay news seriously what’s wrong with them

  6. WTFFFFF. Chin is def not gay at all, he’s just the friendly type of person & plus he’s half thai half french but hes kinda americanized i guess you can say? when they put their arms around their homies neck. I guess the papparazi got nothin better to do

  7. omg.. theyre attacking my n’kao with these gay rumors now too.. nooo.. damn.. theyre really running out of wat to write.. argh!

  8. WTF?!?! LOL Kao is like 15 and they’re already pinning the ‘gay’ thing on him?! Atleast let the kid turn 20 before questioning his preferences LOL
    The whole Min thing is just….wow.
    →Right now are you crushing on anyone or have anyone on the side?
    “No, I don’t have anyone. I’m single.”←
    Yeah, rite! I bet he does have a crush on somebody; he’s 15 for crying out loud. He’s just smart enough not to tell the media or they’ll post the news everywhere. “KAO JIRAYU LIKES _______ AND THEY’RE GOING TO GET MARRIED NEXT YEAR!!!”
    The media needs to get a life…seriously
    p.s. Chin is just sooooo cute XDD so is Kao ♥

  9. All I know is that the hottest and gorgeous ladies that I have met in Thailand were actually boys. Kao is NOT gay. The actor who played as young Mew is gay.

  10. OHh come on quit exaggerating it’s called bromance.
    all guys have it with each other.
    it’s friendly love.. THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY NOT GAYY

  11. there is nothing wrong with putting you arms over the neck of your guy friends. for me its a resemblance of a friendship… if see them kissing then their gay… but for this?! its just trying to destroy someone’s reputation… or maybe the media is too old for this new generation… Aww…

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