Does Anyone Still Remember Who This Child Actress Is?

You can believe that people who are in their 20’s can remember who she is or at least remember her face from somewhere. After having been away from the entertainment business for nearly 10 years for the child actress whose name is “Nong Nan” Sakunrat Jaiseu who is from the same generation as “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech, Yardthip Rachapan, and “Kwan” Ausamanee Waitaynon.

Before she was going to fade out of the entertainment business and focused on school she has left us with so many lakorns to watch through Channel 7. One of her famous role as a child actress was “Dao Prasook” and others such as “Keu Hat Taa Krong Pi-Pop“. Now she is grown up to a beautiful woman and you wouldn’t have thought she was the same person.

[Source via Rakdara]

22 responses to “Does Anyone Still Remember Who This Child Actress Is?

  1. she’s pretty! i think she should come back also. i remember her, bee matika, yardthip, kwan, and pinky.

    she looks the same a bit but pretty!

  2. Oh yeah I remember her. She was in lakorn with Kwan and Yardtip. They all grown to be beautiful girls.

  3. yard was in some of ch. 7 lakorns before but i still don’t think she’s pretty to be nang’ek. and her acting still sucks.

    • Yes, Pinky played the child Dao Prasook and Kao played the 16 years old Dao Prasook. Back in those days, leading child roles used to be played by either Pinky or Nan. Yardtip and Kwan didn’t get popular until much later.

  4. Who’s this nang ek!! Please help put her recently picture in here to fresh my mind..I love and like her a lot..thanks

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