Ch7 Reavealed!; Pinky Is The First To Have Ch7 Announce Their Cutoff With Her Through The Press

Unfolding the history of Channel 7; Ever since there have been many celebrities who are signed under them they (Channel 7) has never announced that they would be renewing their clients renewal contract through the media. As for the case of “Pinky” Sawika, she has been the first person to have this happen to her, but there was another actress who had a similar case, “Benz” Mununya. When the channel wouldn’t renew her contract, but they kept it a secret and didn’t let the media know about it.

In the case of “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech sent a confirmation through the media that the channel would not be renewing the actress’s contract and that she will not be an actress under their channel anymore after her contract with the channel ends at the end of this month. A bit after this reporters were reporting that T.V. Scene boss, “Jhey Pin” Chawee who conducts dramas for Channel 3 came out to say that there is a 70 % chance that Pinky will be working with Channel 3. T.V. Scene has even prepared a drama for her to play in called, “Ngao Praai” co-starring alongside actor, “Num” Sornram Theppitak. That isn’t all, they channel has also has another drama for her in hand starring alongside ex boyfriend, “Aum” Artichart Choomnanont as the channel proposed before.

Regarding this matter reporters reported on the 18th of June that revealed that Channel 7 announced through the media that they won’t be renewing the “Indian faced” actress’s before the contract even ended has been the first person in Channel 7 history to have it publicly announced. When there have been many actors and actresses who has signed with the company since they were childhood stars to adulthood, there has never been a case like Pinky.

Pinky is the 2nd person that Channel 7 won’t renew the contract with. The first person that Channel 7 wouldn’t renew the contract was, “Benz” Munanya Traiyanon, former “close friend” of “Dan” Worrawech Danuwong.

[Benz Mununya]

But no matter what, the reason for not renewing Benz’s contract is different then not renewing Pinky’s contract. When the company didn’t want to renew Benz’s contract anymore it was kept a secret and Channel 7 didn’t announce it to the press or give out any information to the public.

Pinky has never gave a specific answer to her contract or if she will be moving, but when Channel 7 announced that they wouldn’t be renewing her contract it let the public know that she won’t be working for Channel 7 anymore, but as to why her contract isn’t being renewed is what everyone is looking for an answer for.  With this reporters specified that after her scandalous news involving herself with “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul could be one of the main reasons her contract wasn’t renewed.

Even though Pinky, Peck, and Tanya (Tanyares Engtrakul) has cleared it up with the public and even though Channel 7 doesn’t involve themselves in their celebrities personal life, but if the problem or the news has an impact to society only when they will call their celebrities to reprimand or warn them. Then the celebrity will have to find out how they will handle the situation and how they can fold over to make the situation better. Some might say it’ bad luck for Pinky, but once the channel announced that they would not be renewing her contract through to the  public it brought a lot of questions as to why was Pinky’s case different from Benz?

[Source via SiamDara]

63 responses to “Ch7 Reavealed!; Pinky Is The First To Have Ch7 Announce Their Cutoff With Her Through The Press

  1. Her in a lakorn with Aum, lets see if their flame will still spark, as much as i dislike her now, come on a lakorn with ex’s in it will be exciting, Nat Myria better beware if Pinky does work with Aum!

      • Exactly. somehow i have a picture in my head of nat pulling pinkys hair Lol. is nat still acting?? ooo it’d be nice if the three were together 😀

        • I heard nat has a lakorn w exact coming out.. with marsha and tang.
          does anyone remember that nat and pinky were in this old series together?? pinky was still a little girl back then….if I remember correctly. they might have played the same character. Maybe I’m wrong?

      • Yeah I agree, Nat has nothing whatsoever to worry about especially after the scandalous news tarnished her image. And plus, Nat and Aum seem to be doing quite well in and out of the public, so they got nothing to worry about. And I’m sorry to say this, I really don’t want her with ch3; I practically adore every actress there, like seriously, there are rarely any ch3 actresses I dislike. Go to ch5 Pinky!!!!

        • There so many actress in Ch3 …so she diff. has alot of competition…i think she might get lost in the crowd..

      • agree w/fan 😀 it’s all about trust. if aum gets back w/pinky, then he’s a douche and nat is better off without him!

      • Yes she does, if she is dating aum and aum previously dated pinky, nat has to worry about the spark that might come,plus aum was known as a cheater at one time

        • Nat has nothing to worry about cus Aum wants a mature woman not a giggling kid. If he wanted Pinky, he wouldn’t had end the relationship with her.

  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to move to Ch.3–Tanya is an actress there.

  3. Ouch… To pretty much level her with (or I guess you could say BELOW) Benz Mununya. That’s kind of harsh.

    I hope Exact, or Ch5 for that matter, won’t be taking her in either. She’s not innocent or fresh looking enough. And as decent an actress she is, I don’t want her mixing in with any of my beloved over exaggerated lakorns.

  4. dang thats just f**k up she wrong and she learn it y not give her another chance i bet everyone else did something wrong too,like wth.

  5. I think it’s because Pinky wouldn’t give a clear cut answer as to if she’s going to stay or not so ch7 wanted to save their own faces and cut her off first. I was wondering is Bee Matika still doing lakorns? I know kinda off topic but still i never see her anymore in lakorns at all so yeah.

  6. i’m thinking channel 7 does not was this to turn into another por nuntawoot situation so they want to cut her off first while she’s in india.

    it would be good to see her in a drama with tanya stealing her husband. hahahaha!

  7. WOW!
    This is a big slap in the face for her.
    If I was her I would definitely cry.Ch.7 so mean.Other stars went through MANY more scandals but are still stuck with them.
    I TRULY feel bad for her.:(

  8. Garsh. I hope she doesn’t move to Ch3.
    Too much new people there already…
    The newbies…Chompoo..&&Por.
    I still want to see my favorite couples in Ch3!!!!

    But anyways, It’s pretty sad that she won’t really have anywhere to go…she can be a free agent.

  9. for now, she should just be a free agent cuz this isnt looking good for her at all. im sure ch7 already had an idea that she wasnt gonna stay with them. if she was, she would of gave a straight forward answer in her interview rather than going around in circles. why would channel 7 want til she comes back from india? i bet she got offer alot of money @ ch3 since they did offer aum alot..i dont know why would channel 3 want her ughh

  10. She made her decision to move to ch3 way before her scandal. The thing is that ch7 change their management system, it’s not really about money ( I read from daradaily that they change because their ppl have more scandal than ch3 & ch5. They want cleaner image)

    Ppl in ch3 got Pinky before the scandal too and they aren’t mean enough to throw her away when she’s in trouble. So she’s def in ch3.

  11. why would she even move to ch3 to begin with? its not like ch7 abandon her or is she worried that they were gonna fav, pancake more? i bet she did get offer more money at ch3,..

  12. ok that benz girl wasn’t even popular i think i’ve only seen her in one lakorn as supporting. now i feel sorry for pinky lol she must really got a beef with ch. 7. but i do think it’s more because they kinda knew she was gonna break it off first with them so that’s why they didn’t want to lose face because no matter what pinky isn’t planning to stay anyway. i’m not too sure about her scandal if it’s factored into their decision because everybody has scandals i guess. but anyway, good luck pinky lol
    who knows, maybe she’s a lucky girl who can keep her status no matter what. shrugs

    • I agree. Because Pinky have been having rumors about moving to ch3 a long time ago, ever since she was with Aum. And it was kinda obvious that Pinky wasn’t going to stay with ch7 after her contract ended. So maybe ch7 did announce it first just to be on the safe side.

  13. oh yeah why would you want to act with your ex so uncomfortable. i think nat would feel uncomfortable but i think she should trust aum because he already knows how pinky is so i don’t think he’ll go back to her. i hope aum deserves the credit i’m giving him lol don’t let me down!

  14. ughh please go to ch5 and not ch3, i cant bare to see her with my favorite at ch3, i hope they dont promote her more than their actresses cuz they have alot that is underrated like vicjy…this is ALL bad..ch3 fans is already upset

  15. aside from her scandals, she is a wonderful and talent actress. i’m sure with the reputation that she built up, she can be signed with a company or free agent 🙂

  16. Pinky hesitated to give a straight answer because she knew Ch7 will not be renewing the contract with her lol… I bet she will come out to say she was going to not sign with them anyways. She’s really thick face if she does lol but wait a minute, she is already thick. How embarrassing. If her Bollywood film goes well, she should stay there. I don’t want her to go with Ch3. Didn’t Benz sign with Ch3 or is she a free agent now? I too hardly dislike any Ch3 actresses. There are a few though.

    • I thought that whether a person renews his or her contract was based upon that person’s decision? Not the channel executives?? I mean, I know it’s up to them too, but more about the actor/actresses’ decision to stay or leave?? Maybe I’m wrong; I don’t know. But I just thought that was how it worked.

  17. Me too! I do not like her at all! Pinky please do not sign wiht Channel 3. I don’t want you anywhere near my Anne T.

  18. she’s one of my favorite actress so i dnt care wat all of u say…no matter wat i’ll still support her…so im hopping to see her as the n’ek in channel 3 wid all my favorite actors…:)…Pinky all the way….

  19. why should we feel sorry for her? i distinctly remember her saying that she was hitting it big in india. sorry, i’m not gonna go and cry a river over her contract not getting renewed! besides, she’s gonna become a big super star in india anyway, so who needs to act in thai dramas (sarcasm)! i believe in second chances, but not until she shows some sort of remorse. until then, i hope she doesn’t get a second chance.

  20. ^^definately agree. all she did was cry so people could feel sorry for her but its not working for me. even if she got booted out of ch7 she didnt show sign of loyalty or appreciation to the channel anyway…i bet she was already planning on moving to ch3 especially since her friend, yard is over there. i really hope they dont let her sign a contract with them…

  21. Thats what she get and she suck anyway now hoping for kwan and pancake to get out too but impossible

  22. Pinky’s fans! It’s OK!! Remember she’s making MORE then a million in India so she doesn’t need channel 7! [rolled eyes]



    • lol….Pinky did not dumped Aum for songkran. It was Aum that broke it off with her. Just don’t make an assumption. Also no one is asking you to watch her future lakorn even if you can’t see her as a n’eake anymore. Just saying.

  24. Ugh, please tell me ch. 3 isn’t going to offer her a contract. Ch. 3 is already great the way they with the actresses and actors that they have, they don’t need ANYONE from ch. 7…especially Pinky. What is ch. 3 thinking, it seems like they are not appreciating the stars they already have.
    I love ch. 3 and it would disappoint me to see her in one of their lakorns.

  25. YOU people are awful and a waste of my time to argue with. If Picky decides to move to CH.3, so what! If you don’t want to watch her you don’t have to, got it! GOOD!

    • [ROLLED EYES] I don’t see anyone asking you to argue with us. If anyone is wasting your time, it’s you sweetheart.

  26. It doesn’t matter which channel she going. Even from the start, she had plan on moving to Channel three already. Channel 7 had cut her off because when you are in a channel with many lakorn offer to you and you decided not to be truthful and try to go behind their back to set a deal of our own then it falls back on you. 1st of all she wasn’t committed to channel 7. 2nd she wont admitted her scandal she create and blame on the fans. 3rd, the bigger the money offer she will go. 4th, not using her talent to show the world that she is good at acting. 5th She doesn’t step up to the plate to show younger peoples who see her as a idol that when you do something wrong you take the blame as a strong women not crying to make peoples feel bad for you. 6th, channel 3 need her to boost their image and gain more $$$$$$$.

    • did Pinky blames her scandal on her fan? Can you elaborate? Because I’ve been reading news about her often and no where did she blame the fan… Also, even though Pinky may not admitted to her scandal but at the same time she also didn’t deny it, lol

      I think at this point the, “fans” just need to suck it up and accepted that she’s moving to Ch. 3 rather they like it or not. And if she is starring with their favorites they can either watch it or not watch it, lol… who knows maybe some of anti-fans of Pinky will end up liking her the future, lol

      • I think she’s talking about the leaked pictures that her mother said she sent it to her fan club therefore indirectly saying that her fan club sent it to Peck’s phone.

          • WTF? what has c-indy done to you buy just pointing out and answering dfdfd’s question? geez take a chill pill pinky fans. know reality from fantasy. if u love that actress then it shouldn’t stop you from loving her but know your boundaries instead of going around starting trouble. have a reason and don’t idolize your idol too much b/c ur starting to become like them.

  27. true, it seem like ch3 doesnt appreciate the stars that they have. just leave the stars of ch7 where they are at. why are they trying to get all of the popular stars to their channel..i know their stars arent as popular as ch7s but when it comes to talents their stars win hands down. they have been snobbing most of the awards in the recent years too..i dont wanna see pinky with ken, aum, rome ughh!

  28. I don’t get what is the fuss about Pinky moving to ch3. lol People have to accept the truth whether they like it or not. Just don’t watch her lakorn if you don’t like her.

  29. hm…i’ve been reading news about Pinky and i’m the middle man who doesn’t care, but after watching one of her 2009 lakorn. i find that this lakorn had made me change some thoughts. i guess it could be good or bad, but it made me realize a lot of things. Pinky hm…what can i say, but i like her. i know crazy huh. anyhow just don’t shoot me. i know with all her old/new news and the renewal contract thing. i don’t know, i just find her interesting. maybe because i’m just weird. i like weird things, but i do wish for the best of her or i do wish her the best something like that, anyways july is coming up and hope the best for everyone…

  30. I hope Ch.3 doesn’t accept her…it’ll be interesting to see where her acting career goes…sorry but she was boasting about making millions doing her Indian Movie…i would like to see this millionaire actress with no place to go..but if she does go to Ch.3…she’s gonna be overshadowed by so many’ll be fun either way

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