Kob Will Take Breaks From Lakorns; Wants To Travel Before Having Kids

Preparing to take her dearest husband, Brook Danuporn on a whirlwind vacation after the ending of her drama, “Reun Sorn Rak“, “Kob” Suvanant Kongying announced that she will be taking a break from acting and start making heirs. Kob reveals that she has been examined fully already and if it can happen she would like to have children right away because her age isn’t young anymore.

Right now will there be a new drama from you?

“Right now there isn’t any. I want to rest for a bit. Like I mentioned last year that if we were ready we would be working on having kids. It’s the time now because I’m getting older (smiles).”

Have you checked your health yet?

“The truth is that I’ve been checked up on since we’ve got married and I’ve gotten shots to prevent rubella (German measles) also. Right now we’re thinking about traveling for 2 months. He told me that right now is the best time to travel and if I was to fall pregnant it would be difficult for me. We’ll have to dedicate our time to our child and it’ll be awhile before we can travel again, having to wait til the child grows up, waiting for their summer breaks, so right now we just want to travel first.”

Where are you guys thinking of traveling to?

“We’ve recently came back from Phuket and in a week or two we will be going to Hong Kong and 2 weeks after that we’ll be going to Japan.”

So have you gone to America like you’ve planned before?

“Not yet (laughs). My mother in law has invited me also, but I only have 2 months off because the council will be on a 2 month break.”

How many children do you want?

“How about just having the first one first and then later we’ll talk about it.”

[Source via Rakdara]

11 responses to “Kob Will Take Breaks From Lakorns; Wants To Travel Before Having Kids

  1. Maybe she has already conceived LOL. I only saw the ending of RSR, and on the part where she wore wedding dress, her tummy looks a little rounded. I was thinking maybe she is pregnant already lolz, but it might just be part of the lakorn, since I didn’t watch the whole thing.
    Did anyone notice her tummy on that part or I am seeing thing? 🙂

  2. is it me or she look older than her hubby in that picture? i wonder how their babies would look like 🙂

  3. I hope she has a kid, she’s gotten chubbier now so it might be good to have a baby now that she looks like she has the perfect weight

  4. Aww that’s really sweet that they want to start a family and how she wants to dedicate her time into having a child. Wish them all the best.

  5. They look similar in that picture lol. Good for Kob, a break is good, shouldn’t over work yourself, it’ll only drain out your energy. And believe me, if she does have a baby soon, she’ll fall in love immediately. I adored my niece when she was born and till this day, I still love her to death.

  6. wow..i can’t wait for them to have kid..lol. i’ve been watching her lakorns since she was young til now. its time for her to be a wonderful mommy now. wish them the best forever!!

  7. I think she should have a baby now. Her age isnt so young anymore. But I love her acting and I’ll miss her after she has to stopped. Hope you have a great vacation!!:D

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