Dew Apologizes To Laotians and Isaans; Says She Didn’t Mean It

[Dew and her manager Coco]

Actress, “Dew” Arisara Thongborisut came out to apologize after her incident where she posted a comment to “Maple” Patchuda Panpipat by degrading her saying, “Laos has no respect for anyone”. Which caused dissatisfaction with with the Isaan and Laotian citizens and the “Isaan People Who Love Each Other” committee to hold a press conference and demand that Dew apologize for her words as it was used in a degrading matter to all Laotians and Isaan citizens.

Lastly, the actress came out to the sacrificial opening ceremony of “Hor Dtaew Jert Dta-lert Dtaek” and “Gao Rak Tee Gao-Lee” admitted to using the word and apologized for using the word that it became a huge issue. Plus she refuses to answer any questions regarding her smackdown with “Spoi” as her excuse was that today was a good day and she would like to not mention the other party. That the next event she would answer all questions and that the smackfest she had with ‘Spoi” ended long ago.

“Today, I’m coming out to apologize instead because I didn’t mean to degrade or say anything bad to Laotians. Personally I like this country. I’m just sorry and I would like to thank the elders who have warned me and use my situation to be a reminder to everyone else. It’s good also that we will stop using this word altogether.”

How do you feel about this?

“It was just one word, but I’ve been criticized heavily for it. True that I think this word is used often by people and since I’m an actress I shouldn’t be using that word at all. But really I wrote down on my BB (Blackberry) and it leaked out. Let’s just say I didn’t mean it and I’m sorry for using the word.”

Has this situation taught you a lesson?

“It’s like I’ve gotten a lesson. It’s good, so I can stop using the language and not say that word anymore. (Do you feel like you’re the one being picked out of a bunch of other people since there are others who use this word a lot?) I do feel it but it’s also a good thing because other can stop using this word and it’s causing an impact to our neighboring country also. I didn’t mean for it to offend anyone, but I want to apologize to the “Isaan People Who Love Each Other” committee that I didn’t mean to offend them and I’m sorry for my words to have come out like that. So I hope everyone can use me as an example to not use “Lao” as an insult and a word that shouldn’t be used because it’s not as bad that is frightening.”

As for the Maple situation Dew hesitated on saying,

“See today I really don’t want to talk about this person and I don’t want to speak about the situation at all. So next time at the next event or when you see me I’ll clear this. (The next even is when you’ll meet with her face to face?)  I won’t probably see her, but I meant that you and I (reporters) will have to see each other already. Today is supposed to be a good day and I don’t want to talk about it much. OK, I’m sorry, but as for the problem with the other person we’ll talk about it later and today I intended to make offerings and I don’t want to talk about it that much.”

As for the situation where her boyfriend, “Golf” Pichaya Nitipaisarnkul posted a facebook comment calling Maple a “Bitch Sideline” his girlfriend said,

“As for the situation with Golf it ended already. If she didn’t take legal actions then it was nothing at all. I haven’t talked or chatted about this with Golf at all because he’s out of the country. (Has Golf been criticized by girls over there yet?) With this you’ll have to wait for Golf to return and ask him about it because he’s over there and it’s hard to keep in touch with each other. So we haven’t been talking to each other a lot lately.”

Have you cleared it up with Maple yet?

“We haven’t cleared anything yet because there is nothing to clear up. It’s a situation where… I don’t know what to say (She said she’s done are you done?) I’ve been done with it since forever already. As for Maple I will answer each question definitely but another time because today I want to show respect for the ceremony.”

There are so many bad press is it having any bad impact with your work? (Her Manager Coco Nirun answered for her saying, )

“It has no impact whatsoever. As for events there have been some that hire her, but we have to look at her schedule to see if she’s free or not. (Is the reason you’re not letting us interview regarding Maple, is it because you want us to interview at the next event?) No, it’s not like that. It’s just that we don’t want to talk about Maple at all. It’s not our side that has problems because we’re not the ones that came out to speak of it, so we don’t have anything to say. Since it’s a respect the teacher ceremony Dew doesn’t want to talk about the situation too much. She’s here to accept her fault for using the word and apologizing for it that’s all.”

[Source via Rakdara]

36 responses to “Dew Apologizes To Laotians and Isaans; Says She Didn’t Mean It

  1. What BS. Dew didn’t intend to use the term in a degrading way but she used it to attack Maple?? Now, does that make any sense to you, surely not to me. Dew used the term as an insult so she obviously knew the term would degrade someone.

  2. For some reason I never like this girl and I didnt know why back then, now I finally know the reason lolz.

  3. Her answers are bullshit to me. Saying it’s just one word and then apologizing the next, really Dew? The thing is, one word can do a lot, it’s not just one word, there are a lot of racist remarks out there with “just one word” but one word can have a big impact on someone, in her case, a country. She keeps apologizing then taking it back by making up excuses, I didn’t mean to use it but I sent it out on my blackberry, I’m sorry for my actions but everyone uses it, like really. I know her apology is insincere to begin with but at least try to mean it. Btw, she’s probably getting called to events because of the recent bad publicity she’s been getting, every event wants exposure, with Dew you’ll definitely get it because reporters will flock to interview her. If I recall she’s been in one lakorn so far that I haven’t watched, how busy can she be? Yes I am hating on her, I have no pity for her whatsoever, I only hold feelings of disgust for her.

  4. i stopped reading like 2 minutes ago but i feel like im still surrounded by her bs. somebody slap her and her manager PLEASE

  5. all I can say is LOL…Due and Maple are both lame ppl…I don’t even know who they are. But I think Due is kind of cute…she looks kind of like a japanese person in that picture up there.

  6. her manager’s face irks me. it’s disturbing,

    anyhow she’s not denying it’s golf’s facebook. watch golf come back from america and deny saying it’s a fake and it’s not his facebook. lmao

    this couple and the people that they’re surrounded by is nothing but drama!

  7. I hate her so much…. and I hate to admit this, but… “It’s not our side that has problems because we’re not the ones that came out to speak of it, so we don’t have anything to say.”…she has a point there.

    And about that racist comment, (not like I’m defending her) I’ve also had similar situations with people of other backgrounds too. But don’t we all? Like for example, if I were to get angry at an African American, I’d probably spit out the N word and throw out all sorts of stereotypical racist comments too, all the while not meaning for it to be aim towards everyone apart of that background, but just that one person that ticked me off. Same if it were to be Korean, Japanese, Thai, Laotian, Chinese, Caucasions, whomever. Come on, don’t tell me yal never done that. Like going “You stupid Koreans and your plastic-know-it-all attitudes” to some guy/girl, while knowing that not all Koreans are that way. Or saying, “You Americans are so fat and lazy, and you eat McDonalds everyday” knowing that not all Americans are that way. Just like when Jay said “Korea is Gay/I Hate Korea,” he didn’t mean it THAT way. In short, when we’re angry, we tend to generalize things. lol.. and I’ll be damn if I’m the only one who does this. Hope you guys understand what I’m saying.

    • You do have a point, except I don’t think Maple is even Laos. Due actually said to her “Laos has no respect for anyone”, by calling someone who isn’t Laos, Laos, she’s basically insinuating that ALL Laos people have no respect for anyone and she can use the term Laos freely to call anyone she thinks have no respect, Laos. Anyways, she’s just another idiot in my book.

    • An insult is an insult, there’s never a good excuse for it. You either mean to say it or you don’t say it at all. Saying it in anger is even worst cus your intention is to insult and hurt.

      • Exactly, and believe me, one word I don’t say is the “N” word, no matter how mad I am, that word will not come out of my mouth because it will do more than hurt. Something I will say is “you dumb bitch!” when I’m on the rode driving or when someone pisses me off but that has nothing to do with someone’s background/race, there’s a big difference. I’m sure there are people here too that don’t. And the fact is, why would anyone yell at someone using their race as an insult, it will only make you a racist, I use words pertaining to one’s stupidity rather than one’s background/race.

    • TOFU I just hope what you wrote up there it’s just an examples of what you(in general) MIGHT have said, but NOT said it when you’re mad; Because there is no amount of excuse or reason what so ever for you or anyone to use the “N word” or being racist toward a Country/Ethnic because you had a problem with another person. And if you(in general) or anyone that has an ounce of brain or being educated at all will knows better and will not insult anyone using all those remarks you’ve listed. By using those terms/remarks toward others will only make you(in general) look dumb and being a racist; And there is no two ways about it either. NO EXCUSE for insulting other, whether you meant it or not!

      Sorry tofu, not offending you, just wanted to point out and reply to your points and question you’ve ask “But don’t we all?”.
      And I want to say not everyone THINK like that.

      • Very objective and intelligent response. I totally agree with you.

        I still hate Dew. She is fugly. What kind of dumb shit apology is that? I rather not hear what comes out of her stupid mouth. What a dumb bitch.

    • I admit these are some of the stereotype I use: “white trash”, “dumb blonde”, etc. Sometimes it is just automatic. I even diss my own ethnicity lol I know it’s bad but hey everyone makes generalization. Sidenote: I’m not defending Dew either.

  8. What a bitch. She’s lair too. Like back then when she and Golf start dating say Kwan calling and harsh her witch not true. She the one call Kwan. Shit face.

  9. ok this maple and dew stuff is f’in ridiculous like it shouldn’t be news anyway cuz they personally have a beef together and it should be settled elsewhere. maple is trying to get the public to hate dew but enough is enough we all know she is a bitch. and i’m not defending dew or anything but how can they make her apologize? what she said was offensive and isn’t nice but she didn’t committ a crime. if she felt wrong she would’ve sincerely apologize on her own which in this case she didn’t that’s why the apology wasn’t sincere at all. i don’t know, the case in this situation is that it seems people think they can make others do this and that but can’t get the meaning through.

    • The point here is the bitch-Dew or Due (the way the bitch spelled it) was degrading another Country and/or an ethnic group of peoples by referring to Maple as such. And Maple isn’t the one trying to get anyone or “public” to hate on Dew. It’s the peoples( Laotian citizens and the “Isaan People Who Love Each Other” committee) that she has offended, and they were the peoples that wanted her to apologize. (And is their rights to do so, since her choice of word is insulting toward them and their ethnic)
      I’m not taking Maple’s side either, because I don’t know her, I only knew/heard of her thanks to these two crazy bitches(Dew and Golf) remarkes left on their FB. And I do agree with you that they can’t force her to apologize, but they sure can let her know what she said was wrong and insulting, and they sure did. So therefore it’s up to her ass-face Dew to show her sincere apologize or atleast TRY TO ACT SINCERE, but I guess it’s little too much to ask from her pea-brain Dew to save her own ass; she’s too stupid for that, and yes my friend “that’s why the apology wasn’t sincere” NOT because it was force out of her.

  10. What’s lame of this ugly bitch is that, she’s calling Maple, Laos. Is she stupid? Of course the reporters are going to ask her about Maple. The only reason why she’s in that event apologizing is because she’s talking bad about Maple referring it to the Laos. And she said she don’t want to about that person? How pathetic! And yes, that is so true. We all know what that gayass GOLF is gonna say, that it’s a fake page. He’s not a man to admit it because he was being a little bitch in his comment. Either way he’s a bitch!

  11. i still do not understand how people would use lao as a slang??? Lao is a country and a nation; it is not some word that people use as a”slang” ! She doesn’t seem sincere at all.

  12. that bitch,need to come to the america and said that word to me see what going to happen to that bitch and ur gay bf too.bitch i hope u and ur bf go to hell

  13. That smirk on her face doesn’t not look like she is sorry in any way. Someone needs to seriously beat her up.

  14. How the hell is ‘Lao’ a slang? Maybe we should start using ‘Thai’ as a slang now, too! Lets see what happens…

    • Lol, you’re funnie!! I dont think anyone uses Thai as a slang but we can try. I think Thai people will feel offended and guilty at the same time for starting this. 😀

  15. Gosh I did not want to hear an apology coming out of her mouth. They should have just thrown her into the jungles of Laos.

      • I admit that I am being generalized. I sometime use the word automatically without thinking like the word ‘white trash’ or ‘nigger’. You should not take it seriously. It should be no big deal if my word affects anyone’s feeling. Understand? 

  16. Ok is this Dew girl a 2 year old or something?? How can she not know 1 word can offend a whole country/society etc.? She should know better of what to say at this age, especially when being a celeb cuz everything slips out. Using a countries name to call someone it is not the right way to deal with a situation. You know Maple may be a bitch as she said but not all or none of the Lao people are bitches and they have nothing to do with the conflict between her and Maple. What a bitch ass girl.
    I am Lao so even though she apologized, Im not forgiving her. I never even liked her. They should kick her out of this celeb industry!

  17. I am Lao, I can’t stand most Lao people, but I think Thais are just as bad, most Asians really, do you see in Thai lakorns they always have some jealous person, it reflects the culture, but yes this chick is using it as an adjective because Thais look down on Lao and she’s using it to insult others, but most Thai celebrities are low class and disgusting to me anyways.

  18. My cousin just came back from Thailand. The word lao is used as a slang by some Thais to insult another. The insult is meaning something is bad,not good,poor and a quitter etc.. Its pretty much racist and stupid. I would rather be called Lao then Thai anyday. I have heard Americans ,Europeans .japanese, koreans and chinese. describe thai being scammers, copy cats,dirty whores, and nasty.. I guess alot of people stereotype to make themselves feel superior.

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