Rome & Ja; The contrasting pair of “Traisok”

For the closing ceremony of new lakorn “Traisok”,  leading stars  “Rome” & “Ja” showed off their new bods to the press, instigating that opposits really do attract … onscreen!

The pair’s contrasting bodies was a topic of discussion in their interview.  Because while leading Pra Aek “Rome” Patchata Nampan showed off his strong and buff physique, female lead “Ja” Jitapa is sporting the gaunt look.

One member of the press asked the leading heroine how she managed to lose so much weight; Has she been working too hard?

“No, it’s got nothing to do with work. I’m still eating normally on the set, I’m not cutting back or anything”

“A lot of people have been asking me how I lost weight because before I was still chubby, weighing around 48 – 49 kgs and I couldn’t seem to lose any weight after hardcore dieting so I gave up and then eventually it dropped off on it’s own. I weigh 42 kgs now”

The actress also revealed she had under gone a cosmetic procedure to remove fats from her eye.

“I took a long time to make the decision to get it done because I’m scared of these things. And with my eyes, if I didn’t really needed it I wouldn’t have done it. But because everyone’s been telling me to get it done, especially the make up artist, they said my eyes are very hard to make over , they don’t know what to do with the left and the right one. Like I have a defined double eye lid on my left eye but my right eye sometimes changes so I went to discuss it with my doctor and I told my doctor that if I had to get double eye lid surgery to correct this, then I won’t be getting it done but my doctor said I didn’t need to because I already have double eye lids but I just need to remove the fat from there”

“The procedure took 5 minutes and after I got it done the make up artists were really happy but I don’t think I’ll get anything else done anymore”

As for the leading man “Rome” Patchata, he was asked how he got his buff new bod

“I’ve been doing weights. Honestly it’s nothing much, I’ve put on 10kgs but now I only weigh a little more than I did before. During Songkran I didn’t have much to do and I got given some protein from P’Chai Chartayodom so I was working out and taking protein at the same time”

Are you improving your bod in preparation for a sexy photoshoot?

“No, I’m not. I go through phases, then I get bored of people telling me I look fat. I lose motivation then. I think the people who are doing weights need to be proud of their bodies. Most people usually look bloated at first but then they will look slimmer. But honestly I just like to exercise. I ride motorcycle too and I need a lot of energy to control the bike which weighs like 300kgs. If I’m too skinny, the bike might crush me”

Work wise Rome’s other upcoming lakorn is “Kularb Rai Nam” and “Doung Tar Sawun” by Gai Warayuth. Both lakorns are drama. In the future Rome confessed he would like to try comedy type lakorns.

“I want to try it just in case it might go with my style”

Source via Khaosod News

11 responses to “Rome & Ja; The contrasting pair of “Traisok”

  1. To asians asians it is chubby. Also don’t forget she works on the camera so 48kgs is 58kg. (almost 130) to us that’s not chubby but to them on camera it is.

  2. For asians, 130 pounds, especially on a shorter frame, is chubby…you can see the weight, especially on camera.

  3. While the rest comment about her or used to be “chubbiness” I on the other hand will comment on something else. Like seriously fire that make up artist lol… make up artist does magic even to the ugliest people. Have you seen some celebrities without makeup?

  4. I don’t like Ja for some weird reason i find her ugly, there is just something about her, i just can’t put my finger on it

  5. It’s quite sad to see that you are been called chubby with only 48kg.
    I have always liked Ja for an unknown reason…she may is not the prettiest actress but she is a good one !

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