“It’s huge” Says Boy on Pat’s boobs

As the saying goes, Diva roles comes with sex appeal. The girl who embodies the character of a diva will need to unveil the the willingness to flaunt to their full potential.

“Pat” Napapa Tantrakul is the latest starlet to join the diva crowd in upcoming lakorn “Pleng Ruk Rim Dok Fah”. In this lakorn, Pat is transformed into a diva with big boobs.

Sources revealed in her love scene with Channel 3’s actor “Boy” Chokechai. Pat has to portray her love scene in an intimate body to body position with her male co-star. Boy is considered to be the first actor to come in contact with Pat’s new boobs.

Apparently Boy was shocked & speechless to the point where he almost couldn’t act from the sight of her breasts. The actor let slip to the press from Siamrath that Pat’s boobs were;

“It’s huge!” He said

So you’re the first guy to see her new boobs?

“I’ve just done a love scene with her. It was very touchy”

Did you get to touch her boobs?

“Huh?!..no I didn’t get to touch hers but she touched mine (laughs)”

And did you get implants?

“No, mine’s real (laughs)

Source via Siamrath

31 responses to ““It’s huge” Says Boy on Pat’s boobs

  1. It is so fake…it looks kind of gross. She doesn’t suit them breasts at all. I missed the natural of these girls. I thought she looks pretty before. Her breasts are so high up and round it…well, like it’s about to burst.

  2. OMG, they look like Victoria Beckham’s boobs. What a horrible boob job! They look like someone stuffed her chest with melons.

  3. Big boobs don’t suit petite litle girls, she is really skinny so it makes her look, I don’t know, slutty. I get that she was a little flat chested before, so I really didn’t care if she were to get a boob job, but this size is a little overboard. Her chest not mine so oh well, whatever floats her boat.

  4. that doesnt look like her. ithink her boob if wearing push up would look something similar to that but smaller.. and natural. that is too weird to be real..

  5. Ewww i hate big boobs, i like being flat chested, big boobs get in the way of my life in fact i wish i had smaller boobs, actresses these days should just stick to what mother nature gave to them.

  6. why do girls want to get boobs impants? you could always tell when it’s fake. It’s really seperated and you could see the perfect circle. It’s really different from a real boob. Her boobs really match her the way she was already. Boob implants are scary.

  7. LOL the interview was funny! but i do agree with a lot of people, it’s way too big for her body

  8. I don’t really care if one has plastic surgery or not but in this case it made her look worse rather than better. It doesn’t fit her tiny frame and she had terrible job, they look like they don’t even move.

  9. It looks disgusting. Well, she’s been saying she wants to get breast implants and fix her nose and chin. You can even search for the interview, she said it. So basically her whole body is fake.

  10. DANG IT!!!! Pat why did you ruined yourself? I think you were pretty and love all your works, but now you just look like another cheap slut.
    No offend intended, I am a huge fan of Pat, I just can’t take in her new looks now lol.

  11. I don’t think Pat boobies are real. Look at what she wear. That pushes her boobies up and air brush it. I seen how make up artist can make a cleavage.

  12. Wait, so Pat went and got breast implants just for this role in particular? Couldn’t she have just used a hell of a good push up and inserts? Well, unless, of course, she wanted implants aside from the role as well. They do not look natural however.

  13. She’s look weird w/ them.Boy is so funny when he
    answer the second question, ” no I didn;t get to touch
    hers but she touch mine”hahaha! funny.

  14. yep those are so fake because in her lakorns she was boob less all the way! it just looks like it’s ready to pop! i mean if your gonna get implants get ones that match you not ones that overeat you.

  15. totally does not go with her body!…she should have stayed a little more natural..lol…they look so fake now!…

  16. If she were to have more meat on her body, i think should would look fine with her new boob job. I think her new boobies are a little too BIG for her though.

  17. I lol’ed! For her sake I hope those are pushed up and/or air brushed. They look horrible. I have nothing against plastic surgery, but keep it pleasing to the eye =)

    PS off topic I wonder if Pat, Tangmo, Aum p, if their lips are real or if they had injections. My friend and I was talking about it. You notice when Tangmo talks her lips drag and sometimes Aum’s lips look super think and sometimes plump.

  18. OMG! those boobs are very tacky! Definitely does not suit her.Pat looked fine the way she was before ..yea she just ruined her body..those boobs are bigger than her head…plus she is super skinny! what the heck was she thinking??? it makes her looks slutty. I’m not sure why some girls gets headlights that are wayyyy bigger then their head..if u have kids thats a different story but should get an appropriate size that doesnt look so obvious..but geez these are HUGE like her co star says..lol

  19. i don’t they’re photoshopped if boy is saying that they’re huge. isn’t he in the lakorn with her to know if it’s huge or not?

    either she got breast implants or silicones or she might have a good bustier to make them push out like that. they’re so round though so they’re fake.

  20. One thing I hate most are judgmental people. It was her choice to get her breast done and she looks happy so lay off of her.

    I’m sure she had her own reason(s) why she made the decision to get her breast done…stop being such narrow minded people.

    • True but others have opinion as well. I am fine with whatever they want to do with their body but OMG her boobies look horrible.

  21. Wow it is huge, did she admit that she has breast plastic surgery yet because last time she denied it. and who is boy chokchai

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