Way Thaitanium and Girlfriend, Nana Getting Hitched!

After seeing his girlfriend for quite some time, “Way” Parinya Intachai (From Hip Hop group, Thaitanium) announces a lightning wedding to his girlfriend, “Nana” Raibeena that there are rumors flying all over the place that his girlfriend is pregnant. Right now the wedding has been progressed to at least 50% and they will be honeymooning all the way to Rome.

“The date of our wedding will be on the 25th of July at the Orient Hotel. In the morning we’ll have the engagement and ceremony of the rings and we’ll have a traditional Chinese ceremony also. We’ve set the ceremony for morning and evening at the Orient Hotel. See for the wedding dinner we want everyone to come and enjoy themselves. We will have a party and before the wedding ceremony itself we’ll have a Muslim celebration with my mother. We’ll have to do the ceremony accordingly.” – Nana

“I will have to go into the Muslim ceremony for at least 12 hours. We want to do everything correct to make her mother happy and then when it comes to our day we will do it our own style. We have to think about ourselves also. We’ll have a place for the adults and a place for us to have fun. The closer it is to the wedding date the more excited I am, but not too overly excited. I’m a chill person already.” – Way

“If we’re too excited then we’ll get nervous. I just want my wedding to go good that’s all. I’m happy to have this day come, but I still work everyday. Before this I was free and we’ve had the time to work on our wedding decisions. As for my wedding dress I’ve already gotten it. It’s my evening dress, but as for the morning outfit it’s not done yet, but we’re rushing it.” – Nana

“We have almost 50% of our wedding done and whatever is left will be the stage, the elders, the guests, and passing out the invitations. Our wedding invitation is white and gold and it should be done by the 8th of July. As for our guests it probably won’t be that much people.” – Way

A reporter asked them about the dowry money.

“The dowry money is up to our parents. When the day comes we’ll talk about it then. As for our marriage house it will be around Sukhumvit and after that if we’re free we will go honeymoon in Rome. That’s if we have the time to go this year we will try to go.” – Way

“He always takes me to America, to New York. We’ve never been to the Europe side at all. As for the bridesmaid there will be Janie (Tienpohsuwan). We’re still working things out and it’s up to the groomsmen also because there will be a lot of groomsmen. So I have to increase the numbers on my bridesmaid. We want it to be even and there are about a dozen of groomsmen already.” – Nana

[Source via Daradaily]

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