Tik Says Love Is Still Sweet, But Not Ready To Produce Heir

It’s been awhile since we get to see him again for the Actor like God, “Tik” Jssadaporn Poldee. Recently he was spotted for the project, “Are You Brave Enough To Donate 1 Million Baht To His Majesty” project. When he was bombarded by reporters asking about an heir since him and his beautiful wife, “Peach” Sitamon have been married for awhile now.

“Right now I have the drama, “Wanida.” I only accept 1 drama a year and when it ends I have no clue. We have been preparing for awhile now. If it doesn’t come to the closing of the set I won’t get stuck on another. If you ask me if I’m sad for losing out on other dramas? No I’m not.”

“As for having an heir, I haven’t thought about that yet. I’m not waiting for anything. I just haven’t thought about it yet. I haven’t prepared anything either. I’ve been almost married for 3 years already and Peach herself isn’t rushing into it. Our family isn’t rushing us also. I guess it will be up to us and each family isn’t the same. As for the married life it’s good. We didn’t have to do anything to adjust ourselves. It’s very sweet like it was before.”

[Source via Daradaily]

10 responses to “Tik Says Love Is Still Sweet, But Not Ready To Produce Heir

  1. Whao, whao, whao! Wait just a funny second there. He’s been married for THREE years? I coulda sworn he just got hitched last year. LOL… but the original article had 3 years written on it too. >_<

  2. hmmm….did time passed by so quickly that I missed out on Tik being married for THREE YEARS? Didn’t I just read articles and saw pics of him getting married last year???? Oh my….if my last year was actually three years ago….time is passing by too quickly.. cuz I sweared…I don’t have a time travel machine!

  3. Dang! I thought I was the only one! I didn’t think he was married for three years either…unless it was only open to the world last year because last time I remembered checking on his status: He was married last year! LOL

  4. What? 3 years? Am I missing something here? It could possibly be a typo but how in the world did you get one to three?

  5. what?? isnt it just one year ago?? well, not even ish? ithink he is just too tired from wanida.. lol

  6. No it’s not a typo. I re-read the article in Thai and he did say 3 years. So either they got married legally before hand and then held the ceremony later. I don’t know. Tik will have some explaining to do.

  7. My man Tik is not ready for kids yet, it’s okay.
    I love him!hahhah..can’t wait until his lakorn
    is out.

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