Khun Dang Won’t Be Renewing Pinky’s Contract!

On the 16th of June, Public Relations for Channel 7 revealed that Khun “Dang” Prempree, the head of the company announced that she will not be renewing “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech‘s contract. After having Pinky work under her for the past 5 years and that her contract won’t be in effect after the 30th of June.

As for Pinky and her mother, they both have not pointed out the reason as to their decision. Pinky’s father revealed that after his wife and daughter returns from India, news reporter will have to ask them to find out and that on the 15th  (which was Pinky’s birthday), Khun Dang even sent a present to her. As for Pinky moving to a different channel has been making waves since the beginning of the year.

The actress doesn’t have any signs as if she was going to move to another channel or she will be renewing her contract with Channel 7 because of her work in Bollywood after having to film in India. Pinky started her acting career with Channel 3 in her younger years. She has worked in the drama “Fai Nai Duang Dtaa” and then started off her role as a full actress in her adult life for Channel 7 for various dramas like, “Jao Ying Lum Sing“, “Suparb-Buroot Satan” and “Rak Son Rot” for starters.

[Source via Rakdara]

25 responses to “Khun Dang Won’t Be Renewing Pinky’s Contract!

  1. She shouldn’t sign with anyone she should be a open actress that can work with all channel like Chakrit

  2. Wait so is it Khun Dang or Pinky’s decision? I thought Pinky said she won’t decide or we won’t know until she comes back from India.

    • it didn’t say who’s decision it was but khun dang made her decision with the public announcement that she won’t be renewing her contract.

  3. This is bad news for me. Why does this have to happen? That means she has a chance to move to ch3…I’m seriously sad lol. Ch3 is perfect already. They don’t need pinky. Now, this means one of my favorites, Sunisa, has little chance of getting a nang ek role. Why couldn’t she just keep pinky? Didn’t even bother to read the article, got sad just as soon as I saw the headline.

  4. Maybe she signed overseas LOL
    If she goes to Ch3, I would like to see her play n’rai roles. I think she’s a suitable actress for that: beauty & a mouth.

  5. she should just become a freelance until the news has died down. why would she want to be caught up in another bad news..i hope ch3 doesnt let her signed with them just yet..

  6. I say it would probably be best for her to be a free agent! She already built her reputation in becoming a front row actress, why not have the freedom to sign with anyone and get more working options instead of staying and being tied down to one, right?

  7. I don’t believe especially for girls since there’s a whole pool of them waiting in line, that it is good to be a freelance. For guys it is easier as you can tell, Thai industry lack good and talented actors. I still hope she renews, I don’t want her to crawl into Ch3 arms.

  8. Nooooo, she should be a free actress that way i don’t have to suffer too much when she acts with ken or aum, better yet work one lakorn with ch3 and the rest with another channel

  9. ughh how can i bare to see her with my favs. at ch3. ch3 got too many actresses already please dnt accept more from ch7

  10. Always love you Pinky FIGHTING, don’t care about the bad’s media of you because they are all jealous of you ! ! !

  11. Oh well..she said she makes million in India. And plus CH3 have so many mature actors and actresses. Which she won’t be fitting in that category.

  12. I think that she should be become a free agent. Most of the actor or actress are free agent and they had appear in more lakorn which expand more of their ability in acting. Taking different roles from different lakorn.

  13. Oh she started out in ch3? now in ch7. She should, no HAS to stay in CH7. Thats like the best fricken Thai channel. I hope she stays. I think she suits CH7 better then CH3. Actually, I think all the “old” CH7 who are now CH3’s suit CH7. Its just the lakorns, actors/actrsesses, musics are AMAZING!

  14. Pinky is such a wonderful actress, I will continue to support her wherever she choose to do with her career. Much love Pinky!

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