Khmer Singer “TATA” Sings 2NE1 “Fire”

Korean girl group from YG Entertainment, 2NE1 isn’t only famous in Thailand or Japan, but they have also been popular in Kampuchea (Cambodia). There have been many variations and versions of the song “Fire”, that Khmer girl group, “TATA” made their own version to the song.

Original Version by 2NE1

[Source via Rakdara/Entertain Teenee]

Comments from Netizens at Entertain Teenee:

“What kind of hairstyle is that? The dancer’s hairstyle looks better. So is that their most beautiful when they’re dressed like that? Have they paid for the copyright fee’s yet?”

“The faces of the singer and the dancers makes me realize that there are people out there that are more uglier then I am.”

“Laughing so hard. I’m going crazy!”

“All of their faces looks like they got forced to do it. Like there are no feelings down to the gut.”

“I feel sorry for 2NE1”

“Has anyone seen if the dancers are dancing to the rhythm? It’s like they’ve been stressing for 10 years. Like someone forced them to dance.”

“It’s funny, but Thailand isn’t any better then them because from what I’ve read, Thailand only looks at the faces. Like they’re trash under Korea. I want to see those who are slaves to Korea that they say they look at the people only for their talents come out. I want to see how good they think they are.”

“Their voices are good. You can’t compare their clothes, hair, and style to Koreans. Why won’t you try it to dress or similar to them and see if someone will say you’re copying. People these days say bad things at the good things people do and talk about the bad things that they do and what about their faces? Why can’t they be singers?”

63 responses to “Khmer Singer “TATA” Sings 2NE1 “Fire”

  1. Wow, they ruined the song. But what’s the point of putting them on dirtii-laundry, isn’t this suppose to be Thai entertainment, this article seem out of place.

    • Thai Entertainment with a bit of other Asian Entertainment thrown in. It was making hits on Thai websites. =)

      • Like Min mentioned, it was on other Thai Websites and DL is mainly Thai Entertainment, but we also do other Asian Entertainment. We do mention it on our “About Me” and Information section on our Facebook, but we just haven’t been keeping up.

        • Oh, didn’t know but thanks. Still find this horrible though, I’ve seen covers done by people but this seems more like a pardody lol.

  2. is this a parody of 2ne1? the comments made me laugh so hard.

    i don’t think their is a problem at all for them to do other asian entertainment i mean i see a lot of jay park and in the beginning they did a lot of korean entertainment news.

    not everyone can stick to one thing all the time.

  3. Damn, I don’t even like 2NE1 but I’ve got to say, Cambodia’s gotta stop this shit, copying people and stuff….mane, they ain’t even doing it right! Their “entertainment” (I put that in quotations because I’m not sure if they call copying people entertainment) industry is soooo down there! They need help big time!

    • I agree…I’m Cambodian, but they need to be more original…they ruin a lot of the songs that I like, from all the countries I like…

      • 🙂 Sorry if that offends you…idk but its just the country in general that needs big help. If there were more understanding Cambodians like you, then things wouldn’t look so bad!

      • I totally agree. I’m part Cambodian too. Now and days there just aren’t any good Cambodian music/musicians. Nothing refreshing, nothing original. They should get some talent scouts from America to scout Cambodian-Americans to debut in Cambodia. Its a guarantee hit, at least the dancing and English songs would be enjoyable not hard to watch like TATA. The lead singer looked like she was possessed or having a seizure..


    • im glad u see the light and not let your cambodian pride get in the way….some cambodian I know will know that the remake is shit and say its good just cause of the pride.

  5. OMG i dunno what to say, i dont want to offend anyone…but this shit is…..just… how do i say this politely….. ITS SHIT…..please dont do a remake and not make it at least half good.

  6. It’s just not in Cambodia. If they received a copyright of the song, I guess I am not going to be a bitch about it which I doubt they did. Anyways if you’re going to reproduce a song that is not originally yours, at least make it presentable lol… Got to admit, gave me one of the best laugh I had in my life lol

  7. this girl was never really any good at singing in the first place… I don’t know why she’s still singing.

  8. …i couldn’t watch the entire khmer karaoke, the girls… the singing

    T_T im disappointed with khmer entertainment these days, honestly i don’t listen to many khmer modern music it just doesn’t flow into my ears.

    also, i think the production company just want to make quick easy money that they don’t care about the copyright or the song or the outfits

    …i wonder how much these girls got paid.

  9. “The faces of the singer and the dancers makes me realize that there are people out there that are more uglier then I am.”

    as a cambodian i know that TATA make us look bad,but this this above comment make me feel that the writer look so low..LOL. maybe his or her face look prettier that us because of plastic surgery.




    • If you put yourself out there like that to be judge !!! We will judge ^_^ They are getting paid to be looked at and be judged by the mass.. put them to work yea?

  11. FIRST off, the video is a mess but I’m khmer and it’s quite offensive for you people to make fun of my people. Actually, I’m more offended of the khmer people here who are agreeing and “mad” that these people “make you look bad.” Come on now, I wasn’t born in Cambodia and even I know that it’s just a living for these people. You can’t compare them to another country considering their crisis.
    SECONDLY, everyone copies off another. THAI’S trying to be KOREAN with their hair style and small eyes and light skin. Majority of REAL Thai’s are actually dark, it’s just the fashion at the time. Also, there’s so many thai’s songs that copy other countries. GET REAL PEOPLE! It’s not just Cambodia and Thailand! Even Koreans copy the CHINESE!

    Just stop making fun of my people. Their entertainment business is not that great but that’s because they’re not at advance as other country. They just got out of a war for god sakes. They should get a lot of credits for at least coming this far!!!! PEACE!!!

    • IRL I met more prettier khmer girls than thai girls no joke! but honestly the Thais have a better entertainment industry (music, movies, and fashion) that’s why. It’s okay it’s all about to change for all the koreanism in Cambodia now.

      • no one is making fun of your people. don’t turn this into a racist thing. we’re only talking about the video and no one is making fun of cambodian. if there were a thai vdo that was like this of course everyone would join in and make fun. this is for humor.

        from the last 2 comments from netizens that i read there were some who defended them. so don’t go turn it into something racist!

    • I understand where you’re coming from and I’m very happy that you’ve got a lot of pride, matter of fact, I think everyone should have pride in their culture and country, it’s a beautiful thing!


      1 – I don’t think anyone was making fun of Khmer people specifically, it could have been ANYONE rather it be Thai, Lao or Brazilian making that remake of 2NE1’s song and if they sucked as much as TATA did you are damn right that I along with all the commenter’s will still be making the same comments.

      2 – “You can’t compare them to another country considering their crisis” – Again, it’s not comparing “them” to another country, it’s more like comparing the VDO to the original VDO and guess what, the remake sucks big time. Think of it this way, if people don’t criticize and tell that someone, especially people in the entertainment business that they suck, would they even try harder at sing, dancing or acting? Probably not and why, because they never realized that they sucked that bad or at all.

      3 – I think it’s pretty obvious to most people that they’re not the only ones doing remakes or as you say “copying” other countries be it style or songs. This one however happens to be a very bad but hilarious one.

      4 – “Just stop making fun of my people” – Please refer back to remarks 1 & 2 and if it helps imagine them being from another country, if you want you can borrow mine, its Laos.

      I understand that the country’s not advanced as others are but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck. I’m sure they tried their best and for now they failed not totally of course because they managed to make an actual VDO and uploaded it onto YouTube, that’s got to at least count for something. They along with a lot of other artists from many countries are going to fail a million times over and over again until eventually they get it right or at least good and when they do I’ll be there along with other commenter’s to give them praise. Its one thing to be prideful but to be blinded by pride is a whole entire other issue and I’m very happy to be over that phase of my life. Before I go on another rant… I’d like to take a cue from a little song we’ve all heard and … “on to the next!”

    • So missyj, if someone like Sokun Nisa can make beautiful quality MV and music, then why are you making it as if we should like Tata’s music out of pity? lol Just admit Tata’s version (music and video) is just bad quality without even having to compare to 2ne1.

      Please stop bringing in the racist card. This was never a racist issue to begin with. The only people making fun of “your people” are “your people” themselves. lol

    • I agree with missyj, we have been through major war we had one of the top five genocides of all time. Here in the states everyone’s coping Lady Gaga, and this is America. I hate that whole Korean pandemonium right now going on in Asia and it’s not just in Cambodia. I love Thai lakorns and I’ve seen a lot of funny action ones, where they obviously try to copy Chinese TVB series with their complex story lines.

  12. hrm.. *looks around* and Yeap, seems like everyone covered the basics, one can only say so much about this VDO without repeating what everyone else said but to be honest, I would like to give her a big thumbs up, make that two, for trying. I mean the nerve she must have or better put, what huge freak’n balls the company she’s signed under has. I’m positive the company knew what they were doing when they decided to release the VDO. Yeah it sucks, yes everyone including the singer in the VDO looked like zombies and yes, I sure in hell did laugh my ass off, along with everybody else who ever saw it but there is a bright side to all of this. They got people to gossip, talk and most importantly remember (even if it’s for a short period of time) “that one funny ass VDO” and we all know what happens when people remember funny things, its most certainly guaranteed that people will “SHARE IT”. So Kudo’s to you TATA! Your VDO’s may suck and your voice kinda terrible but you my friend are on the near top of my list of very bad, no wait…. FUNNY things to share.

  13. WOW!! why is the ugliest one the only rapping and singing?! Cambodia needs to redue their entertainment industry and let me redo their HAIRSTYLE ^_^ but mad props for the balls they had lol

    • Agreed! They just need to start over. If you can help them, please do! It’s time for change in their “entertainment industry”.

      • With the money they have, it would be hard to change their whole industry. They make due with what they have as an under developed country. I’m not even Cambodian yet I feel the need to defend them when people whose standards are different from native Cambodians say insensitive things. What you’re looking at is one video so do not base one video off of the whole Cambodian entertainment, no matter how it is. They like what they like, whether it is singing, dancing, or acting, they make it up to their standards not the whole world’s because the simply don’t have financial help. But the fact is every entertainment needs help, Americans with their non stop rapping about hoes and money and useless lyrics, Thai entertainment with their over used story lines and knock off Korean artists (Still love lakorns though) and Korea with their over use of idol groups and songs with majority of the chorus being sung and non sense lyrics, do I still need to point out more…Every thing needs help, but not every country has the resources to do so.

  14. The Cambodian entertainment industry is a mess with all these so called “remakes”. Well their video quality isn’t bad at all but their songs.. my goodness. Remakes after remakes.

    Who knows.. maybe this is just a parody. It made me laugh.

  15. if some of you are gonna bash the khmer entertainment as a whole, you should look at some of their record labels… not all of them go of and make remakes.. they actually produce and write their own.. for example, the rock record label’s songs and beats are original..

    i have no problem with people bashing tata and the mv as it is funny and awful, but to bash an entire khmer entertainment is pretty harsh… some of them are trying to break out of that stereotype… you should give credit where it is due and bash where there should be bashing.. not bash as a group as a whole..

    for those khmer people who are ashame of this mv and think this makes you look bad because you are khmer, it is really shameful that you would feel embarrassed about being khmer.. you should be proud of your heritage.. this mv should not make you feel ashame of who you are as it does not reflect you as an individual… you should also keep in mind that some khmer are trying to break out of this stereotype and you should give them a chance so they can breakthrough and shine..

  16. i’m cambodia ok but i got 2 say yes tata ver is shit .. i never like her as a singer .. she try so much she can’t singer or dance … i love Cambodia don’t get me wrong there are so much better cambodia singers than her .. like sokun nisa way more beautiful than her 100 times .. every mv i seen of her she can’t sing and her acting is like a stick …

    LOVE KHMER….i don’t hate khmer i jus hate tata

    here a mv of sokun nisa

    tell me what u think .. i’m i right????

  17. I agree with all the Netizens’ comments except for the last two. I was cracking up so hard when I watched that first video! It really is like a parody…goodness. The second video (the one that Min posted) is better, though.

  18. Let’s be REAL, doesn’t matter who you are or what race/ family background you are from, the TRUTH is, there are some thing that should or shouldn’t be done! End of story.

  19. Oh man I’m ashamed of this because I’m cambo:) but I can speak Korean very well I love the Koreans I’m so lucky I don’t act cambodian what so ever ppl always think I’m Chinese of Filipino cause how I look or think I’m Vietnamese cause my last name honestly FUCK CAMBODIAN PPL!

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