Ken And His…

On the recent cover of Zupzip Magazine donned a picture of “Ken” Theeradeth Wongpuapan sleeping besides, “Chompoo” Araya A. Hargett in the drama, “Wiwa Wa Woon“.

To the blind eye you won’t notice this at all, but due to an observant person at Zupzib Magazine they have found something out of the ordinary regarding the picture as Ken is laying there a bulge seems to form. This doesn’t seem to be the first time the actor has had problems with “bulges” as an incident capturing the actor made it towards forward mail asking the fans to look at his face only.

Doesn’t it just make everyone who has seen the drama to go back and watch that part to be observant yourself?

41 responses to “Ken And His…

  1. Uhh pervs much, who looks at a guys thing on a magazine like god, magazine people are so weird

    • yea i find it funny also. ur not da only 1. ppl who takes things too seriously would find it offensive.

  2. This made the cover? Omg and the ZOOM too! How embarassing. Leave Ken alone, you editors! LoL Poor guy.

  3. My jaw dropped when I first came upon this on sarnworld. He must be soo freakin embarrassed. Hey its Ken Theeradeth, not some other fugly actor..I like this sorta publicity for the handsome, hot and cute actors. LOL

  4. Nasty pervert magazine trying to make news out of nothing. That just his clothes/pants roll up… his so call ‘thing’ wouldn’t be that high, plus he must have under pants on, so it wouldn’t be up high and bulging like that. Only people with perverted imagination would have notice and look for something.

  5. was it necessary to zoom in? it isn’t bad compare to what his face… umm… crap, his name is at the tip of my tongue, just can’t quite get it out.

    • yea i don’t have a life that’s why i’m on this blog but at least i know what is humor and what is not. :rollseyes:

  6. OMG. It looks cute. I think it’s only 6 inches though, but enough to make the women scream out of excitement. (LOL)

  7. they definitely shouldnt have put this on the cover cuz its embarrasing for the actor… and so what if he has a nice package???
    a lot of asian guys would be envious! lol!

  8. I believe that it’s just normal to be turned on @ his age. If he’s not bulging he will have erectile dysfunction.

  9. lol…i’m having a blast reading the comments 🙂

    I don’t have to comment about the photo, u guys said it all…hahahaha

  10. that was really unnecessary.. and totally rude…the media doesn’t need to go THAT LOW…gosh…i wonder how Ken feels about this. ?

  11. lmfao wow this cracks me up. He’s a guy come on now.

    and this is so ridiculous that they are writing about this and being the front cover.

  12. lol are they implying that Ken had a boner while he was filming with Chompoo? That’s just insane. The man probably just has a big package 😉

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