Richie Sends A Special Message To DIRTII Laundry

[Still images from “Oriental Pearls“]

Our FAVORITE model/actor, Richie Kul has sent us a wonderful message to all of our readers and us from the beautiful beaches in Phuket.

After getting done filming in Vietnam for the movie, “Oriental Pearls“, Richie took a little vacation and headed to the sunny beaches of Thailand. In the video we get to finally hear Richie’s voice and he assures everyone that Thailand is peaceful and the shores are unhurt by the fiasco that happened a few weeks ago. Sunny shores, shirtless Richie, and a personalized video? What more can a we ask for right?

Stay tuned as once we get our hands on the the trailer of  “Oriental Pearls” we will be putting it up. As from the beautiful images that were taken from the movie, we are more excited to see Richie’s acting (even though he would be dubbed in Vietnamese), but we wouldn’t mind just staring and feeling the emotions of the movie.

For more information regarding Richie, head on over to his Facebook Page here.

We’d also like to thank Richie for taking the time from his wonderful vacation to think about his fans and our readers to do this little message for us.

18 responses to “Richie Sends A Special Message To DIRTII Laundry

  1. wow, that is super sweet of him. he speaks so eloquently! i really appreciate the fact that he is encouraging and promoting tourism in thailand.

  2. Is it just me or I can’t seem to keep my eyes off his torso? LOL! Either way that was too sweet of him!

  3. that was nice of him to do a video on his vacay. dude is hot! why hasn’t thailand picked him up yet? he’s smart and hot and now he’s in vietnam making a movie!? the beaches are pretty.

  4. Such a gentleman. He clearly has a lot of love for Thailand. No wonder he seems to really be growing in popularity these days!!!

  5. He sounds like a sweet guy! But I’m not so sure what the craze is all about though… he’s not that cute

      • Who’s hating? And what’s there to be jealous about? Sounds like you need to not take things so seriously

    • i’m guessing you’re wondering about DL’s obsession with him? from what i know i think every news site or website has their favorites and he seems to be capturing them. that’s entertainment for u cuz that’s how it works.

      plus even if u don’t like him there are plenty of ppl that do. just check out his fb, taiwan, and vietnam. =]

      • No, that’s cool. I understand that. There’s always going to be people who like and dislike things. I just don’t think he’s at all attractive 🙂 But then again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  6. OMG!!!! I think i’m going to faint!! this is real!! he personalized it and sounded so beautifully nice speaking in english!! yay, dirtii-laundry! you rocks

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