Peemai is happy with her married life

After her marriage to Pah Tob, actress “Peemai” Sumonrat appears to be content with her life. Now whereever she goes, Pah Tob is always by her side showing support. The latest, the sweet couple are planning a vacation to Venice.

Apparently Pah Tob’s new job is to follow you around

“Yes, after we got married. She changed her main occupation, from an executive to a husband”

How’s marriage life?

“Good, very happy. We still love each other”

Does Pah Tob still treat you the same way, like how she treated you before the wedding?

“We are never the same to each other. We don’t need regularity as long as deep inside we still love and care for each other then that is enough”

Is she more caring?

“She’s still the same. She takes good care of me”

She’s not a player anymore?

“From what I’ve seen, no she’s not. But if anyone can see differently, please do let me know”

You play a lot of love scenes, does Pah Tob try to stop you at all?

“No, not at all. Being with me she has to understand that work is work and I make my own decision on work and she knows it’s just work”

Does she follow you everywhere?


Do you plan to go on another vacation after your honeymoon?

“I’m going to Venice in about a month and a half. I’m going with Pah Tob and with my mom for 2 weeks”

I heard your mom loves Pah Tob

“Yes, very much because I’m much happier when I’m with her”

You’ve had a bad reaction to a moisturizer, how is it now?

“It’s not better yet. It won’t be for another 3-4 months because I’ve been going to the beach and sun bathing. Pah Tob likes a girl with dark skin so when she goes sun bathing, I go with her. But the more I go in the sun, the more I get allergic to it but Pah likes my skin like this so it’s okay”

Does she take care of you now that you have this allergy?

“Yes she does, she’s more concern about it than me because she thinks it’s all her fault so she’s been taking me to the dermatologist”

Source via Kapook

18 responses to “Peemai is happy with her married life

  1. i hope the best for this couple. but in a way it still seems like its about the money. idk. my opinion only.

  2. Haha love yeah right, this relationship is money, i’m sorry but if your gonna love a rich lesbian find one that ain’t old and ugly. I’m sorry if i sound like a bitch but i’m being honest here which one of you would like to marry this woman, i wouldn’t even if it was for the money i would rather be happy living normal than being unhappy with a person like her!

    • Maybe she (peemai) is happy, just a thought. No, you don’t sound like a bitch. I understand what you’re saying. I too, think this is about money, but I hope I’m wrong and hope they prove me wrong. No, I don’t want to be married to Pah Tob. I’m not knocking gay unions, but it’s not my cup of coffee. Even, if that was a rich man, I still wouldn’t do it. Money don’t make my panty moist, sorry I’m not trying to sound nasty or anything, but it’s real talk. I don’t need a man to take care of me, but I like to know that a man can take care of himself.

      Sorry, if I was all over the place, but I’m just putting my thoughts out there. Ironically, my bff and I was just talking about stuff like this.

  3. Pah Tob wants her and she got it, she wants her money and she got it, guess it works out beautifully for both of them, but I wonder what would happen if Pah Tob gets bored of her…She’s rich enough to find a new toy whenever she wants so it’ll suck to be Peemai when that time comes.

  4. Damn, I would have left my boyfriend already if he was breathing down my neck every minute. Has Pah Tob ever heard of giving someone some space lol. Well hope she’s happy…

    • Agree with you 100%!! I would flip over if my boyfriend was like that. Maybe Peemai looks too good and he/she is insecure?

  5. First she said she is not a lesbo, I just didn’t know that money could turn you into one! Yea, that is one hell of an ugly old lesbo! i thought this gay/lesbo thing can’t be influence, but its in them from birth.

  6. If Pah Tob does really “follow” her everywhere then it’s only a matter of time before Peemai pulls the plug on that marriage.

  7. i’m happy to see peemai happy.. her life seems well.. sigh.. i still can’t believe she’s married.. waahhh.. but anywho.. at least pah tob is caring.. but wow… she follows her EVERWHERE!!!! i dont think i would like that if someone follows me 24/7.. >_<

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