Wealthy Man Willing To Pay 2 Hundred Thousand Baht For Private Dinner With Nadej

Nadej didn’t know that a wealthy man was willing to pay 200,000 baht (Aprox. $6,158 USD) for a private one one one dinner with him. He said that if the person really did contact him he won’t be going because he’s afraid of being “ganged up” on. Nadej reveals he’s happy to be the heartthrob of the 3rd gender. He still insists he likes women and he’s not gay.

Stepping into the entertainment business for not so long it looks like the young celebrity, Nadej Kukimiya is outshining everyone around him and to be the heartthrob of so many girls, from girls to women and even to the third gender. Rcently there were rumors that that a wealthy man with heavy pockets fell for his charms that he was willing to shell out 200,000THB for a nice private one on one dinner. With this Nadej said he doesn’t know anything about this, but if someone did contact him he won’t be going because he’s afraid he might get “ganged up” on.

“The rumors are all false, but you might have to go ask my manager about it because I don’t know about this at all. Normally there isn’t anything like this at all there is only my brother who usually ask me to go out to eat, but to the point where someone is willing to pay 200,000THB to have dinner with me, there’s none at all. Even if there was someone I wouldn’t go (laughs). They don’t have to crawl those lengths, but after this if there was a wealthy man who contacts then I’ll have to see first. If it’s a birthday party and he wants me to be a guest then that’s OK, but if to have a private one on one dinner and it’s looking suspicious, I won’t do it. I’m afraid, afraid that the wealthy man will “beat” me. (laughs)”

“Being the heartthrob of the 3rd gender is good that a lot of people love me. That they opened up the opportunity for me to come into the Entertainment Business. When I go out places people will look at me normally already, so when I go out places they will stare at me, but there are no intrusion where they’ll come up to me. I still like girls not gays. As for the specifications of a girl I like, just have a good personality and can cook that’s all I ask for. Right now I don’t have anyone. I’m still single. I haven’t thought about these kinds of thing yet because I don’t have time.”

[Source via ManagerOnline]

17 responses to “Wealthy Man Willing To Pay 2 Hundred Thousand Baht For Private Dinner With Nadej

  1. haha he’s funny. thinking the same as me. these gay rich people are really sick like the one who married peemai haha i wonder how she’s doing. like geez they’re really pathetic do something better with your money. why would you want someone who only cares about your money???

  2. Aw, he’s becoming so big now that HiSo people are willing to pay from like Aum A. LOL.

  3. Kinda creepy, like super duper creepy. But who would blame the guy, Nadej is cute and handsome lol.

    • And you don’t pay someone that much just to have dinner, I’m pretty sure he was expecting something a little more…Maybe a kiss lol? Or even more…Either way, no way in hell would I pay a celeb 6k to have dinner with me. Like really, what’s up with all these people paying celebs to have dinner with them or accompanying them to an event or date. What happened to the good days where you approach someone regularly for a date or conversation lol.

  4. Nedej is Half Esan Half Japanese. He speaks Essan fluently and LOVE eating traditional essan food. Like papaya salad with PADEK! LOVE THIS GUY..HE’S NOT ASHAMED OF WHERE HE CAME FROM! SoOoOO Hotttt!!!
    Remind me of Ananda….He’ll go far.

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