Peck Admit’s It Was His Mistake; Admits Used To Be Close To Pinky

Peck did the gentleman thing and accepted that he was once close to Pinky and that they have cleared it with each other until now they are just like brother and sister. He won’t argue that he’s a cheater because he isn’t gay. He accepts that he’s the one at fault and that everyone should curse him out don’t curse out the women. He also says that the news printed through the media are mostly false and sarcastically asks are they sleeping next to him to know the full story? He aplogizes to his wife, Tanya and Pinky for being scandalous. Peck also says he won’t be divorcing his wife because they want to work it out.

After having his wife, “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul and “Pinky” Sawika Chaidechcome out and talk to the press and being criticized by the public often for the past 2 months. Lastly the cause of the love triangle, “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul finally gave out an interview.

“Truthfully, we’ve cleared everything up already and I don’t know why there are rumors coming out sporadically. I don’t want it to be like this. There’s nothing to it, Tanya, Pinky, and myself had already cleared it with each other already. It was cleared out what was what. The relationship with my family right now is OK. There are no problems at all. When I read the news this morning some news said that I went to see Pinky off to India, how can that be?

I’m not a buffalo (stupid) to not think. The news that came out were harsh and for me to see her off at Suvarnabhumi airport can’t happen. As for the picture it’s something small. If I wanted to see her pictures I would go see them on her facebook. She wouldn’t send that picture to me when the news was coming out a lot. The picture belonged to my best friend sent it to me as a joke. I didn’t think anything much of it. I didn’t delete it. I didn’t do anything at all. When Tanya saw it I told her about it and she didn’t say anything at all.”

Tanya felt a bit upset and said she’d be ready to retreat step by step.

“She’s probably retreating because of the media more. Really it’s nothing like that. The news that comes out everyday has Tanya, her parents, Pinky, her famiily, and even myself have a lack of emotions with the news. I would like to apologize to Tanya’s family and Pinky’s family to have such news like this. I’m not Ken Theeradeth or Dome Pakorn Lum, I’m embarrassed by all of this.

See, I don’t know what to say and sometimes us people aren’t like that, but since Pinky is a celebrity and my wife is one also, that whatever I do comes out like this. I don’t want it to happen in my own kitchen. (Is it true that you talked to Pinky?) We did talk, we went to dinner, we did this and that, and we went places together, but we cleared it out with each other already and right now our relationship is just brother and sister. We talked it out the 3 of us and we want all of this to stop. I’m afraid of hurting my family and Pinky’s family. To wake up and read the news everyday. I admit some of the stuff the news says is true and what isn’t true are a lot also. Like on the internet or different media portlets will curse out Tanya and Pinky only. If the problem is true come curse me out instead. Feel sorry for the women. The one at fault is me and only me if it happened to be true.”

What did the 3 of you cleared up with each other?

“We cleared everything out already. We are like brother and sister and there are no more problems. There will be no more 4, 5, or 6th problems anymore. There is only Tanya and I who would have to try to work it out with each other. To work and see how we can make our family work out. Another thing our daughter is still very young. As for Pinky just let her work and there were a lot of news that came out that are true or not true, I don’t know.  To scold at her is not right. I’m a man and I’m not a celebrity to come out often to give rumors and people will say that I don’t come out to speak. Like different hosts that come out and give news to the viewers, I just can’t take it anymore. If one day I can’t stand it anymore you news reporter/media won’t see me anymore. You should be investigative reporters instead. It’s too much and sometimes it’s not even the truth. Are you sleeping beside me to know the truth? I know it’s your job, but do it just a little.”

“I’m not a celebrity, so please respect my private life. Feel sorry for those involved. Some things are true and some aren’t, but that’ my problem. Let me be the one to resolve my own problem. As what I can remember it’s been 2 months already. What more do you want? I’ve read that if Pinky wouldn’t stop Tanya would do something. I’ve caused the problem don’t force it out from her back off a bit. Pinky has nothing to do with it at all.”

There are rumors that you and Tanya will divorce is that true or not?

“Who told you the rumors? I want to meet them so much. We are still living together and we are not separated. We may be living in separate houses, but they are still close to each other. Also, Pinky cleared everything up with Tanya already and I’ve cleared it already. Please stop. I’m begging you. In the future you might see me walking around eating with Tanya and Pinky. There’s nothing to it. We’re just brother and sister there’s nothing to it. (Can you reaffirm that you won’t be taking a step back from each other (with Tanya)) It’s not to that point. With most things we can talk it out. Some of us are just human we make mistakes and we can fix them, but the media has to stop publishing it now.”

With Pinky do you have to erase her number?

“No I don’t have to. We know each other like brother and sister.”

[Source via Rakdara]

ALSO: Watch Peck’s Interview Video via Manager Online

Last person to give another interview is Pinky talking over what Peck has already talked about. You can watch the video here.

67 responses to “Peck Admit’s It Was His Mistake; Admits Used To Be Close To Pinky

    • oh my gosh, i was about to write that too.
      it’s about time he say something because the
      girls is doing most of the talking here. funny.
      yesterday i say that he needs to speak up &
      guess what he did.

  1. yeah bout time he come out and say there nothing going on…i really feel sorry for pinky…thats because she is a u can’t talk or go out with friend and family u will get news to this and that…go pinky..i know u r innocent..but stay away from these kind of news since there alot of hater out there toward you…i love u pinky…

    • “We did talk, we went to dinner, we did this and that, and we went places together, but we cleared it out with each other already and RIGHT NOW our relationship is just brother and sister”

      “I admit some of the stuff the news says is true and what isn’t true are a lot also”

      ” In the future you might see me walking around eating with Tanya AND Pinky.”

      i beleive that pinky and him did have something fishy going on, the only ones who think she innocent are people that really like pinky. this phrase reminds me of a girl that got interviewed at act10 (a thai show) ” In the future you might see me walking around eating with Tanya and Pinky.” this girl, her husband cheated on her, she had to tollerate going out on trips with the three of them. when they went to the movies it had to be her, her husband and that girl. he couldnt break offf with her or that girl so he kept them both, she tollerated cause she had a child and she still loved him. she said it hurt, but eventually he and that girl broke up.

  2. He still didn’t deny that there weren’t any emotional or physical affair with Pinky. He just said “I admit some of the stuff the news says is true and what isn’t true are a lot also.”. What he need to say is, “It was all a misunderstanding. There were no emotional or physical affair between Pinky and myself. I took her out to dinner and other places without the knowledge of my wife because I want a little sister and she volunteer to be one. I kept it from my wife because she’s not open about me having friends that are girls even though she was ok with me going out with Khem and Ploy. Really guys, there’s nothing at all. Pinky is my little sister.”

    • He’s too vague with his answers. Like here, he said, “We did talk, we went to dinner, we did this and that, and we went places together”. What exactly does ‘this and that’ mean?

      • Probably things brothers and sisters wouldn’t do? I don’t know.

        But yes, I’m sick with Peck and Pinky didn’t deny anything. Their words sounded like they’re still hiding something. Well, whatever it is, at least this unfaithful man has learnt something. Or at least I hope so.

  3. i believe he wouldn’t be too straight forward with his answer to clear pinky out from this situation…that would be too easy!!!!

  4. OMG talk about useless, he really is. It is hard to believe he’s a businessman, his interview is like crap. From what he’s saying, Pinky and him did have a fling but it is all over now and that they have become siblings. Yeah whatever, why did he keep the picture in his phone lol. Geez, is it that hard to say. But I guess no one really does admit their wrong doing. I guess everyone knows now, let’s just lay it to rest. Tanya is not divorcing her husband and Peck and Pinky had a fling. End.

    • About time he came out, but his interview was crap. lol And Pinky, she wouldn’t have gotten bashed so much if she didn’t give out that CRAP interview too like “take care of your man. I’m single, I do what I want.”

      • he interview was crap and hopefully after pinky the media doesn’t go and try to stalk tanya to get her side.

        i’m hoping with pinky all of this would end!

  5. sounds like in the future he will still be married to tanya & pinky will upgrade from being the mistress to the second wife living in the house in the back… he wants to court both ladies & have dinner together. hahahaha. thats what peck is saying… not me. lol.

  6. I’m really tired of this ridiculous news i have solutions to solve this:

    1. Tanya should divorce Peck.
    2. Pinky and her mom should agree on a story(lie) and then tell the media cause they are just embarrassing themselves for telling 2 different stories.
    3. Peck should stop saying Pinky is like his sister cause we all know what she is to him.
    4. All of them should shut up and end the story cause i’m not entertained anymore and i want to see Pinky’s career go downhill.

    If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t reply to my comment cause i’m too tired to argue with anyone!!!!!!!!!

    • to miss monica…u r saying this to yourself…if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t reply…its not nice to say to people like that…pinky career is actually going uphill not downhill the way i see it…so keep u comment to yourself if u have nothing better to say or see ppl r doing better than others…

      • lol I have to agree. You can’t tell someone to back off when your comment is most likely going to get replies. It’s like you have the right to write whatever crap you want but others can’t lol Note: when I was stating you, it isn’t really directing toward you, janie lol

        Anyways feel free to express whatever opinion you have, but don’t be telling others they can’t when obviously your comment wasn’t so nice.

      • Your taking things too seriously my comment was just a comment and if you don’t like it don’t read and don’t reply, these are things we learn in kindergarten

        • I think people are misunderstanding missmonica. What I assume she meant is for those who are pinky backers to not leave her nasty comments for her opinions. You know, like that lydia girl who goes around cussing at us for saying something bad at pinky. I don’t know why others are getting so riled up, she’s not saying don’t say anything rude to pinky or tanya, she’s just saying don’t say anything rude to her for her comments. Chill people.

          • Thank you c-indy for being a reasonable human being and not looking at my comment in a negative way like them snippy gals

      • NongMam05

        So MissMonica here can leave any kind of comments even if it is rude, disrespectful, mean and ungrateful? I am just curious.

        • is she disrespecting you or anyone on here? from what i read in her comment, she’s not gearing her opinions towards anyone here, just the news… so why not?

  7. Well well well, Pinky said she is not the thired hand. Now we are know that she is. She knew he have a wife, but still go out with him. That mean she wanted this to happen. Acting so innocent Pinky. Now your tail is showing.

  8. What is with these two women?? They are both so beatiful and they are getting all worked up over him? I don’t see why? The dude is ugly…

    • you’re asking what they see? i’ll tell you what they see. $$

      that’s what’s flashing in and out of their eyes.

  9. some of you think it’s funny to just divorce someone that easily. NO it’s not! stop trying to throw the divorce word around. it’s not a little game where you can just divorce someone that easily. tanya invested a lot of time into this man. she invested her heart and to the point where he couldn’t even have her own child. she loved the guy and of course first instinct is to try to work it out and if it doesn’t work out and he goes back to his cheating ways then you can bet she’ll divorce him.

    get married yourself and try to divorce the man that you love and how much he has hurted you. stop making it out like it’s childplay where you’re acting like a kid and can go divorce and marry who ever you want. grow up. this is the adult world not the playground.

    • Well min, you really can’t blame these girls for yelling at Tanya to divorce him. Don’t forget that they/we grew up in a different society and culture. Those of us who live in the western culture doesn’t really see marriage as a tight bond at least not that tight. We are taught to not let a guy step all over our pride. We are also taught that we don’t need guys to be complete. Thailand is different as we can all see. Girls should not date around because it looks bad. Why? Cus it just does. Girls should not go out at night and party so much because it will look bad. Why? Cus it just does. Lastly, girls should marry just once and not have more then one husband because they will see as not someone of good standing. Why? Cus as soon as the girl lose it’s virginity, she’s used goods. Why? Cus men made that rule millennium ago and some made it part of their culture.


      • i agree with min on some and also agree with c-indy on some points. its easy t divorce if you dont have a child, if you have a child, its hard, everything is settled the house and their financialy stable- some people might see it as greedy but remember tanya is not rich, thai actors arent rich, raising a child is a hard job and as a women to spend alot of money and plus the child wont have a father. if you were to divorce you’d have to wait till you thought every thing over, think of the long term plan, its not entirly based on love. And the thai culture, its not like that at all, its okay to do all that stuff and not look bad, the reporters are just over reacting. you see in lakorns the narng’eks nowadays party all the time. it just that girls before use to be like that- you know, good at cooking, polite, soft and all. its not like that anymore, just as long as your a good person that does good things, its fine. not saying that girls now arent good at cooking- just not as much girls now. elders and traditional people think its bad.

    • I disagree, it is simple to divorce but the reason and process behind it is quite complex and not so simple. Tanya probably weighed out the pros and cons basing it on her point of view before making her decision.

      • Girls Girls Girls

        It’s really not our business. I’ve known and see people who cheat on their wives. Asian, black or white. Just take a look at Clinton. With all that bad press. They still are together. It’s just depends on their relationship .It’s matter of forgiveness and most importantly. It’s not our business analyze or judge their relationship.

        If it ever happens to me. I am going to follow my instincts. stay or divorce. No one actually knows for sure. Life come in an unexpected ways.

        • Yeap! People in the spot light or generally human, usually stay regardless of the situation, i think its because of status. Hillary Clinton and Princess Diana are the best example of this.

        • true, one can forgive, but one will never forget. after things like this happen you just totally look at the other person differently, it’s never the same

  10. His interview is all over the place. He should’ve just prepared himself. Yes…when he said Pinky and him “did this and that” is leaving the window open to whatever people wanted to think.

    Well, I’ll take it that his “this and that” is more than a chat. And what the hell is wrong with him and Pinky about them being brothers and sister. They actually can say that with a straight face. I mean with no shame at all.

    Ok..Pinky’s mom said the picture was to a fanclub…then Pinky said it was to a friend…and now Peck said it was send to him by a friend as a joke. Stupid people always leaving trails behind. They should all get together and come out with the same lie. It’s too easy for people to catch them when they are careless.

    Yes, I think Peck wants his cake and eat it too. He wants to be married to Tanya but wants Pinky on the side. He never took Tanya’s feelings into consideration because he kept the photo in his phone and refused to delete Pinky’s number from his phone.

  11. seriously, what is up with this brother sister thing that both peck and pinky keep on claiming they are like wth? i would love for someone to go up to them and say wtf!! so what i got out of this is that both are not gonna stop seeing each other.

  12. I can’t stand all this thai celebrities telling the reporter or all the gossip shows that they are brother and sister. Its so stupid and i don’t think they realize how stupid it is. Especially, the stupid couple pancake and weir. They use to tell the press that they are brother and sister all the time, and now they are an open item. How the hell you like each other like brother and sister and then end up loving each other. That is like incest. These thai celeb need to really stop with this bro and sis thing. So retarded!

  13. It doesn’t matter anymore!! He’s a scum. Some people are going to say that Pinky did nothing wrong, but seriously, you don’t go out with a married man. Maybe to Pinky and that fulgy moron think they did nothing wrong, but the bottom line is as a single woman, you just don’t go out with a married man alone. It’s for everyone to judge in their own way, but to me, Pinky did Tanya wrong. I’m not married, but can you imagine how you would feel if your husband took a pretty girl like Pinky out and about? Yeah, I don’t think you’ll be too happy either! We might not know what exactly happened, but we do know that Pinky went out with a married man and that’s enough for me to shake my head. Pinky’s still guilty in my book! Not only her, but the fugly dude too! It takes 2 to tango!!

  14. (1) “I’m not a buffalo (stupid) to not think.”
    – and yet he still commited adultery… what is his definition of stupid?

    (2) “I’m embarrassed by all of this.”
    – obviously because he did something wrong. if he didn’t, why should he be embarrassed at all?

    (3) “We did talk, we went to dinner, we did this and that, and we went places together, but we cleared it out with each other already and right now our relationship is just brother and sister.”
    – so basically at one point, peck and pinky did have a fling… and “now” they are just brother and sister

    (4) “The one at fault is me and only me if it happened to be true.”
    – false. the people at fault is him and pinky. they both committed adultery. peck was unfaithful to tanya and pinky was intentionally messing around with a married man.

    (5) “In the future you might see me walking around eating with Tanya and Pinky. ”
    – really? he still wants to play with fire? still wants the old flame, huh?

    basically, all he’s saying is feel sorry for pinky and don’t blame her… but did he ever mention anything about his wife besides the fact that their marriage is ok? no.

    • Thats because he don’t love his wife anymore, but he CARE for her. The guy admit he is not gay and he is a cheater! that just tell you that he have been cheating on tanya, but tanya still ok and thats why he is still marry to her. Sad but i think tanya just want to save her marriage and pinky interfering is not helping.

      • it takes two hands to clap… it also takes two to tango.

        if tanya is the only person trying to save the marriage and not her husband… then tanya is being selfish

  15. ” We did talk, we went to dinner, we did this and that, and we went places together, but we cleared it out with each other already and right now our relationship is just brother and sister” …
    Is that mean they are not JUST brother and sister before all these mess??

  16. UMMM can someone explain to me why he brought up Ken Theeradej and Dome?? Ken did no such thing!I don’t get why he mentioned them? Anyone?

    • he mentioned them because he’s not a celebrity like them. he said he’s not a celebrity so he’s not in the public eye often and i guess it’s hard for him to come out and say these things because he doesn’t know what else to say. he’s not good with his way of words like celebrities are.

  17. First of all he’s an ass and wouldnt have admit his mistake if he haven been caught. And why should Tanya divorce him, she have a kid with him and it’s her husband even if he’s a asshole. Second yeah Pinky lie and she’s a bitch, I know she wanted money but not this desperate

  18. what was pinky thinking? going out…having dinner…’doing this and that’ with a married man.. Did she really think she could get away with it?

    How did she do all this without her mum knowing? or did her mum know but thought it was ok that her daughter was messing with a married man? Shes only so young….it’s such a shame.

    It’s funny how the both of them admitted that they went places and did this and that together…don’t they know that by admitting all that, they are actually indirectly telling us that….’yes, we had an affair’…..??

    Pinky actually thanked Peck for speaking out and apologising to her and her family..saying that now it could end. Yes it has ended, but it didn’t end well for Pinky…Peck has just made it worse for her….because in the past, Tanya could’ve been making things up herself, but now her husbands also come out to confirm that him and Pinky did ‘do this and that’ together before…lol

  19. Pinky and Peck had a thing for sure. Haha! But to me once a cheater, he’s out the door. What about the children! He’ll pay child support till they turn 18 or so. A woman don’t need to stay with a man whose already slept with someone else or did stuff with them. But if the woman can’t let the guy go cause she’s too in love and wants to fix the marriage than that’s her decision to stay and live life in doubt wondering if he’ll cheat again.

  20. STOP STOP GO TO THE HELL Tanya & Peck , i m sick & bored of your story !!!! Please leave Pinky alone and outside of your dirty story’s bed !!!

    • I so hope it continues! And PLEASE PLEASE this time Tanya, please “leak” those kissing photos!!

  21. Pinky is offically an adulterous in my book base on Peck’s interview. Unless you’ve know the man almost all your life, you do not go and so things together one on one. True or not people will talk and you as the woman will always have more to loose. Do I agree with this? No, not 100% but that’s how society will look at it.

  22. i still dont think that they admit they had an affair.. if they had admitted to pda, handing hands, flirting, or embracing, then i would consider it as entering into some type of affair.

    so if pinky and peck were to meeting every other day and calling each other very often, then i would agree that there is something going on and it is not an innocent part on their behalf.

    i am married and i have many guy friends. my hubby has many girl friends. there are times when we go to functions or meet up our friends one on one without each other. this also mean going out to eat to catch up or to advise about personal affair. before we head out, we tell each other– on wednesday, i am gonna have lunch with so and so because he is having problems with his personal life.. or i meeting up with so and so because we havent seen each other. i think it is based on the relationship you have with your significant other. i dont see anything wrong if you do it once in awhile to catch up with your friends of the opposite sex. sometimes doing things without your spouse is healthy and it is call having life outside of your marriage, but you have conduct yourself as a married person not a single person.

    i do see it as a problem if it were to occur every other day because it would mean there is something going on more than friends. spending time with someone else more than your spouse is a redflag because some type of feelings more than friends will occur.

      • yeah, i know you mean. i just giving my point of view as i see some people comments and i felt a few people think it is adulterous to have dinner with the opposite sex or hang out without your spouse.

        in general, i hope everyone dont think that doing it once in awhile is adulterous and think everyone who does it is adulterous when the intention and actions are truly innocent and purely friendship.

        • Yeah I do know what you mean. I have lots of uncles and only 1 of 2 girls in the 22 grandkids so I practically grew up with guys. Most of my friends are guys because they are also friends with my cousins. My boyfriend was a little skeptical about it but i never kept anything from him. I tell him where I’m going, who I’m going with and why I’m going so there’s truth and trust there. He has friends that are girls too and he does the same when he goes out with them. Sometime we just bring each other along. So yes guys and girls can be friends if and only if it’s completely innocent. Tanya never had a problem with his friendship with other girls cus it most likely was innocent, plus she’s friends with them too. His relationship with Pinky was different. It was a secret. Now that’s where the problem started. Why kept it a secret if it was all brotherly sisterly innocent right?

          • that’s true, but i wonder if pinky knew that peck was keeping their friendship a secret. you know maybe peck told her that tanya is cool with it, but in reality he never told her. if pinky knew that he didnt tell his wife and everything they were doing are all secrecy, then it is purely intentional and evil because its the first step into adulterous behavior.

  23. oops.. “yeah, i know you mean.” i meant i know what you mean.

    too bad he did not let his wife know before hand.

  24. If Pinky admitted sooner. This won’t make her look as bad. But oh no, she have to give an interview by saying. I am no a third hand. My parent teaches what is right and what is wrong. And the photo thing. And now Peck interview doesn’t make her any better than before. But worst.

  25. Finally he steps out and speaks for his actions. Why didn’t he just wait it out and have the women battle it out for him? Gosh.

    He and pinky are still in the wrong; just because he’s admitted to it does not mean that it’s all cleared up. I can’t believe that he will still carry on with pinky though; how can Tanya feel comfort and trust in her husband again if he still insists on hanging out with pinky; who the hell will trust his “brother-sister” relationship? From the looks of it, he does not seem willing to completely give up either woman, which is not a good thing. As long as pinky is still in the picture — and in his cell phone — things are bound to erupt again some time.

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