Isaan People Are Angry With Dew For Using “Laotians Doesn’t Respect Anyone” As An Insult

It’s becoming a big problem now when “Dew” Arisara Thongborisut posted a comment saying that “Maple” Patchuda Panpipat was “Laos” and she doesn’t have any respect for anyone after Maple came out to tell everyone that Dew beat up her sister a few years back.

With this it has made the *Isaan and Laotian people not happy with her comment. That the “Isaan People Who Love Each Other” committee demanding Dew to hold a press conference and apologize to the Laotian people because it’s considered an insult and being looked down upon of their nationality and honor. Even though Thailand and Laos are neighboring sister countries and they’re afraid that it might cause problems between Laos and Thailand. Like when Nicole Theriault said that Laotian women are dirty on national television that had the Laotian women paraded and protested nearly 5 years go. With that reason the “Isaan People Who Love Each Other” committee prepared for Dew Arisara to give out a press conference on the 10th of June at 2PM at the Siam Society Hotel.

As “Coco” (Dew’s manager and Mario’s ex manager) came out to say that he doesn’t understand why something like this has gotten so big even though Dew didn’t mention Isaan at all. The word “Lao” he admits that the word is used as an insult, but it’s more of a “slang” that adolescents and teens these day use. Not only does Dew use it, but others are using it that it’s stuck in their mouth. It’s not an insult to Laotian people at all. So that it’s stuck in people’s mouth do elementary school kids have to come out and apologize for it also? But no matter what he doesn’t say that Dew is not wrong and he understands that it’s something that shouldn’t be said and he would like to apologize on Dew’s behalf. As for having Dew coming out to give a press conference he thinks it’s just a big deal out of nothing because it’s nothing that would cause a war between the two. That other people have to go out and make a living and with this it’s the problem that the two girls have, but since they’re celebrities it’s something big and it’s not an intention to insult Isaan or Laotian people at all.

[Source via Khanpak/SiamDara]

You can watch a video of the Press Conference that the committee held while Dew was MIA here.

*(E-Saan- Isan (Isan/Thai: อีสาน; also written as Isaan, Isarn, Issan, or Esarn, IPA: [ɪːsǎːn], Sanskrit: ईशान्य īśānya “northeast”[1]) is the northeast region of Thailand. It is located on the Khorat Plateau, bordered by the Mekong River (along the border with Laos) to the north and east, by Cambodiato the southeast and the Prachinburi mountains south of Nakhon Ratchasima. To the west it is separated from Northern and Central Thailandby the Phetchabun mountain range. Wikipedia here.)

87 responses to “Isaan People Are Angry With Dew For Using “Laotians Doesn’t Respect Anyone” As An Insult

    • fun, it’s not just a word like bitch or bastard. It’s a word that is the name of a country. It’s not ok to use a country’s name as an insult. Like it’s not ok for someone to substitute the word terrorist for “arab” or “muslim”.

      • Oh I understand that but to shed blood over that is just sad. The article made it seem like there was going to be a war over it.

        • I don’t think they believe there will be war. No, I think they just believe that there will be some angry feelings. It’s a sensitive subject. I’m sure Laos people are civilized enough to not go to war over words. The most they would do is protest and demand an apology or just boycott Thai entertainment. I don’t think they will boycott though cus Dew isn’t famous enough for it to have an affect. It’s another thing if they say they will boycott Golf Mike or any celebrities that tour in Laos.

  1. Ok Coco said the word Lao is use as an insult but then ok it cus it’s a slang that teens normally use? wtf. It’s “adults” like him that teaches kids to be ok with giving insults to others and their culture. Does he not know that celebrities voice is magnified which is why they should always be careful of what they say or do? Someone seriously need to take Coco and his gang bangers down a notch. Now I don’t fault Mario and Saiparn at all for leaving his nasty a**.

    • Exactly! Stupid people like Coco is trying to say that using this word is ‘OKAY’ because every teenager uses it. Coco needs to make a public apology also! And saying that “so every elementary student should come and apologize too?” is just plain DUMB. Dew is definitely a n’rai off screen too and so is her stupid manager.

      • Exactly Muddie, elementary kids don’t know better cus they imitate stupid adults like him and Dew.

        • Agree with Muddie & C-indy. If I were the school teacher, you better believe each of those elementary school kids will apologize for insulting someone based on nationality. I wouldn’t want them to grow up to become undereducated, ignorant, and pretentious adults (like Dew). Some Lao/Isaan people lack the opportunity and privilege, but they are not inferior in anyway. In fact, many are way more sophisticated than Dew herself. If Dew and her manager cannot articulate cultural sensitivity or recognize their public responsiblities, then they are not prepared for their role as public figures and should, therefore, not be placed in such a position.

  2. what is lao used as a slang term for? when u use another country origin as an insult of course it will be a big problem. what do u think? look at what happened with pae arak. dumbasses never learn.

  3. “As “Coco” (Dew’s manager and Mario’s ex manager) came out to say that he doesn’t understand why something like this has gotten so big even though Dew didn’t mention Isaan at all”

    Wow! I’m surprised someone would hire him to be their manager and I’m surprised that someone like him who was born and raised in thailand do not understand why Issan people are upset at Dew. Dew doesn’t need to mention Issan people for them to be upset when Issan people are Laotian people, lol…just look up the history. I can’t believe he said “lao” is just another word that teen used as a slang it just show how little education he has…….
    I think it’s best that Dew come out and apologize because this whole subject is really sensitive…

  4. Coco, you are an asshole dude, how could you say that it’s ok for kids in Bangkok to insulting other cultures. It is not right dude. You should know you work in the entertainment business. Everything you do or say what you got is careful because your business is depending on the people. without people support your ass you will lose business dude.

  5. i’ve heard a lot of celebs looking down on lao people like sam yuranan, teh uten, etc..they must really think they are better than lao people.

    • Teh uten, is from the north of thailand which the land used to belong to lao back in the olden days, so he’s got the nerve to insult lao people, he might be part lao himself back in the olden days, tell him to go and check his history before insult lao people….

      • North of Thailand and North Eastern Thailand were all Laos back than and majority of the population are still Lao and speaks the Lao language, eat Lao food, and still hold on to their Lao culture. North of Thailand such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are Lao Lana and speaks the Lana language and North Eastern Thailand are Issan that speaks the Lan Xang language. I know cause I am Issan and my parents are from the Ubon province. So for Teh uten or whatever his name is to talk and look down on Lao people is a damn shame because from what I’ve heard, he is Lao himself. I hate people like him who looks down on his own race, yet alone ancestors. My family, especially the elders always tell us to not forget where we come from and to always appreciate and embrace our culture. So for Dew and those dumb ass celebrities who talk down on other race, I sure hope they do come across the wrong person with that little comment and get the ass beating they deserve.

  6. On another note, what made Nicole come out and say Laos women are dirty? What possessed her to say something like that? I’m sorry I was out of touch with Thai news back then so can someone fill me in?

    I never really understand what gave some Thai people the audacity to look down on other race and color.

    • It’s probably the same as Americans looking down on Mexicans or African Americans, so it’s not that strange when you think about it cuz it’s everywhere, but it’s really not the right thing to do.

    • If Nicole think lao women r so dirty, if she is so clean, she can’t even kept her husband from divorcing her, she is a half cast but looks so ugly compare to other lao’s women who r originate from lao, they r 10 times more beautiful than her….

      • Nicole, not only is she ugly her attitude stinks too! my friend said that Nicole used to be a client of hers, and she was the most difficult person to work with..she always think she’s up there above everybody! Can’t believe I was her fan back then..not anymore! got rid of all her tapes and cd’s.

  7. It’s definitely not ok to call someone that, especially if you’re a celebrity (which is just plain stupid to do it in front of the media) Like the first comment, I think it’s like using the ‘n’ word, you are degrading someone by saying it, even though it’s common in Thailand, believe it or not, like it is in the US but it’s definitely not acceptable.

  8. coco and dew are just like alike no wonder they can work with each other that long. glad mario got out.

    who the hell do these ppl think they are to look down and say they’re better then others? regardless the moment you step out of the country you’re no better then what you were in your country. outside your still the piece of shit you still were in your country. gosh i hate ppl like that!

  9. To think that Golf wasn’t good with english by saying “bitch sideline”, Dew’s speaking Thai and she still doesn’t get the implications of it? Go back to school.

  10. I can’t believe he doesn’t think what she said was a big deal..what a moron! so uneducated!! stupid ass! she definitely needs to come out and apologize! This girl is just so ugly inside & out.

  11. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER? i guess she has no respect for anyone but herself and her ugly BF.

    • actually let me take that back. she doesn’t have respect for anyone including herself!

  12. she will sure lose works if she doesn’t apologise. Coco and Golf will face big touble on their works too. I think half of peple in the ent industry are Isaan people and quite some of them are big enough to make her in trouble.

    For celebs, there’r Weir, AF idols, Nadech, Mum Jokmok, some of the stars idols, Ja Panom, etc. I’m sure they’r angry at her words. If she can have any works with these people she’ll be in trouble.

    Besides, many directors, producers both in film industry and lakorn industry are Isaan ppl. Most producers are in big ones too like Sahamongkol film company (Ongbak), Workpoint (game shows) and Kampohdee Production (lakorn like Silamanee, pleng ruk rim fung kong,etc) So I’m sure she’ll be in trouble if she doesn’t apologise.

  13. wait how is lao used as slang? i still don’t get it, what does it mean. im lao, but i don’t how would they use it as a slang word? and i never heard it used before, can someone explain?

    • I’m not so sure but I asked my mom who is laos (I’m half Laos and Thai), she said that back in the days Laos were looked down as low life and uneducated. It’s like calling someone baan nok.

  14. I hate Dew. She looks so annoying. I hate the bitch Golf too. He looks like a fag. Like someone said earlier. It IS an insult and don’t reinforce the practice by saying its a slang. Stupid asshole.

  15. Oh heck no. I’m Lao, & all I have to say to this Dew girl is definitely think in her HEAD before she says something stupid coming out of her MOUTH. pfft.

  16. Wow, how are we not supposed to be offended by that? That just made my head boil up. Someone set her on fire please.

  17. Im laos & i find that insulting
    he even admit that it was used as an insult
    but it was a slang wtf since when did “lao” become a
    slang word?
    Slang or no slang its not right to insultng someone by refering them to a race/country.
    That Coco dude is stupid…Dew should apologize for her used of word but i kind of agree a press conference maybe a little to much but atleast apologize in person you made the mess you clean it up dont have someone else do it for you cause they can make things worse or make you look 100x more stupid <—-i think thats accomplish
    Ugly & horrible personality tsk tsk
    i wonder what act she pulled on for golf for him to fall for her.
    Issan people should looked down we're human like everyone else we have talents,brain,etc. i mean half the people as someone said are in the entertainment industry.

  18. Wow Dew talking about respect, she’s the last person o question
    someone’s respect for others. She beat up a damn girl with her friends and she wants respect, she has to be kidding. And her manager comparing her actions to other younger kid’s actions, shouldn’t have done that, but I guess Dew is an immature kid. She’s just drama, even if she apologizes, I bet it wouldn’t be sincere, she’s just gonna do it so she can get back what’s left of her fame.

  19. I agree with Coco why make a big deal. If Dew really say maple is Laos and she doesn’t have any respect for anyone how is in insult to the laos, its more an insult to maple, she didnt say laos people have no respect for anyone she said maple, didnt she. And the committee people just want attention or money. Anyway it’s not like Laos people are good too, I mean some, everybody is bad so why make a big deal

    • It is an insult, why bring up the being Laos and having no respect together, the two don’t tie in general but Dew tied the two together in her insult, she was basically saying Laos people have no respect for others and that maple was an example of that. If she wanted to say it personally to Maple, she would have just said Maple is rude and has no respect, but she had to bring in another country, which has nothing whatsoever to do with being disrespectful. To keep a long story short, Dew just made an indirect rude comment to another country and now she gets all the hate she deserves.

    • I don’t mean to bring politics into this and I won’t pretend to understand the recent Red Shirt protest in Bangkok, aside from what I’ve read on the censored Bangkok Post and witnessed on CNN. (So, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) However, from what I gathered, the Bangkokians’ ethnocentricism and lack of understanding about the needs of the Isaan people partly contributed to the uprising. Thoughtless comments such as Dew’s may not directly cause wars between nations, but it does build up enough heat to potentially cause a drift between groups of people if this type of behavior is tolerated or defended. This is where education is critical. Unfortunately, the quality of Thai education has been heavily criticized by westerners. Perhaps, rightly so. It appears as though they only teach selective history and social sciences to keep common Thais patriotic and to provide elites with continued privileges. Compared to other southeast Asian countries, Thailand is a country with so much opportunity. Unfortunately, it is not advancing globally as it should.

  20. First off she could’ve said anything but why choose a country as a insult? It’s like we see a Crackhead/hooker/homeless and we say
    “Oh! Their Thai!” Wouldn’t you be a offended?

    • i get offended when ppl talk about thailand and the prostitution that goes on there. so i know how it is.

      we learn to ignore preaw she can say whatever she wants we just skedaddle and move on to the next comment.

    • Unbelievable that anyone (celebrities) who are under social scrutiny at all times would even go there. IMO Coco and those who can’t understand why it’s such a big deal are capable of relating to those who are on the receiving end…or worse…they don’t care to know. Incidents like these open up old wounds from centuries of prejudice and oppression. Optimistically I believe they are a minority, the majority of “PEOPLE” yes…in the end we are all “PEOPLE” are intelligent and open-minded enough to see past the ignorance.

  21. First of all why are even little elementary kids even learning that slang and saying it?

    *boop boop* in Dew’s head, lets hear someone say a slang word for thai pple and see what happens

    i don’t even know if i still want to be a fan of Golf anymore… there both whatever >__>

  22. Insulting people, using a term related to racial or social status of someone, is impolite and offensive. Unless of course, you never taught to be a polite person. Whether this Dew girl insulted Maple or even the entire nation or whoever the person was, it’s still considered as an insult.

    And I would never be okay with people like her or her boyfriend. Immature, foul-mouthed youngsters. They need to learn more than just English.

  23. This Bitch Dew and her retarded Coco Butter Face Manger can kiss my PROUD Laos ASS! Who the f***k is she anyway! Not famous enough for me to know who the heck she is!

  24. Wow, Thai do think they better than other southeast Asian countries. She needs to apologize….WTH is wrong with the damn manager. I hear racism. Why are they putting other Laos down. I’m not Loas but I hate racist people…..!!!

    • it’s not “Thai” people… it’s the person themselves. i’m thai and i don’t put other nationalities down. watch your wording, it’s beginning to sound like dew

  25. This bitch is making her own country look even more bad. She’s Thai and coming out of her mouth makes her look retarted..and that Coco shit.. is it a tranny

  26. What an idiot!!! You would think he would know better than to add insult to the whole situation by saying lao is a slang. Buk kwai!!!!

  27. With the surname like that (Thongborisut) better check ur history, u might be link to the ancestory of lao because I have a friend who is half thai Issan/Lao, she has similar surname????then it’s aback latch to her face to called other people lao…..I am lao/Issan and proud to be 1…

  28. Wow! I thought this whole Thai people looking down on Laotians has been left behind in the past, but looks like 2010 and it’s still around. There’s a large Laotian community here in the states and when Thailand is in help like the Tsunami, we all got together to donate money to the country. We worry when Thailand is in trouble, we respect the King, we back Thailand up when other countries look down on them. Why can’t we all just admit that we are all family in one way or other. How many countries can say they understand each other’s langages? Apologize or not, it’s not sencere. She shouldn’t be in the entertainment industry at all and as for CoCo, I advise that no future talents should sign with him, cuz his career is coming to an end itself.

    Please take a look back and you’ll realize that Thailand and Laotians started out with the same culture… only different in dialect. Thailand never used to use forks and spoons. Thailand become more western as Laos choose to stick with it’s orgins. It’s preference in culture… so let’s just respect that. As Laotians dont want to hear “Lao” being an slang for an insult, I dont think Thai people want to hear “Thai” being a slang for insult either.

    I wonder how she feels when she visits South Korea, where Koreans don’t exactly respect Thai people either. She should put herself in other peoples shoes.. but then again… “Nang Rai on screen and Nang Rai off screen”.

    • That’s not exactly true about South Koreans. I’m Korean myself and I learned about Thai Entertainment – believe or not from one of the bloggers here on DL who happens to live in South Korea. From what I know and her experience we have nothing but nice things to say about her. South Korea in general can be seem off as egotistical and mean not just to other races but even 3rd generation Koreans who are born in the States (like me.)

      You can’t compare a country with another country because you haven’t experienced it but the fact that this girl used it as in insult is just wrong. That’s like calling all Middle Eastern people “terrorists” and all Asians “chinks”. Instead she picked a country that is a neighbor to her own country and thinks she’s superior.

      I’ve been following and seen some of her pictures that she has posted up and in the background it looks like she’s not even rich maybe middle class and to say that to someone else is disrespectful. I know plenty of Laotian people here in the States that can go back to Thailand and show her that they’re 10x’s wealthier then she is. Someone needs to put her and her manager in their place!

    • you can’t put the blame on a certain nation… it’s the people. just because a group of thai people hated on laos people doesn’t mean it’s ALL thai people. it’s kind of like saying all muslims are to blame for sept 11th… that’s ignorance

  29. I’m 100% Laos and that’s really offensive….yeah i admit that some Laotian are like that, but they make like some Thai people aren’t like that too…every county, it can be India, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan, ETC! there’s some one who’s disrespectful its not like the world is perfect…she really needs to apologize….

  30. It’s more of a stereotype than an insult but then again, stereotype can be too. I don’t think I would want an apologize from Dew knowing that b*tch (lately I have been using that word frequently lol) doesn’t mean it. It is already known, she’s a twitch.

    • You’re right fun, Dew won’t mean it when she say it. You know she’s going to put on that fake i’m so sorry face too. For me, it’s not the sorry but it’s the satisfaction of making her say sorry. The satisfaction of letting her know that she is not a big enough star to get away with running her filthy mouth like that. I mean she hasn’t even made it half way to the top yet and already her stupid behaviors in the passed already pushed her down. This drama is like a foot pressing further down on her shoulder.

    • I wouldn’t want to see her fake an apology either. Just let her career go down the drain and leave it at that. Don’t need to see her again.

  31. A slang? her manager should go die in a hole.. Its not OKAY to use words like that.. Thai people wouldnt like it too if someone insult their country or culture.
    Dew should watch her mouth.. seriously even if she did come out and apologise.. it wont make her look any better.. I never liked her. never would.

    This is just really sad. Their both really sad.. I dont know why im wasting my time commenting..

  32. by saying “ลาวไม่เกรงใจใคร” i dont think it means “Laotians Doesn’t Respect Anyone” but ไม่เกรงใจใคร here is more like “so extremely” isnt it??

  33. if i ever see that bitch, ima drop kick her. she’s fucking rude to be insulting us like that. as if her ass was any bettter,….bitch best go head.

  34. E-Dew, E-buffalo brain watch your fucking dirty dog mouth before you ‘re fucking say thing that going to hurt people feeling dumb-ass. You are a slut dog whose like to sucking cock, you bitch. This message is going directly to Dew manager Coco, who say that Lao just slang fuck you Coco. It sounds like you were not educated at all dumb-ass. How the fuck you become the fucking manager you should know that is not right to put or look down on other countries fucker. Buk Coco, you and Dew should go fuck each other out in hell.

  35. E-bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!motherfucker Dew.

  36. I’m Laotian and took full offense to this bullshit. Thank you Joe and Keeh! Thanks for saying what I was thinking. This little ugly azz heffa trick bitch better not come to San Diego if she decides to come visit the US. That’s all Ima say.

    • Hey Im Lao too. This Dew girl (I dont even know who the heck she is) has to get more trouble tghen this 🙂

  37. What a fuckin bitch. What has Lao people done to you huh Dew?
    Man she sure has big mouth for a young girl like her. Thats why Laos and Thai keep on not getting along because of big ass mouth people who probably lack some education. Doesnt even know whats right to say or wrong :@
    She better say sorry and pay for what she said!

  38. Look at how arrogant Coco is! They asked him if all these news affected her job and he’s all “No, she even got a new movie”. [with a smile]

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