Beam Doesn’t Feel Inferior To Dan Goes Shopping With His Girlfriend

Coming out to reveal his girlfriend from outside the entertainment business, “Beam” Kawee Tanajararak. Before when he was still a singer in a duo with “Dan” Worrawach Danuwong that he was banned from dating from his company, RS Promotion. Since Dan moved to Sony and revealed that he was happily seeing, ‘Pattie” Ungsumalin Sirapatsakmetha without having to worry.

As for his senior, Beam isn’t afraid of being inferior to Dan and admits that he’s seeing a girl from outside the entertainment business as if he’s saying he’s not willing to be any lesser then Dan!

[Source via Khanpak/Gossip Star]

12 responses to “Beam Doesn’t Feel Inferior To Dan Goes Shopping With His Girlfriend

  1. How come when pictures like this come out, the girl or the guy is always busy on the phone?? Come on, spend some time with your sweet one, ESP if you’re dating MY Beam Kawee!

    • Well, I don’t know. Maybe all the photographers took the shots at the wrong time? If they took the shots when Beam and his gf were in cinema, we would get a pic of Beam and his gf looking at a very big screen.

  2. lol…What is this? The media trying to stir up a non existent fuel? Kind of pathetic.

    On the otherhand, it’s BEAM KAWEE. Why is she on the phone in every picture?

    • agreed! They’re putting things words into his mouth without him even saying anything == They have nothing better to do.

  3. awwwe.. my dear beamy is taken now T_T..
    anyways…. hope they last XD..
    but dude girl.. get off that phone! it’s beam here!! ahaha he looks so cute with his new hair-ish..

  4. Yeah I agree is this the flight attendant we’ve heard a long time ago…ah i miss P’Beam so much…and d2b

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