Rumors: Sonram Is Blind – Rushed To Hospital

Rumors are circulating that after missing his cue, “Num” Sornram was carried to the hospital due to the fact that the actor is becoming almost blind. His lakorn, “Siripatcha Hua Jai Nak Lope” will have to be put on a halt. The drama PR tells everyone to not panic, Num just had a swollen eye. That’s it and on the 10th of June he will back on set. Everything will be back to normal.

Causing fans to be startled when rumors of “Num” Sornram Theppitak going partially blind on the set of his lakorn, “Siripatcha Hua Jai Nak Lope” for Channel 3. That his eyes were hurting so bad that he had to be carried off to the Vichayut hospital. Another wave of rumors came out saying that Num received injuries to his eye and they didn’t know how badly injured it would be and if his eyes would be blind or not.

Reporters went to ask the drama PR if what the rumors are saying is true and the PR replied that the rumor were way overboard then the actual truth. Num just had a swollen eye and he’ll be OK.

“No, the rumors that came out is way too much. Num went to Vichayut hospital and had normal examination that’s it. As to how it came to this situation is that we had a schedule to go shoot the drama at Pattaya-Satthahip for as long as 4 days. During Thursday and Friday we were shooting the drama fine then when Sunday came along Num woke up and realized how red his eyes were. The crew told him to rest and not to worry about shooting that day and he should return back home. After that we went on to shoot the other cast’s part. I think that the reason he went to the hospital was to get an routinely examination and get his swollen eye checked out. With this I don’t know the real reason as to what has happened to his eyes or was it because he was rubbing it really hard or a bug went to his eyes or dust could’ve got in his eyes.”

No matter what the PR revealed that on the 10, Num has a schedule for the drama shooting normally in Saraburi which Num’s people has not cancelled it. Assuming that it’s nothing major like the rumors are saying.

[Source via SiamDara]

14 responses to “Rumors: Sonram Is Blind – Rushed To Hospital

  1. Oh, don’t you just LOVE how Thai articles have such a misleading titles. Almost gave me a heart attack there.

    Swollen eye? If it wasn’t a mosquito bite, it could be an eye pimple. =.= Poor guy. Hope all goes well for him.

  2. HAHAHA!! It got me too! I was like.. no way!! And then I read and I go HAHAHA and WTF!!

    As annoying and exaggerated as the tabloids are, you gotta admit, they’re pretty darn good at making us catch their headlines and read it! Well, it is their job after all. They want the most juiciest and most eye catching heading, so that their paper or whatever will sale.

  3. I love Num…but thats not a very flattering picture of him….it doesnt do him justice……i hope he gets well….his a great actor.

  4. Almost got a heart attack! Was so looking forward to his lakorns. I hope nothing happen to you….love you!

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