Pinky Cries With Tears In Her Eyes; Denies Getting An Abortion And Picture Sent To Peck’s Blackberry

“Pinky” Sawika Chaidech clarifies that she doesn’t know how her picture “leaked” from Peck‘s (Sanchai Engtrakul) cellphone and that she never sent that picture to him. She also reveals that she has cleared everything up with Tanya (Tanyares Engtrakul) before she went to America. She denies that she’s the 3rd hand and cries that she’s tired of everything and wants it to end. She’s feeling stressful enough with what has happened. She also denies the rumors that she had an abortion because all she does is work everyday.

The old rumors aren’t over, but now a new rumor is making it’s way around again that the “sharp eyed” actress, Sawika Chaidech can’t clarify them fast enough. Regarding the picture of her making kissy faces in her pajamas that leaked from Peck Sanchai‘s mobile phone that his wife, Tanya Tanyares admitted it herself that she did see the picture on Peck’s cellphone, with this it caused a big problem that Pinky has to clarify and clear it out for herself. She admits she has that picture as a favorite, but that was sent to her friends and she doesn’t know how it ended up on Peck’s cellphone. She says loudly that the situation is over now and she has cleared it up with Tanya and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. She also cries that she’s stressed out and sad that the story is not over. She denies that she she had an abortion and that she has been working all the time to do anything. Pinky also thanks everyone who has given her encouragement.

Since you’ve returned there are a lot of rumors.

“When I was in America there weren’t any at all, but when I was about to return there were a lot (The picture of you in your pajamas?) Yes, like that. Truthfully this picture is old already and this is a favorite of mine and I sent it out to my friend and I don’t know how it ended up on anyone else’s mobile.”

Tanya admitted that the picture was in Peck’s Blackberry.

“Well they can always forward the picture and I send to my friends out normally anyhow. That picture is old already and I didn’t send it out to anyone or intended to make that pose towards anyone. I can assure everyone that I didn’t send that to Peck at all.”

With Tanya have you called her to clear it up with her?

“We’ve cleared it up with each other already. We’ve cleared up everything after it happened. Nothing happened. We talked about it and everything ended on good terms. When I say something is over then it’s over and after that I haven’t talked to her. (After the leaked picture of you in your pajamas have you cleared anything up with Tanya yet?) I haven’t talked to her yet. After I’ve returned back from America, I haven’t cleared anything, but when we’re on BB we talk to each other normally. Which I think we’ve cleared everything to understand each other already. I don’t see what else to clear because everything has ended already.”

Do you still talk to Peck?

“No, I haven’t talked to him. See, both him and I understand with what has happened and Tanya said there was nothing it’s like we’re brother and sister. Tanya understands that we’re like brother and sister and in the future Peck and I can still continue to be brother and sister. There shouldn’t be anything like that and it was too harsh and I can’t handle it anymore.”

Society are feeling unease and there are plenty that think you’re a 3rd hand to this family.

“It’s hard and that the people around me know that it’s nothing. Wherever I go they give me encouragement. It’s stressful. (tears build up) I’m tired already and I don’t know what else to answer. I don’t have anything more to say. When I go to work and when I return there are always rumors and no matter what ever has happened in the future I’m finished. If there are rumors again I will not answer it anymore. I feel that there are rumors and I will clear them up and I’m thinking that it would all end good, so I don’t know what to do to have it end good. Which I’ve tried to keep quiet and not want to say anything.”

What do you want to explain to the people so they can understand you?

“I’ve tried to do the best that I can and speak as what I am that’s it. If no one can understand it then it’s up to them. I’m doing my work and just my work not interfering with anyone or anyone else’s family. With this I can assure everyone myself that there shouldn’t be any more rumors and i won’t interfere with anyone again and don’t come mess with me anymore because it’s tiring and I’m not anyone’s 3rd hand. Since there are a lot of rumors from having an abortion to dating the director and with the rumors saying that I’ve got an abortion makes me look bad as it is. See I work all the time and I’m not pregnant or have gotten pregnant, I’ve been working. No matter what thanks to everyone one has always given me encouragement.”

[Source via Rakdara]

43 responses to “Pinky Cries With Tears In Her Eyes; Denies Getting An Abortion And Picture Sent To Peck’s Blackberry

    • don’t say poor girl just yet! i sent an email to DL to have them translate an article on tanya who said pinky won’t leave her husband alone no matter how much tanya begs.
      i’m hoping they do it quick cuz i’m excited to read it!

      • What she did was wrong, but these photos made her look sorrowful and ashamed, which made me pity here a little bit. I hope she learned from this and use better judgment next time.

        • Remember, she’s an actress! She’s supposed to know how to cry and make it look real at the same time!

          This saga is really lame now. Either her career is going to survive this or not. I’m not going to defend her because she’s pretty guilty in my book. Her version of the story and her mom’s don’t really match up. However, her getting an abortion… now that’s just some malicious thing to say. As much as she is to blame, we have to blame Tanya’s husband too. It takes two to tango. He’s such a dirt bag!! He deserves to be an eunuch.

          • lol…her tears in the picture are real she’s not just faking it. In the past Pinky has always been perceive as a strong person by the press and fans. Even the reporters felt bad for her if you watch the video where they interview her. Cuz if she was faking it I’m pretty sure the reporters would’ve said something.

            Obviously she knows that she is in the wrong and probably regret getting involved with a married man. Shu! Shu! Pinky!

  1. wait one min the pic was sent to her fanclub, n the next to her friends…she shouldn’t cry but show the media that she is strong n innoncent IF she really didn’t do it….

    • Didn’t Pinky mom said. The picutre was sent to her fanclub. But now Pinky said. She sent the photo to her friend. I don’t know why both mother and daughter keeps lying. When both of them can’t even catch up to their lies. If the photo was forwarded. Then the number of the person who forwarded should show up. But Tanya is confident it came from her. I never watch her lakorn. I don’t know why.

  2. It’s all Pinky’s doing. She should’ve thought about the consequences before she made any actions.

    (Pinky said she cleared everything up with Tanya after everything happened. But the next sentence she said nothing happened) ?

    WTH is Pinky thinking. She said that Peck and her are like brother and sister. And Tanya understands that they are like brother and sister and in the future they can continue to be like brother and sister??? Really…In the future huh? If it was me I would stay away from him with a ten foot pole.

    She must have a friend that dislike her if she sends that picture to her friend/s and they in turned send it to Peck’s cellphone. So, it isn’t a fanclub anymore? Such a pretty girl but she’s not making use of her brain.

    Abortion? WOW!!! things are getting worst for her. And sleeping with a director? It felt like the story is moving faster than Pinky or her mom can catch up to.

    I don’t think this is just a lesson for Pinky alone. It’s a lesson for a lot of the celebrities. This is a PR nightmare.

  3. glad aum and her over with! idk who’s scandalous, pinky or her mom. who’s telling the truth? wow, now they’re both caught with diff stories. poor girl, next time don’t mess with other ppl’s husband!

  4. this is probably the real reason why she and aum broke up. no wonder she and aum are not clarifying the real reason why they two broke up in the first place.

  5. awww…Pinky….I don’t care what anyone say but this saga should end here. I don’t feel bad for Tanya at all cuz she put herself in that position. From reading her interview it seem like her husband doesn’t give a hoot about her feeling, but yet she still wants to be with him.

    I hope Pinky learn a lot of lesson from this and finally think before she act on it. Anywayz. Pinky..ja ben ka lum jai hai na…SHU!SHU! Pinky!

  6. LAME LAME AND LAME! anyone could’ve sent the pictures! Everything goes worlwide now so they cant just say Pinky did all this. :@ Omg this has to stop. Loook at her crying! Does it look like she’ll do such a thing?? 😥

    • i have to agree with u about the picture! i do feel bad for the girl if her side of the story is true. but the thing is that peck got to come out and clear it too cause it involves him! i really want to hear his side of the story too! he is just being a dumb guy that does not come out and solve this problem. Speak out dude!

      Another thing that i dont get why people are bringing aum into this. wtf?! thats dumb! come on!


  7. Oops Pinky found trouble herself. Her mother said it was sent to her fanclub now she says it was sent to her friend lol I smell something fishy but to say she had an abortion is just fudged up. Yeah she had an affair with a married man, but let’s just leave it at that. And her tearing up doesn’t make me pity her.

  8. I was watching Dao Kra Jai and there was a interview of pinky. she said that the picture was old and she had posted it on her facebook.

  9. why would everytime like this, Pinky cries man!! everyone always cry so that people will think that they never do it!..OMG!! i think she really does it and send that stupid picture to Peck, so her crying won’t help it…n SHE’S NOT A POOR GIRL, AND I DONT FEEL SAD FOR HER….LOL

  10. Fanclub, Facebook, Friends. They’re all F. Maybe she just got mixed up. Anyways, I don’t believe the abortion thing at all! I mean when did she have time to do it? Definitely not here in America cus she was dancing up the storm here.

      • Have you ever known someone who had one? I have back in high school. She had an abortion the day before then came to gym class a day later. While we were practicing for volleyball, she crotch over and sank to the floor cus she was bleeding like crazy. We found out from her sister that she had an abortion and she was told not to do anything that active for at least 24 hrs because it may not all came out during the procedure. Seeing what I saw made me shudder even more at abortion and sympathize those who chose to go through it.

        Plus another reason why no way she would had got it done in America, she was here with a group, not alone where she can sneak off for a few hours and come back all ready to dance during practice.

        • I underwent a D&C 3 weeks ago. Baby stopped growing after 2 months pregnant. Go in operation room abt 10.30am and left the hospital at 2pm. Can move around as normal, just don’t do something extreme.
          I am not going to judge whether Pinky had an abortion, yes or no, it’s her own business.

        • Ya, if bleeding heavily, it usually means there are some tissue remain in the uterus. Light bleeding is normal after D&C.
          Abortion is always not advisable. : )

  11. Dang ppl give the girl a break. What if Tanya is the one who’s behind all of this. We all don’t know the real story about Tanya and Pinky. So, what if Tanya hates Pinky and she is doing all of this just so that Pinky looks bad in the eyes of everyone else’s. Everyone has been siding with Tanya. Try to be a lil more open minded and give the girl a fair trail would ya!

    • I think we all gave her a fair trial when we sided with her and believed her in the beginning. I don’t think Tanya started this whole mess. What reasons did Tanya have? If she wanted attention, she would had done this a while back when Peck had pictures (tons) with Ploy and Khem. This all started when people with good (or bad) intentions going to the reporters and reported that he/she/they saw Peck and Pinky flirting and getting cozy on the plane back from Japan. The media then rushed to Pinky for comments and she denied it. Even got Tanya to stand beside her and looked like a fool by sticking up for her. Months passed by and more people with good or bad intentions saw Pinky and Peck giving brotherly sisterly love pecks inside an elevator. This time they said the deed was caught on camera and someone showed Tanya. Again the reporters rushed to Tanya since Pinky was in India. This time, Tanya couldn’t deny with a smile. I think Pinky had a fair trial after she stupidly said to the reporter that she told Tanya to take care of Peck. dumbass, that just confirmed it.

      Anyways, yeah Pinky need to just come out and say she’s sorry for the whole thing and say sorry to Tanya for the pain she put Tanya through, intentionally or unintentionally. She should say sorry to her family and her elders at the workplace for the embarrassment she caused. Then she can ask the reporter to bury this and that she learned a valuable lesson. Please this time, leave the “Tanya please take care of Peck” out of it. idiot.

  12. omg i wish pinky would read this website and see the comments lol

    i honestly dont feel sorry for her at all. you playing with fire and now you got burn, you wanted to stop? should have thought abt this before you ruining other pple family.

  13. my god she’s always repeating her words. she really did it. it’s obvious. & didn’t her mom said she sent it to her fans?

  14. caught in another LIE ms. Pinky just can’t tell the truth. She get all this from her mom, first fanclub now friends… both can lie, but then again she is an actress. Shame that she has to break up a marriage. Its not just her, but peck too… both need to just run away together.

  15. Awww poor Pinky su su na ka,it should just end shes crying because shes tired of everything,coz i would cry to then,just give her a chance gosh shes done wrong,and she will learn her lesson.

  16. I don’t understand why stars come out to face the world with so much make up on if they are going to cry… sheesh

  17. It’s called waterproof. I’m having one of those gut feeling that maybe the wife is lying and it looks like she is having a whole lot of fun doing it too.

    • No the wife isn’t lying. Peck admit that some of the news are true but some are not. He said it’s true that they talk to each other and go out but everything is clear now. He’s asking the media to not bash Tanya or Pinky, to just bash and blame him.

      So hmm. No the wife is not lying.

  18. finally pinkys oh im so innocent is going into shambles!
    what is a 24 – 25 yrs old doing hanging out with a friggin married man who has a baby.. and if she doesnt want to interfere why did she hang out with him in the first place everyone knows a single lady hanging out with a married man without his wife is BAD publicity. i thought she was so “smart:” then how can she be so dumb at the same time! obviously its the moolah (money). pinkys real life has always been covered up bits of what shes really like is coming out! no more oh were celebrities were so good like in our lakorns!! sigh and for someone to have to boast so much of their money obviously knew what people were thinking abt her.. GUILTY. thats why she burst out crying honestly if people were accusing you of lies? would u cry no id simply keep my composure like a few of u fans have said shes always been strong to reporters! i feel bad that the wife whos feeling really bad is even getting criticised of how shes handling the situation! how would u feel if everyone knew ur husband was out and about some star behind ur back and u were home with the baby! and then u defend the mistress and more proof comes out and u just look like an idiot! i hope tanya gets through this. the only person that should be embaressed is pinky shes in the spotlight and shes the mistress

  19. In a way I do feel bad for her. Dang, its old news already people needs to get over it. We humans make mistakes so let this be a huge lesson for her. People only blaming Pinky but I blame all of them. Tanya needs to just shut her mouth and take a vacation, Peck needs to keep his **** in his pants, and Pinky needs to start telling the truth. Excuse my language people, im a lil hyped lolz.

  20. Why r people judging pinky so badly. She is a wonderful people. Everyone made mistake. famous people fuck around all the time. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. IF PINKY SAID THERE NOTHING AND ITS DONE, THEN PEOPLE NEED TO FUCK OFF.

    I don’t know but thai people are very harsh on stars. Is this going to be another BRITNEY SPEAR!!! r the thai media doing the same shit that the american media did to britney. OMG! Thai media (the bad one) r fucken gay!


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