Mamee Will Be Starring Alongside Sharon Stone

“Mamee” Napakpapha Nakprasitte has something to be excited about as the actress will get to be on the silver screen starring alongside Hollywood actress, Sharon Stone in the movie, “Largo Winch 2” which the plot of the movie is almost the style of James Bond.

How did you get the opportunity to this work?

“At first the team couldn’t conclude on who they want yet. So, I had the opportunity to go for test shots and when I went they wanted me to send my profile to and the director came to meet me in Thailand.

After that I talked to them for a bit and they told me that I got the role, but I have to screen test another round. So they talked to me again a 2nd time and told me that the role of a Burmese woman would suit me well. She will be one of Largo’s women. It’s like being one of James Bond women. You can say the script is deemed outstanding and the actors/actresses from France are one of the biggest also. I was very excited the first time I went on set in Thailand. Oh hoh! I even got my very own trailer! I was even more excited. The cost of production is more then Thai movies 2 times over, nearly over 30 million euros.”

[Source via Khanpak/Dara Daily]

5 responses to “Mamee Will Be Starring Alongside Sharon Stone

  1. oh fancy.. are her boobies real? they look really circle. oh well , both pretty gals. Looking forward to it even though idk her

  2. i loved her in art of the devil 2 & 3! she’s an awesome actress and with her looks and body she’ll get far! she’s the best!

  3. i’ve seen her in person in melb australia…. she doesnt look like that in real life.. looks like an average thai girl (if you know what i mean.)

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