Cee Finally Proposes To Amy

They have been in love for 5 years and recently the happy go lucky actor, “Cee” Siwat Chotechaicharin asked his girlfriend, Amy Klinpratoom‘s hand in marriage. Even though Amy said it was nothing official yet, but the two has already gone house hunting for their wedded bliss. With this you can believe that Amy won’t have to wait any longer.

Cee announced that you two will definitely marry?

“Well if everything goes according to plan then we will. (Do you have to prepare yourself in any way?) Truthfully, we haven’t prepared anything yet. In two years time maybe. It seems like he’s rowed his boat and it seems like he would land but then again he might not land. We’ll just have to wait and see. Right now we are working and saving and we have been dating for while now, so there were talks then also.”

About the house?

” We’ve talked about that a bit. Cee will talk to my father about it here and there, but it’s not anything official yet. It’s more of asking about locations instead.”

What are you most impressed about Cee?

“He is a persistent person and he’s the type of person who is honest. When I’m with him it makes me feel like he is the one that can take care of me and when I’m with him I”m myself. When I’m with him I feel good and say to myself he’s the one and in the future when we live together we can stay together.”

Have you prepared your marriage home yet?

“As for the marriage house we have looked at land and locations and will build the house on it instead. We haven’t picked a definite place yet, but the places we’ve been looking at are close to home already. My father lives around that area, so does Cee and his mother, so it’s all around that area.”

[Source via Gossipstar/Khanpak]

28 responses to “Cee Finally Proposes To Amy

  1. I just had a dream about cee and amy last night, weird…..congrats to Cee and Amy!!!!!

  2. awwwww, finally some relaxing news- have you seen all the news/gossips here lately? not that its not fun to read.

    • lol this is dirtii laundry what do you expect? things that are boring no one cares about. so when there is drama everyone takes interest.

      anyhow congrats to them finally!


  4. Aww, after reading about the Tanya-Peck-Pinky problems and the Maple-Golf problems, it great to read such great news like this. They’re my favorite couple and I am very happy for them and wish them all the best luck for their future together =]

  5. I’m so happy for them ! I really love this couple and they deserve to be happy forever ! All my congratulation !

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