Golf Pichaya calls Maple “A bitch” on facebook

Maple’s younger sister may have been ganged bashed by Dew and her friends years ago, the media may have even moved on from the scandal, but Golf Pichaya and Dew Arisara is still up and at it.

Golf left a comment on his face book to say “Maple is a bitch side line”, followed by a reply from his girlfriend and partner in crime Dew who wrote a supportive response “Yeaaaa yeaaaaa!! hurhur”

The screen dump of Golf’s comment was posted on Pantip attracting more than 80+ replies.  Most were not impressed by his ‘not so gentlemanly’ behaviour.

All this time, we thought the battle was between “Maple – Spoi & Dew” –  But now we know…there’s a new addition to the game..because apparently Golf wants to play too!

72 responses to “Golf Pichaya calls Maple “A bitch” on facebook

  1. such a gentleman! *barfs! hate boys with mouth of a faggot! real man would not try to argue with a lady…just walk away. ugh

    • for reals though! i totally agree with u! guys like this is omg!!! i use to like golf but now its a total no no no!!!!

  2. What a shame! A man, or shall I say, a boy getting into a quarrel between females?! LOL…what a loser! That just makes him another biotch.

  3. Way to put attention to yourself. Knowing yourself is a celebrity and knowing that you get stalked by fans and reporters, would you make that kind of comment in the public where people would be able to read your thoughts and opinions. I can see that’s he’s a bitch along with his more of a bitch girlfriend, like seriously, my boyfriend would never get in between problems I have with other girls unless I get into a fight, he would just pull me away and calm me down, instead of saying curse words and adding fuel to the fire…Which is what golf is doing now. Really golf, how mature of you…And Dew, no words, the only reason why she’s in the public eye is because of Golf, she has no credit or fame to her name if she’s all by herself, she’s known as the girl who likes to bully other girls. Oh and by the way, Dew would have been better off with Zee, that girl is better looking than golf and is probably a better person overall. Tired of the drama Involving Dew and golf, those two are just immature and this is probably a publicity stunt and a bad one at that. I may be harsh, but that’s how I feel for these two asses.

  4. HA! i wonder what Golf is going to say now if the media confronts him about this issue…
    Used to be a fan of GM but as for now….not so sure…they’re okay…not that good anymore..
    anyways, They’re SOOO mature !
    besides, i wonder who got this…..

  5. haha… speechless. honestly, what kind of guy are you?
    Golf, you and your ugly girl needs to get a life. Like for-real. You act like female not a guy. You just got your man card pulled from you. What a shame? You are nothing but a FAKE!!!

    OH YEA.. for your information Golf, it takes a REAL BITCH to notice a BITCH. So i guess your a B-I-T-C-H!!! i would know because i’m a bitch when i want to be.

  6. ohh… and another thing. i know your not from America, but if you are going to write in English please make sense. Maybe you and your girl need to go back to school.

  7. wow like everyone has been saying…it takes a bitch to know a bitch and golf is a little bitch.

  8. Omg hes freaking wack,a guy should just back off of a girl thing i wouldn mind if it was aq guy but this haha hes totally not a man.

  9. Golf, you did it again, first wif Kwan, and now Dew!!! i hope the same thing aren’t happening again, also, I HOPE DEW IS WORTH FOR THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR!!

  10. WOW … thank goodness i was never a fan … but man .. he should stay out of the girl problems and focus on himself … for a guy to get involved is lame ..

    doesnt “bitch sideline” .. mean like she;s a hooker …

  11. i hate it when thai people try to act all cool by trying to speak or write english and it comes out all wrong with grammatical errors. don’t get me wrong, there’s a big difference when people ‘try’ to speak or write thai and those who do it just to look cool. thai celebrities need to stop doing that. it doesn’t make them look cool. instead, it makes them look dumb.

  12. Since he’s all about breakfast in his other status’, is there a chance he was talking about maple syrup? You know for pancakes? lmfao…

    Well, for a person who had once (notice the past tense!) been a big Golf-Mike fan, his stupid and unnecessary use of English curse words doesn’t come as a surprise, neither does his ways of venting his anger on the internet (in broken English). He’s done this on Hi5 several times. I still remember his little “Where the xxxx is picture i Post? use ur brain to look no ur ass….” I believe this quote was written right after someone accused him of leaking pictures of Ploy being close with his composer (or whoever that old guy was).

    He’s always been immature. He’s always been very narrow-minded and mai soon jai about others but his own. I think Golf Mike fans (of all people) should have noticed that.

    I’m going to give him the benefit of a doubt and say maybe all the fame got to his head. His behavior now and his behavior when he debuted is completely different. It’s difficult for me to believe that the cute, always smiling and joking, sweet-talking boy back then was always a bastard.

    Gee.. it sounds like I’m defending his ass. lol. Well, I’m not. Whatever the sweet boy he was in the past, he’s a jerk now. And that girlfriend of his just doesn’t help his case. Even if the other party is a bitch, so is your girlfriend ya dumbass. And what the heck does “bitch sideline” mean anyway?

    • “…mai soon jai about others but his own.”

      Oh, please LOL! What C-indy said. Who is surprised? Not me, not me LOL.

      I don’t know about “bitch sideline”, but maybe that boy was trying to say “sideline bitch”. That term, sometimes been said as “sideline ho”, means you’re a bitch waiting for something but ended up get nothing. I think farangs have a habit of saying something rude like that. But that boy should realize he’s not farang. Heh, he’s not even capable of writing English in proper grammar.

    • Since we’re talking breakfast (maple syrup and pancakes), should we rename Golf a lame sausage or an egg head?

      • LMAOOOOOO.. i just laughed out loud. Talking breakfast, lol.

        well ; I agree with most of you. If you’re not capable of writing english in proper grammar, then dont. It’s just pathetic and so not cool.

    • i totally agree with you, i’m still mikes fan though! i’ve never really liked golf, he has a great voice & all, but i feel like he leaves out his bro in a lot of things.
      so theyre both going SOLO after they come back from la.

    • Well, my girl friends use to say. If a guy call a woman a bitch. Then he sure came out from a bitches hole then. I am sorry for saying this. Never been a fan of his. Golf should knows that. The public buy his cd. That where are the money are from.

  13. ^__^ Let’s all be kind and leave comments about Grammar and English skills alone. lol Golf’s putting in effort in learning the language by using it so I give him props up for that. Don’t put him down, even if he is a bitch.

    • I curse online, but in a joking manner or when I am emotionally down with a bitch fever or when it is appropriate lol. In this case, a guy calling a girl a bitch when his girlfriend is one, it’s just so lol. ironic isn’t it?

  14. Wth? He was talking about breakfast then adds maple is a bitch? Seriously what’s wrong with this guy?

  15. And btw i have no idea wth ‘bitch sideline ‘ is and i’ve grown up in an English speaking country my whole life.

  16. Oh stop complaining down there. Everyone calls someone a bitch in public once in there life.

    Positive Advice Golf, move to America, where bitch is said in random things and use that word the right way

    “backfire on me anti-fans, yes please waste your time arguing with me ” *sarcasm*


    • Yeah I know it wouldn’t be a big deal, but guess what, he’s a so called public figure, a celebrity, a well known person, so would it be right for him to do that? No, either way, I don’t condone that kind of attitude from a man, and it makes it even more pathetic that he’s getting involved in his girl’s drama. He should have known better than to do that but at least he and his girlfriend are getting free publicity.

      • just a thought, maybe he was defending his bitchy gf? or he thought he was. but hell yeah i hate it when guys have mouths like girls who love to talk shit nonstop.

      • Well, maybe he thought nobody would find out? I mean, this public figure only posted this on his private Facebook of only like what? 50 close friends? Unfortunately for him, someone disagreed and made this public. lol. He should have just kept his mouth shut and his Facebook clean. And I agree, I completely dislike guys with that sort of attitude.

        • ohhh i seen his fb, he added alot of random ppl. he has way more than 50 friends, so hes pretty dumb putting that as his status.

  17. Golf’s true nature is girly as his face, throwing himself into drama on Facebook. Gee, the boy has no shame whatsoever. Honestly, he’s the bitch that can only bark behind people’s backs.

    • Honestly, i thought him and his brother is an undercover fagg! lol. Just give him a few year of fame and he will eventually come out of the closet. Look at the way the two bro pose in magazine. They pose better than all the super thai female star. lol,

  18. Well they clearly deserve each other. Its one thing to defend your gf but saying something like that especially in the Thai culture is just straight out rude and disrespectful, clearly shows what a ‘supabaroot’ he is.

    • or the lack there of.
      I used to find him cute… for like a minute.
      wasted my whole minute there and for what? ;D

  19. Golf’s a looser. Why not just admit it to the reporters when they asked? he’s a crackhead. i bet behind the cameras, Golf be talking shit with his girlfriend about the other girl, just like a little bitch. his english is hella broke. He needs to stop tryna talk shit in english.

  20. “bitch sideline” wtf does that mean, Golf should learn better english before he starts insulting in it

    • I was just thinking the same!! LOL Seriously, what is a “bitch sideline?” What does that even mean? I’m really curious! LOL

      His behavior speaks a lot about him. What a little boy or should I say little girl! He’s feminine looking like one too! A MAN would not lower himself and do something as catty as Golf. Just because he has XY chromosomes does not make him a man. You know you’re a lame ass when you’re commenting about some girl issues and one that happened long ago too! He’s LAME!!

  21. Don’t have time to read through all the comments because my online classes start today, but I agree with most of the comments. For a boy, noticed I didn’t say MAN, to blast a female online by calling her a bitch speaks volume of his character. Plus, I think he’s the bitch for getting involve in it. Yes I said it! He looks like one, acts like one, and talks like one.

    I want to say more, but Mom told me if I don’t have anything nice to say, then keep it moving…

  22. I think bitch sideline refers to Maple is a bitch nuak buat or off role lol. That’s how i interpreted it.

    • Haha i meant off screen, not off role. I’m turning into one of them that can’t use English properly lol.

  23. Woh, it seem like out of nowhere. First of all, all three are bitch and second of all why blame dew if golf say it, its not like she could put word in his mouth, third, the thing that sor7 wrote about gold mike must be real.

  24. i’m soo not surprised. really don’t expect all these teen famous thai singers to be so modest and what not like how they appear to be on interviews.. they might be cute and all but you guys should totally follow them on their twitter and just see the language they use. like mike, golf’s brother.. he calls his closest friend a “bitch” and just so plain rude! and trust me, the other stars use excessive english langauge.. its crazy. hahaha like they say.. “sarng phap”

    • The word bitch doesnt mean anything unless you want it to. Maple isnt a bitch . She bitches, but shes a bitch sideline, a dirty pirate hooker from disneyland. Everyone who knows hookers should tell them to sue Maple. how about that? Leave Golf alone. He’s expressing his freedom of speech. He is in America anyway so the comment shouldnt matter. The rest of you haters should join my new website… Maple is the President and main inspiration to my website. Thank You Maple for being the Bitchsideline you are!

      • Say what? I’m a little confused with what you’re trying to say. Who is in America? Golf? Since when and for what?

      • Yet another kid with grammatical error because he/she copied the other kid with grammatical error. Or another one who tried so hard to sound cool by wrote something in English but failed the grammar check. When will this joke end?

        English is not your first language, isn’t it? It’s sideline ho or sideline b*tch, not otherwise. Study English first please! Or at least stop mimicking Hollywood actors saying strong language in action movies.

  25. oh shit!

    it’s such a nightmare of yours!

    Golf, you completely get in trouble now!

    BTW, “sideline” hasn’t been appeared in English.

    Your English is fu*ckin’ poor!

  26. Obviously going to Ruamrudee INTERNATIONAL school didnt do you any good deeds! Golf your English sucks! Bitching about a girl on facebook while being a celeb is not the most wise thing to do! Idiot…… is all i can say….

    I see a lot of celebs any way on networking sites curse and write a lot of abuse to each other…. it’s really not a good example of how to behave

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