Pancake & Weir – Trouble in Paradise?

Channel 7’s famous couple “Weir” Sukollawat & “Pancake” Khemanid were often seen flaunting their sweet love for the camera in the beginning stages of their romance. Since then, there has been rumours after rumours suggesting problems in their love paradise and lately it’s becoming more obvious that the once so loving couple is not so sweet to each other in public anymore.

At their recent events, Pancake & Weir were seen exchanging dirty looks and making next to little conversation with each other. To top it off, they leave the event separately and not with each other like they used to.

On the set of their latest drama series “Douy Rang Atithan”, Pancake revealed the reason why she’s not talking to her boyfriend Weir is because ‘she’s here to work’

“I don’t know. We still take care of each other like we used too. But because we both have different responsibilities and on the set of our lakorn, we don’t talk to each other, we’re just like every other actors and actresses coming in to work. It’s really nothing. We’re just working and we don’t need to talk that much with each other. We’re not focused on that, we just want to do things peacefully like always. We see each other and everything’s normal. These rumours don’t make me feel anything. I feel nothing by it”

“A pyschic has predicted that we’re going to break up this year, well that’s the pyschic’s issue. I never said I was having trouble with my relationship. I said everything’s normal and my relationship with P’Weir right now is normal. There’s nothing loud about us and just so people can’t say that my answer is the same everytime. Well, I don’t see him all the time because we both have our own job to do but rumours can not jeopardize our love. We know where we stand and we don’t care for rumours”

On your birthday your favorite actor “Pete Thongjuer” surprised you with a birthday cake on the set of your lakorn

“On my birthday, I was in the middle of working on my lakorn and he brought a cake in for me. I was very happy because I’ve been a fan of his work for so long. He asked me if P’Weir was jealous by it but he didn’t get jealous or anything. P’Wier asked me to tell him what I want for my birthday and he’ll buy it. I told him I don’t know yet, I’ll get back to him when I know what I want. Usually I’m not the type of person to say I want this I want that but when I do say that I want something, he’ll always buy it for me”

“Right now P’Weir is having a lot of fun with his new toy. He just bought a motorcycle. He went and bought it with his friends, I didn’t help him choose one and I haven’t been for a ride on the bike yet. I’ve walked around it that’s all. I don’t ususally ride motorcycles”

“Am I concerned about him riding on a motorbike? I know he can take care of himself, everyone is entitled to their own happiness”

Source via Manager

20 responses to “Pancake & Weir – Trouble in Paradise?

  1. wow! pancake u r a really good actress and a role model too cause u said wat u really say….im very proud of u…n happy birthday to u tooh…

  2. I hope they ain’t breaking up, Pan is so mature and straight forward, i don’t get why people dislike her so much! Best of luck to this couple! ❤

    • OMG hey! yea I agree too. Shes so cute and yea I hope they dont break-up. These celeb rumours are pain. they can like wreck everything, even love -_-

  3. aweeee kinda sad…it seem like they two are drifting away…wier probably cheating on her…but its okay pancake, guys come and go…

    • yea but from the news and all, it doesnt seem like hes cheating on her at all. He dones look like the kind of guy. 🙂

  4. Sometimes after watching kwarm lub kong superstar, I wonder if they’re just together for publicity? Lol. But they are a really cute couple and I hope they are together because they want to be, not because their job forces them to be. I wish you both Pan and Weir the best! xoxo ^_^

  5. I don’t know what the media wants. When they go everywhere together and dress alike, they get accused of faking it for media attention. When they accept work together whether it is events or shoots, they get branded as over exposure. When they aren’t lovey dovey, they are assumed to be on the verge of breaking up. I mean what is a couple to do?

    • I agree with you C-inday…the media is just trying to stir things up and making them look bad as a couple.. I think they’re cute together!

      • they’re also trying to make wats called “their God money” Omg, everything for money theses days eh? Its so annoying 🙂

  6. Hate to say it, but as much as I absolutely hate this couple’s habit of just being everywhere (though, I think they’ve toned it down a notch lately), I’d hate to see them brake up. And since Nanticha mentioned Kwarm Lub Kong Superstar, I think this whole “trouble in paradise” situation is a publicity stunt. lol…. BECAUSE they have suspiciously toned down on the whole in-your-face-sweetness thing.

    But seriously, Pan and Weir, please don’t ever break up. I’ve never seen two over rated people so fit for one another.

    • lmao too funny i think we have just gotten used to seeing them so much that it seems like they’ve toned down showing their “love”

      i’m really indifferent of whether they break up or not. it’s not like i have other people in mind for them. well actually maybe pancake and tle since i love them from soo saeng tawan so much but that’s not gonna happen so whatever. i don’t wanna wish anyone to break up lol if they last then that’s good. but i do wonder if after several years they’ll break up like kade and noon, and vier will lose pancake to some hiso guy. gosh maybe i’m exaggerating too much here.

      i do notice that pan gives vier a lot of freedom to do what he likes or maybe she just doesn’t care lmao

  7. This is like Kade and Noon history repeat lol showing lots and lots of love, being adored by Thai fans and others. Hard to believe, yes they do have fans lol

  8. Not surprise if they break up but eventually they will break up you dont need mor krit for this one because everything was for the money and work

  9. I dont like these news of them about breaking up and all, and the physic guy, if they’re gonna beleive him and newsreporters and rumours, their love wouldve been gone a lonngg time ago. I dont want them to break up NO. I’ve loved them ever since and they better not stop!
    I just dont understand why theres so many bad rumours about this specific couple when theyre doing nothing but their job and life. 😦
    Wats going to happen?? *sad sighs*

  10. wow..i love pancake so much…OMG i wish pan and New would be together,coz they r the cutest actress in pleng ruk karm popes lol pancake kissed New on his chin.

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