Pinky’s Mother Assures Everyone The Picture Was Sent To Her Fan Club Not Peck!


“Pinky” Sawika Chaidech is leaving Thailand once again, “Khun Mae Oi” (Mother “Oi”) reveals that her daughter will be off to India once again on the 10th of June for her Bollywood movie. She denies that Tanya (Tanyares Engtrakul) will bomb their house and that the pictures of Pinky in her pajamas was actually a picture she sent to her fan club. She does not know how her daughter’s picture leaked out, but think it’s probably someone who doesn’t have good intentions towards Pinky. She also denies that she shared a video clip of Tanya with others. Assures everyone that she not that type of person to do that. She begs for everyone to let this all end.

It still isn’t over yet for the actress, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech which recently flowed with waves once again when senior actress, “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul admitted with her own mouth that she did see a picture of Pinky in her pajamas on her husband’s (“Peck” Sancha Engtrakul) cellphone when Pinky was in America touring around for Bird Thongchai‘s concert.

Reporters from Siam Dara revealed that Pinky and her mother just recently returned back from America on the 3rd of June at 4 a.m. so reporters called her mother about the progress of her daughter. With this Pinky’s mother revealed that they won’t be staying in Thailand for long because Pinky would be returning back to India to finish shooting her movie for a month.

“We are back now. We just returned back to Thailand this morning. Our return date was no later then the 4th, but today is the 3rd and on the 10th, Pinky and I will be returning back to India. We will be there for 1 month and when we return back again it will be back on the 10th of July, but we’ll have to check the schedule again if we’ll be back in time or if the weather goes awry. Right now the weather in India is very hot and so, we just want to hurry up and finish filming and return back to our home.”

The next question would have to be that Tanya admitted she did see a picture of Pinky on her husband’s Blackberry and it caused another uproar and Pinky’s mother revealed that the picture was sent from Pinky to her fan club and she doesn’t know how it got out.

“Here it is…we haven’t been gone from Thailand more then a week and here comes the rumors. Pinky did complain that there were rumors once again. I am tired of this and I’m wondering when will it ever end? As for her pajamas with cartoon characters, I’ve asked her about it and Pinky said that the picture was sent to her fan club. I don’t know if it got leaked out on someone else’s computer or not and who would send that type of picture? I don’t think she did it.”

There are rumors on the internet that Tanya threatened to throw a bomb at their house. Pinky’s mom was confused about this and said that the threat had never happened.

“No, there wasn’t. There wasn’t any threat at all.Who would say such a thing like that? Everyone has manners of their own and she would probably not do something like that at all. I don’t know where these rumors are coming from and it’s never stopping or ending at all. There wasn’t any threats. No one said anything like that at all.”

After that reporters asked Pinky’s mother about the rumors that she will reveal a voice audio of Tanya. With this Pinky’s mother hurriedly and denied the rumors saying that she’s been in the entertainment business with Pinky for so long and everyone knows how she is. Which she isn’t that type of person at all and pleads every media out there to not publish this anymore because she wants it to end. So that each party can go back and do their own jobs.

“Oy.. let me ask something. Do I seem like I’m that type of person? I’m not that type of person at all and I’m not a powerful person. If I was a powerful person that I would’ve used my powers before all of this. I’m just not that type of person. If you ask me if I’m bored with these rumors? I am tired of them and they should have ended a long time ago because the problem itself shouldn’t be anything big. Each person is off making their own living and we rather make a living being in lakorns instead. All Pinky does is work so she probably doesn’t have the time to think of anything and soon enough she will be off to India working. So whoever wants to think whatever they want then they can just right on ahead. We can’t sit there and explain it to everyone out there. It’s up to what everyone wants to think instead. Truthfully, I want all of this to end so that everyone can go back to their own lives.”

[Source via SiamDara]

77 responses to “Pinky’s Mother Assures Everyone The Picture Was Sent To Her Fan Club Not Peck!

  1. WOW! i can see someone is guilty. so there is no suing going on? lolz

    yes please i hope this all ends!

  2. ooo i like her answers thats right it should end already goshh,tanya has an ugly husband anyway y would pinky want him,even though hes rich but pinky can just get other good looking rich guy,

  3. i’m tired of this also but all the defamation and slander that pinky has gone through they just want it to end?

    shit if someone was saying i’m a homewrecker and a mistress i’d sue the shit out of them since there is no proof. i still think pinky got with tanya’s husband on the side that’s why they’re asking for it to end and if they did sue tanya will bring out her evidence and proof.

    • i went to go read at pantip and they said that there are a few reaons why pinky will not sue.

      1. she’s afraid of the other evidence that tanya might pull out.

      2. she’s afraid that all tanya’s family has to do is pay the higher authorities off.

      so many citizens are watching this and if she’s afraid they will help her out. look at andrew cronin. he’s confidence he didn’t do drugs when they said they gave him a drug test and it came out positive. so what does that tell you? he’s not afraid and he’s confident he didn’t do drugs.

      if pinky was so sure she didn’t do anything she should go right on and sue and not just wish everything will go away. the more evidence pile up and pinky keeps running away. she’s starting to lose my fandom and i am a fan of hers!

      • true.. but you can’t really assume anything yet because you dont really know the real reason why she doesn’t want to sue. but it can be a possibility.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of Pinky. That picture seems like a private picture and I don’t think it was meant for her fanclub either.

    All this Drama just needs to stop already! Making everyone look bad!

    • i don’t think the picture of pinky is at all seductive. looks like she’s making those cute/funny faces that “asian girls” do in photos.

  5. really if that pic is sent to her fanclub then of course no surprise it would leak, how bumb can 1 not know that…

  6. How can a fan club have Tanya husband cell phone number. This is one lousy excuse. How in the world would you send a seductive photo to a fan club. The more the report push it. The more Pinky and her mother lies will come out. I do think that Tanya have the upper hand.

    • i agree…..that why would the fan club member have tanya husband number…..n if i’m a member of pinky fan club and its not really the fan club do it, i would really get mad at her and her mom for blaming it on the fan club….and if tanya want to sue them, she should, because the news and the pictures could be her evidence and proofs….

      [ – TANYA Side – ]

  7. Hahah why would you sent a photo like that to your fanclub? Another lie? Ahahaha. Well let’s see what will be up next after this lol

  8. With that photo i don’t think that’s enough proof. Seriously i see photos like that as display pics all over Facebook. I really want actual proof like the video of Pinky and Peck kissing! Once i see proof like that then i will be 100% sure Pinky is guilty

  9. Hmm I’ll play nice cus I just came back from an awesome shopping spree! It could be possible that the picture was sent to a fanclub and maybe one fan believed everything Tanya said so she decided to not like Pinky anymore and send it to Tanya’s husband to get Pinky in trouble. Now how did she get Peck’s cell number? Well maybe she looked it up in the phone book. Do Thailand have phonebooks?

    • they do have phonebooks but it’s like here in america. it’s for home phones but i don’t think it’s that hard to get peck’s number since he’s well known.

  10. Wow…Why send a pic like that to your fanclub? How do fanclubs work in Thailand, is it the same as Korea? Because if my favorite artist was accused of sending a pic to a married man’s phone when it was actually sent to her fanclub, I as a fan and many other fans would come out to defend her. Where are all Pinky’s fan? Anyone out there to clarify that the photo was sent to her fanclub? Whatever…Pinky and her mom should just sue Tanya if these are all lies, but there’s a reason why she isn’t sueing, she may be guilty. Even if Tanya and her family pays the authorities, at least her fans and most of Thailand would know she fought for what she thought she didn’t do. Pinky sue if you think in your mind that you are innocent because they are messing you up right now…Real bad! Somehow, I don’t feel bad for Pinky at all…Right now, I just think she’s guilty, until she’s proven innocent which may never happen, then I’ll feel sort of sorry for her.

    • Thai fans are more lenient then Korean fans. They’re not hardcore or anything but with fan clubs in Thailand it’s not hard for them to get close to their celebrity. I’ve read on Pantip that fans are debating if she is wrong or not and others are just as confused as anyone else out there as to why she won’t sue if she’s right.

      If only the fans had a lot of authority and power like Korean fans then the truth would be out by now but since they want to play cat and mouse by using the media then it won’t be over. All they need to do is not give out an interview and not feed the media then this will all be over but it seems like they love playing with the media.

  11. hmmm…if Pinky was really innocent and all this was a terrible misunderstanding, wouldn’t Peck come out and explain everything? I mean, if it wasn’t true, I’m sure Peck would protect his family and his own reputation by firmly denying everything on behalf of himself and Pinky. If Pinky is innocent, and Peck knows it…but doesn’t do anything about it…..he is pretty much ruining her life. But obviously, he hasn’t done this because the truth is….he and Pinky did have something goin on…..and Tanya probably saw enough evidence to prevent him from denying it to both her and the media.

  12. It does look like a pic for a fanclub. When I first saw the pic which said to be sent to Peck I was like oh Pinky might be insane already or maybe she got drug doing this thing. Maybe the name e-prink is not enough for her. It should be Crazy e-prink.

    It’s so unusual in Thailand for a girl sending that kind of pic to a man. But you know it is ok if this kind of pic would be sent to a fanclub. You guys can check other stars’ fansite like Ann’s, Chompoo’s, Mak’s etc. They do have this kind of pic like crazy pic or things like that. I’m not defending pinky but to tell you the truth. This makes more sense to me.

  13. i agree w/the person earlier who mention the fact…about the fan club pix…how many fans are confirming this pix? Wierd pix to wanna send to a fan club…. It should end but which each party saying something another party is likely reply…i know that 1st hand..sometime it’s very hard to be “the Better person”..i feel like everytime pinky give an interview it enrage or annoys she rebutal…if they stop throwing it in her face w/all these interview…she might not reply back either…hopefully this won’t get more out of hand…i doubt it..but we’ll see wont we…

  14. huh..pinky and her mom should just stop everything..and pinky should just let go of tanya husband…n how could a fan club member have tanya husband [ peck ] number too….that means that pinky mom is blameing the fan club, so should pinky fan club go and protest if its not their fault???…….it’ll be very interesting…!!!hahahaha!!..

  15. Why can’t she and her mom just say ” I sent picture to my girl friend” instead of her fanclub. no one is dumb enough believe that very private sexy seductive picture is for a fanclub. Now she’s making another mistake.

  16. pinky is scared!!!! thats why she’s not coming out to say the truth and just running around like a rat that don’t know where to stay and find cheese!…and let her mommy rat come out to end everything, but i’m sure that tanya wont let this end easy, because at first they already calm and then pinky and peck still itchy so it come out again!…..feel sorry for tanya and her baby..

    • you stupid bitch rude much to pinky mom word bull I bet you I want to fucken canadian bbitch slap your stuipd fucking mouth

      • i understand that you’re a pinky’s fan, but if you ain’t got nothing nice to say then stfu before this american bitch right here, meaning myself, will fucken cross the broader line and bitch slap you. Now how does that feel. You can talk shit all you want could its just words coming out of your mouth and no action. But trust me, there will be actions coming out of me. Like honestly, are you sure your a fucken Canadian? you don’t even make sense. you’re a disgrace to Canadians. how sad?

      • Excuse me i’m Canadian and i don’t care what you have to say, i have my right to say my f**king opinion. I bet you’ll be the only Pinky fan in the world soon

      • missmonica is entitled to her opinions just as much as you do sy. it’s cool to be a pinky fan, i am one myself, but you need to respect other people.

  17. didn’t mor confirm say that a man will ruin pinky’s rep a while ago? i guess it wasn’t songkran but this peck guy. just hoping that things will end and i guess pinky will not be able to move to channel 3 due to her dispute with tanya.

  18. This is stupid. Why on earth would you send a picture like that to your fan club? If i was sending one to my fan club I’ll do a funny and crazy picture or just a simple smile, not a “seductive” pose. This drama is stupid and should just end and Tanya needs to get rid of her husband. I think it would be awesome if Peck did an interview and admitted everything.

  19. i totally forgot her and tanya would be in the same channel if pinky does move to ch3 lol that would be all bad. not to mention aum is in that channel too. she should stay where shes at and i hope ch3 dont accept her there cuz this news is causing a big DRAMA. she needs to grow up and take care of own action rather than have her mom come out n talk for her. if you dont have nothing to hide then stand up for yourself! hoping for the news to die down isnt gonna help

  20. seriously??? Posing like that for her fanclub??? We are not stupid. Who would pose like that for her fans??? Get real lady, come up with something better!

  21. The true will come someday !!! i always trust of Pinky !! Fighting PINKY , hope the every bad things for this WITCH ‘s family (tanya)

  22. #1 Pinky needs to learn how to clarify her own rumors.

    #2 Pinky’s mom needs to stop talking for her unless she knows the real truth. She even had to ask Pinky herself about the picture in the pajamas!

    #3 The general public needs to remember that the media always blows things out of proportion and exaggerates.

  23. Plus, I don’t think the picture of Pinky is at all seductive. It just looks like she’s making those cute/funny faces that “asian girls” do in photos.

    And if she did in fact send it to her fanclub, it also depends how close she is with her fanclub. I know Pepper (UHT) and Navin Tar posts personal pictures ALL the time.

  24. From what I understand thai star are really close to their fanclub. For example: Aump Patacharapa fanclub came to her house and suprise on her b-day. And Ann T I think one of her fan club has her cell phone number. Fanclubs in thailand are very different in other countries. They are super close to thai star. Not trying to defend Pinky or anything but just giving my input on what I know.

    I think people making comments here on DL just need to calm down. Obviously y’all don’t know Pinky, Tanya/her husband personally so getting mad at the situation is not going to solve anything. And if you’re a fan of them my suggestion is try to keep it civilized.

    I’m tried of this saga and I’m disappointed that Pinky turnout to be like this, because I was a huge fan of hers. Nonetheless I will support her work still… Pinky SHU SHU!! lol

    I think Pinky needs to come out and just admit it. She can’t run a way from this problem any longer, and if she’s waiting for this whole thing to die down on its own, I don’t see that happened. I think Pinky just need to grow up and put the lid the fire that she created. And I hope she learn her lesson from now on.

  25. @@KAY…You said it Girl! lol I couldnt have say it better. Pinky should learn hard from this and move on. I will definitely support her acting no matter what though.

  26. Can I mention that the picture above is really ugly. Her face isn’t actually that long. She looks way better in person.

  27. I do not believe a single word out of pinky’s or her mother’s mouth regarding her affair with Tanya’s husband! If Tanya did indeed threaten to throw a bomb into pinky’s house, I think pinky does deserve it. As for Tanya’s husband, he needs to choose — either choose pinky and divorce Tanya or end all relations with pinky and be fidel to his wife; he needs to be a better husband and father!

    I don’t find pinky pretty at all either…Tanya looks better; I just don’t understand how her husband could cheat on her with pinky.

  28. My gosh! if pinky is not pretty at all, then the majority of people in this world must be very very ugly. lol! Now this is just the comment on looks not the situation.

  29. The picture does not speak volume. Nevertheless, my opinion is as follows: (1) Pinky is a homewrecker. The consequences of her action will force her to (hopefully) grow up. (2) Peck is an adulterer. He will continue his selfish acts with or without Pinky. (3) Tanya is a slanderer. She is desperate to hang on to her worthless husband. Bashing the other woman does not make one appear any better. (4) All parties involved are classless. I’d be embarrassed to air my “dirtii laundry” and allowing it to hang out for longer than necessary. (5) For all their sakes, they need to close this chapter quickly. Zip their lips and hire a publicist to speak on their behalf instead. All their names are being tarnished in the process. (6) The ball is in Tanya’s court. She has full control of how and when this saga will end. I would really like to see her handle this with grace and dignity like Jennifer Aniston did when Angelina Jolie swept Brad Pitt away. (7) I’m ready for a new scandal!

  30. If Tanya admitted it with her own mouth then that mean it’s true or else she want fame but I doubt it why would she want to risk. And as for Pinky sending a picture in a pajama to a fanclub that will be weird and she might be the only “celebrity” who do that, next thing you know she will take picture of her under and send it to her fanclub. But if the picture was sent to tanya husband then it will be more realistic and they could be sexting. And WTF do this have do to with jennifer and angelina, actually their case was similar like bashing each other back and fourth the only different was that tanya have a kid with peck and jennifer didnt have kids with brad. Tanya could be trying to work this out because she really love him, or for her kid or for the money who knows

    • A LOT of thai celebs post personal pictures for their fanclubs because a lot of them are close to their fanclub. Fanclubs in thailand are not like american fanclubs. For example, take a look at Pepper UHT and Navin Tar

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