Andrew says he’s not guilty

After being arrested for drug possession, Andrew Cronin is confident he won’t be going to jail. The actor claims he’s innocent and is willing to fight it out in court.

“Right now I’m fighting it out in court”

You’re pleading not guilty to everything?”

“Yes, I’m fighting the case, you will find out soon of the outcome”

What were the charges?

“I don’t know, this is something that my lawyer is handling. I’m just hear for the hearing and on the 5th I’ll be fighting the case. If you ask how much evidence I have to back up my claims, well I am very confident and I’m willing to fight this case”

There were evidence that you took drugs

“That was their evidence but my evidence proves that I’m clean and I believe there’s justice in the house of law”

But your urine test came back ‘purple’

“I don’t know, where did you hear that? I didn’t even get a urine test back then”

So you’re confident about that?

“More than 100 percent. There’s nothing for me to worry about”

What did the Executives say about this?

“They said they’re still waiting for me”

Source via Gossipstar

11 responses to “Andrew says he’s not guilty

  1. Oh please, he’s guilty as sin. What is this “that’s was their evidence….”. Does he not know that tests don’t lie? Plus he’s flipping back and forth with his words. His stepmom claimed that his roommate drugged him which is why his urine came out positive. Now he’s saying what? That he didn’t even get the result of the urine test?

  2. Oh my gosh, thats my man. I hope he is not guilty
    but didn;t he took the urine test? I’m pretty sure he did.
    but oh well, I hope he have back up to prove he’s innocent.

  3. I believe he’s guilty but i hope they prove him innocent, it’s such a waste of talent if he goes to jail!

  4. he seems pretty confident that he’s not guilty. so let’s see what proof he has and how it will play out.

  5. Such a waste of eye candy and talent…Such a shame. If he’s guilty, then I hope they charge him eventhough he’s so fine lol. I don’t care how good looking you are, don’t expect to excused of drug charges, you’re not anyone special. It bothers me sometimes that celebrities think they’re above the law…Because they’re certainly not. If I get a ticket for speeding, then god damnit, celebrities better get one too!!! Lol.

  6. Mshizzle – he may have talent but that’s no excuse for not having to pay the price of his wrong doing.

    If we let every celeb or people that we think have talent get away with things what would this world be like? We have laws for a reason, to protect and serv. I think everybody needs to be held accountable for their actions no matter who you are.

  7. Even if he did indeed use the drugs…so what? I honestly don’t care what he’s doing to his body. I just think he’s one hell of a talented actor, and I want to see him onscreen again!

  8. If he’s really innocent and he’s fighting to prove that, then good for him, but if he’s guilty and he already paid the police off to say that he’s innocent, well I would totally lose respect for him as a person and an actor.

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