Pinky’s Seductive Picture Sent To Peck’s Blackberry Revealed!

Tanya Tanyares talks about the seductive proof of Pinky Sawika‘s picture that was sent to her husband’s Blackberry. Tanya denies that her husband (Peck Sanchai) sent the picture to the media. She has cleared it up with her husband, but she is doubting him just in case he cheats on her again.

It seemed like the love triangle saga between Tanya, Pinky, and Peck was almost over, but then someone snatched up a picture of “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech making a seductive face that was sent to “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul. The picture was all over the newspaper and with this Tanya came out to give an interview that she doesn’t know how the image made it’s way towards newspapers, but she assures everyone that it wasn’t her that sent it to the media. Even though right now Peck is trying to ensure his wife that he doesn’t care about Pinky and Pinky herself said she will distance herself from Peck. Although everyday now, Tanya is afraid that her husband’s cheating ways will return.

Tanya firmly denies that it wasn’t her that sent the pictures to the media, but it could be someone that loved her felt revengeful for her might’ve sent the pictures to the  media instead. Tanya firmly says she doesn’t know who it was.

In the past you said that you were going to go to America, have you went yet?

“I haven’t been yet. I have drama filming and I haven’t had the time to go. So, I’ll have to wait until the drama filming is over then I’ll have to plan again when to go. The reason I’m going is to go see my mother, relatives and my cousin that carried my daughter for me. Ever since I’ve came back I haven’t taken my daughter to see them yet.”

Is your whole family going?

“I don’t know yet, but we’ll have to talk to each other again to see what’s the plan. We will go within this year for sure because we usually go there every year.”

The latest revealed that there was a picture of Pinky that she sent to Peck?

“(Smiles) Yes, something like that. Truthfully, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

How did that picture leak out because it’s all over the newspapers?

“The full details I don’t know about that. I know as much as everyone else.”

When you first saw the picture where you shocked?

“I was more surprised.”

Have you asked Peck about it?

“I don’t have to ask him anything because I see it on his cellphone. We talked about it and I was like OK because I don’t know how the story and how the picture came to be. I just want everything to end. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Sources revealed that this picture of Pinky came out after she said she wouldn’t mess with Peck anymore.

“I don’t know if it was before or after, but what I saw and just saw was it. If you ask me am I angry that this picture came out? I was shocked and we talked about it.”

Do you have faith or more suspicious of Peck?

“I have to be suspicious for sure because with what had happened I’d have to be suspicious. The problem might seem like it has ended, but I can’t be too sure about it. Right now we are just staying the way we are and continue to take care of our daughter. I don’t know if it will end or not.”

Do you feel more relieved after Pinky said she will distance herself?

“It’s hard to feel relieved. The problems I’ve encountered has had  me not trusting him. If it can end then OK, thank you for ending it.”

Are you going to go ask Pinky how this picture came out?

“I’m just going to stay still and let time be proof of what the outcome of the situation will be.”

Recently Pinky’s mother came out to say that you would throw a bomb at them if Pinky doesn’t stop speaking.

“No, I have never said anything like that. I’m the person when I speak I don’t speak badly of anyone already. I don’t like to have problems or fights with anyone. I admit that when I talked to her we talked it out nicely. There were no bombs being thrown at her. I don’t know if there is someone out there who is feeling revengeful for me or not to do that. If you ask was it me that did it? I won’t do it for sure. No matter how bad the situation is I don’t want to have problems with anyone. I rather fight with my own person (husband) instead.”

How are you feeling?

“Just taking care of myself at the moment.”

There are rumors that Pinky will sue you for coming out and speaking about this?

“The charges won’t probably happen. If she sues me then she will just lose. It won’t be good to anyone. I just don’t want to have problems with anyone who has passed on by. I just want everything to end on good terms.”

[Source: Rakdara]

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  1. Wow i can’t believe that one of the most prettiest and my favorite actress is that desperate to go for something that ugly. I can’t believe she is that even though its the truth. wow Pinky why you gotta be that desperate? Dam if you gonna go for someone that have a family, at least snatch a good looking one instead of the Piggy nose looking dude.

  2. Hm… do we have another “Secrets of a Superstar” on our hands here? I feel like this is a drama and DL is providing screencaps/summaries.

    I seriously thought this died down.

    I’m in no way “defending” Pinky, but from reading up on how Thai celebrities handle things, and all that other secretive junk…. I honestly do think Tanya did leak that. If it’s not her, who else could it be? Don’t tell me someone hacked his phone. Maybe she didn’t single-handedly leak it and had someone else do it for her. I don’t buy her “I didn’t do it (smiles)” attitude.

    And truthfully, this drama needs to end cause it’s getting quite pathetic. I don’t care who cheated on who with who, and who was the cheated one. They all need to stop broadcasting what they have to say and do it all in person. None of them are getting anything out of this. One is titled a cheater, one is a homewrecker, and the other is a wife who got cheated on for something fresher.

    • They probably did try to clear it in private. Remember Pinky said that they talked privately about it and that she TOLD Tanya to take care of him. Maybe the private thing didn’t work. Well obviously it didn’t work cus of this picture. So Tanya gotta use the media once again. I mean the more scandals come out in public the more Pinky has to lose. Thailand doesn’t like this type of scandal and I’m pretty sure presenters won’t either. Events would cus they’ll get press coverage but sponsors wouldn’t.

      • iagree but i wouldnt blame tanya if someone who iknow is guilty and is not admitting to it. i would be mad as heck too. many said they wanted proof, here it is 🙂

        • I AGREEd with you. I would not blame tanya. In this case i’ll say pinky is the wrong person although i’m a fan of hers.

        • Tanya need to stop ….the more she try to hurt or harm pinky’s life and career the more people will just hate her…right now she’s looking good…but the more she does it the desperate she look….first of all she need to dump that sorry husband of hers….and I believe Pinky has more on…and I think she only did it because Tanya husband just made her believe that his marriage is over…just like in Lakorn…..I think she made her mistake and she’s paying a heavy price for her short fling with the loser… give her a break…

  3. Dirtti Laundry never fails me! =)
    So I have 3 scenario.

    1. Tanya sent this to the media to shut Pinky and her Mom up for saying the scandal is not true. If this is so, Go Tanya!!! If I sent the picture I wouldn’t come out and say I did either although we all know that she most likely did.

    2. Pinky sent the picture herself to make it seem like Tanya sent it. Why would she do that to herself you ask? Well she has a thick face already for wanting to steal someone else husband so why would this be surprising? Or maybe she’s trying to get Peck to believe that Tanya sent it cus she wanted to start problem and Peck would see Tanya as the wrong. Arguments will start up and maybe Peck and Tanya will divorce leaving him for her! Brilliant plan.

    3. Peck and Tanya’s friends sent it to let everyone know what a fake Pinky is. Maybe Tanya showed their friends and they sent it for her.

    I like the second one better cus it’s so lakorn like lol.

    • c-indy – I love all of your scenarios! So very lakorn-ish. Hahhah….I like the 2nd one but of course I don’t think Pinky is that smart to think of such a plan, but I still love the idea of it all.

      • i like all of them lol. second, i dont think she(pinky sent it) because

        “The latest revealed that there was a picture of Pinky that she sent to Peck?”

        “(Smiles) Yes, something like that. Truthfully, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

        if iknw isent it, id smile too 😀

    • haha such funny scenarios, I wouldn’t be surprise if any of those are true, life is seriously more than a lakorn

  4. I think Tanya sent it, but good for her it will make Pinky stop being such a slut, i’ll stop watching her lakorns now until she cleans up her act or if she stars with a hot p’ek, but i think now no one will hire her after this scandal 🙂

  5. Just that one picture is not enought for me to say without a doubt Pinky is stealing Tanya’s man. If Pinky is truly innocent as she claims than I wish her or her mom would go forward with sueing Tanya for ruining her reputation. This would only work if indeed Pinky is really innocent. At this point if Pinky is really innocent she has all to gain from going court. She’ll get the respect she lost back for herself and for her family. Pinky’s mom has been bash to no end for her daughters little scandalous rumors. If I was Pinky I was truley innocent I would definitely sue, not just for me but for may family and the people I call mom and dad. I would not allow anyone to bash them like that.

    • I am kinda with you on that. i need more proof. i see pinky pose like this all the time. that pix can be sent from anywhere. However, i do believe that Tanya sent it. Dude, this guy cheat probably all the time and Tanya manage to shoot all the other girls down quietly. Tanya just coming out on this one cus she is truly intimidated by pinky’s beauty. Trust me, Tanya play a lot of lakorn and bringing to reality. lol! . very smart Tanya! i am so sorry people but i just can’t stand Tanya. I would have given her more respect if she would just respect herself a little more. She knows her piggy nose husband cheat and yet still stay and continue to let him cheat and get away with all the time. She have no respect for herself to allow the guy to cheat on her over and over again.

      Word of advice Tanya, if you continue to allow your hubby to cheat, then by all means, you should just keep quiet, wait for your hubby at home, and look out for your hubby daily scandals.

      Pinky, if your innocent then you should defend yourself because you have so many fan out there that love you. But if you really did do it. then your a home wrecker like the rumor. the only reason why i defend you is cus of the bollywood. People say you were lying but you put it in their face that the whole bollywood thing was true. People, of course she will brag that she make millions. Why not, that is a major accomplishment for any human making that much. So more power to you on that cus not any star can go inter. Only selected one.

      • Yea yea whatever!! it easier say than done!! You think getting divorce from your husband is that easy?? when there is a child and your family members involve?? I have tons of respect for tanya for having to put up with this! How would you know that he cheats on her over and over again?? you’re assuming!!

        As for Pinky!! I ‘ll need more proof than that!! i dislike pinky soo much for some reason but i’m not going to judge her and i am a tanya fan.

        • Oh this piggy nose repeat his history. This is just one scandal that people know because its with a big star like pinky. I still think that its not a good excuse to stay bcus of fam or a child. I guess i am just not one lady that allow hubby to step on my head and tell him its ok. I am sorry i just can’t look up to tanya because she is a big star that have bad influence to married women. See her fan like you even think its ok for a hubby to cheat. so i am not here to argue. its just an opinion and i just think women should have more ego and respect themselves more to let no guy step on your head.

    • I get what you’re saying when you say you need more proof to call it actual cheating, but why send a married man a picture of yourself in the first place. Very suspicious isn’t it, and why send a pic of herself with pursed lips, if it was a normal pic with her smiling with friends then I’ll go lighter on her. Overall, don’t send married men pictures of yourself whether they asked for it or not, you’re obviously trying to start something if you send pictures to a married man.

  6. very interesting talk of the town… but the only thing that kept bothering me was the way tanya’s name was spelt. lol. her name is tanya rae (&whatever her new last name is) not tanyares.

    • i’m guessing your not thai but in thai her real name is tanyares engtrakul. meaning her nickname is tanya like pinky’s real name is sawika and pinky is nickname.

      • why does one have to be thai to understand a nickname can come from a first name? christopher/chris christina/tina natalia/nat jayden/jay…or in this case, after rereading your post… why does one have to be thai to understand what a nickname is. lol.

    • Like min metioned her nickname is indeed, Tanya, but her full first name is Tanyares. It’s not her last name. Even though we didn’t put her last name as Engtrakul, it can be found in her husband’s name.

      • no. tanya is her name. rae must be her middle name or her mothers maiden last name. i wish i still have the magazine with her autograph, cuz thats how she signed it. tanya rae rammarong.

        • i didnt say that engtrakul isnt her last name. plz reread what i wrote & if you say so, thats fine. i was just saying that its tanya rae not tanyares. she wrote it herself, too bad i dont have the magazine to back me up. so its tanyares. lol

        • basically what you & the blogger are saying is the same damn thing. tanya rae can be da well she spells it amercanized while tanyares is spelled da thai way.

          ur just repeating yourself and of course u don’t have to be thai to understand a shorten version of a name but it seems like ur don’t know what ur talking about because ur saying 2 different things. saying tanya is a shorten version of tanya rae but at da same time ur saying they put tanyares as her last name and when we try to explain it to u the point is getting mixed. smh

          ur not only confusing urself but myself also. we’ll just leave it w/e spelling it is cuz thai names are hard to translate until 1 sees it for themselves like noon worranuch’s name. she spells it ‘nun’ but still evry1 still spells it noon. it’s da same damn person regardless.

        • im not confused. you do sound very confused tho, i agree with you on that. what the hell is americanize spelling & thai spelling? & you started your sentence with, “you must not be thai…” im not here to fight, but if youre gonna agrue with me, reread what you wrote, then what i wrote first. okay?

        • i’m not confused i saw that u said her name is tanya rae and they spell it tanyares. so what? what r u now their personal spell chcker? pfft. different names has variations of spellings so if it bothers u much go off and write it somewhre else.

        • Thai doesn’t have a fixed romanization. There is one, but we don’t like using it because it is confusing and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. So therefore people like to romanize it themselves by the way it sounds or by the way it looks. Someone pointed out, Noon but the actress herself spells it Nun. I like it Noon because it sounds and looks closer to the actual pronunciation. Tanyares and Tanya rae but I prefer Tanyares. It may seem weird but the ‘s’ is silent. I guess it has to do with personal preference.

          • your explanation makes sense. the whole time i kept saying it with the “s”… lol.

  7. I don’t see how that pic is incriminating evidence nor do I think it’s seductive. That could be anyone’s blackberry and that pic could just be her making a weird face. This is just too much.!

    • I would not want ANY of my hubby’s friends send him pictures like that. They should know better than to send random “kissing” pictures to married men.

  8. i think that this picture doesn’t make pinky in all guilty. i think that any reporters can post up a picture and say that she sent it to peck. idk if its true or not but this triangle love is just fishy to me. i want to see pix of pinky and peck together to prove that there is a love triangle.
    im not just saying this because i am a fan of pinky. i barely watch the girl’s lakorn anymore. to me she is an ok actress. but about looks she is cute. same goes to tanya too.

  9. hmm….I didn’t really read through the whole thing but does it even occur to anyone that this picture was even really sent to Peck and not just any other random person. And how are we so sure that the picture was leaked from either Tanya or Peck?

    This picture could have been sent to some other person and is now being said it was sent to Peck.

    Just a thought!

      • Yes indeed she did C-indy. But on the other hand I too can easily say that I say the picture on his phone as well. Im not trying to take side with Pinky or anything buy I’m just saying what if the picture came from elsewhere and Tanya took advantage of the situation and claim it to be how she said it was.

        …again, just a thought.

        • i think people are too influenced with lakorns, indeed theres a chance that tanya did leak the picture but you people who defent pinky seriously, if this picture was a fake if tanyas hubby didnt cheat on her with pinky, Tanya wouldnt give this negative vibe about pinky or try to ruin her husbands reputation. think back, why would tanya turn from defending pinky to sending negative vibes. if i was pinky i wouldnt just say that i was a homewrecker. but then again i cant just easily say that pinky is one, but im leaning to tanyas side. hard to believe that i was a pinky fan.

  10. Hmmm…if i’m pinky and i know in my heart that i have nothing to do with another girl’s husband and all these talks about me coming out from people and the media are not true, i would immediately sue the media and see all of them in court to end the rumors.

    I like coming onto DL to read about Thai Entertainment and especially it’s in english, thank you! Though, when there are rumors about stars… example like this one, I was wondering where’s the original scan of the article in thai language? Is there’s another site that link to the original newspaper scan?

    • um read the article because at the end of every article there is a source and on the source there is a link.

      so don’t go saying DL is writing bullshit!

      • Thanks min, forgot to look at the bottom…I’m not saying that DL is writing bullshit, or else i wouldn’t come on here to read. But yeah about the rumors, if it’s not true and it keeps on continue pinky should take it to the court to clear the bad image for herself.

        • i was out of line but yea some ppl do talk bs about them and i love thai entertainment cuz i can’t read thai myself and to have this website is much better cuz they update me with da latest. i don’t want to see them go away and feel discouraged at what some ppl say to them.

          FTW DL!

    • DL always link their sources. This one’s is at the bottom of the article under Pinky’s “incriminating” picture.

  11. I don’t think it was Tanya, she would have leaked it a long time ago when Pinky first denied or when Pinky’s mom claimed her daughter’s innocence. She wouldn’t have waited this long. If it was really Tanya who leaked it, I wish she would have leaked more. Not that I want Pinky to go downhill but that her fans who are defending her like there is no tomorrow, needs it. Gosh I am so mean. But you know, it isn’t going to be over any time soon, the media just needs to butt out and let them figure for themselves. Although I am eagerly a nosy person, I do beg the media to stop causing more ruckus to all parties.

  12. This is all so ridiculous. If Pinky believes she didn’t do anything wrong then just freaken take action! Every actress always talks about not wanting to take this role because it ruins their nang’ek image or do this photoshoot cause it ruins their immage…but WTH. when it comes to a reality problem that has ALOT to do with their reputation they just let it slip like, “oh, i have nothing to do with it. End of story. rumours will disappear sooner or later..”..they should already know that with the media nothing goes away…Pink should really just speak up and sue them like what someone said above.

    as for the wife…i think i’ve read in every interview that involves the affair she’s been fairly calm. but how do we know or not if thats an act too. lol, no offense to anyone but im just saying. i don’t think anyone has access to Pinkys picture if it was really in her hubbys cell but her, her hubby or someone close to them both.. She should leave her hubby. I know she mention she wants him in her daughters life but sh*t! i would never let a cheater come into my daughters life because when she grows up and know whats going on around her, its not them that will be hurt but her to know her father is a cheater..i’ve gone through it all and know it. who knows, tanya might even find someone better along the road.

    as for the cheating hubby…i HATE cheaters..once a cheater always a cheater!…they just disgust me in every way!!….

    sorry if nothing makes sense…im at work and getting off in like 2 minutes…LOL. so im trying to rush it!!!.

  13. When did this picture go out though because Pinky is in America touring with Bird. Did she do that while she is touring?

  14. if this is false pinky should be suing the media/tanya for defamation of character for ruining her image in the public eye lol. but i guess it is somewhat true. if she is laying low.seriously is it b/c of his money b/c his looks aint all that and i doubt it is for love and where is the bastard that is the cause of all this. lol is he hiding behind his mommy’s skirt. seems like tanya is going soft on pinky. b/c if it was someone else all the dirty lil secret would already been aired out. damn this is so much like a lakorn. lol.

  15. does everyone remember that a few weeks back there was an article that sor 7 did that said there were pictures of her? i’m starting to believe some of the things sor 7 says because it happened a few weeks ago and now pinky’s picture is out.

  16. just a thought.. if this pic was something that was sent to someone else.. why would tanya acknowledge she saw the pic on her (cheating) husband’s phone?

    anyhow, tanya needs to leave her douchebag of a husband…. he can still be a part of his daughter’s life, but that doesnt mean she has to stick with him and suffer through his cheating ways… thats just stupid! smarten up woman and learn from elin nordegren and sandra bullock!

    pinky needs to calm her shit and stop being such a hoe-bag… shes so pretty and can definitely find someone whos NOT already taken. why does she have to de-base herself like that?? shes dumb too

    and as for the cheating husband… he needs to get whats coming and that losing his wife and everything hes got thats going good for him… his family

  17. Gosh, when I think all the drama regarding Pinky is over, more stuff comes out. Well if this picture was indeed sent to Peck’s phone, then she was obviously trying to start a relationship. You don’t send a pic of yourself with pursed lips to a married man’s phone out of good intention, you wanted something, in this case, Pinky wanted a married man (And his money). Note to all single women, don’t ever send a picture of yourself to a married man unless you want to have a relationship with him, but let’s hope that won’t happen. If I found a picture of a girl “friend” in my boyfriend’s phone, I would think somethings up, and he also wouldn’t want to find a picture of another man in my phone, believe me, we would be over if that ever happened. I already believed Pinky was involved with Peck, but that 10% of me wanted her to prove everyone wrong, guess I’m just slightly disappointed, to tell you the truth, I didn’t care for her as an actress, but no one wants an actress to be bombarded with this type of scandal, Pinky should really try to redeem herself in the public eye because seiously, I don’t like her right now and I’m sure half of Thailand doesn’t either and Peck, go to hell, if you don’t care for your wife, at least care for you child to not do this type of indecent act. For Tanya, I really don’t blame her for leaking the pic, not saying she did it, but you got to do what you gotta do.

  18. wow. i don’t want to believe this. i like pinky but now i don’t know anymore. don’t know what to believe no more.

  19. OMG !! so bird had a concert here & pinky was in it, guess what? ppl saw muad peck theere!!!
    supposedly. idk. (: just saying.

  20. That’s not a picture making weird faces. Weird faces is like sticking your tongue out, pushing your nose up to make a pig nose, or crossing your eyes. That picture is of her in her pj puckering up her lips with her eyes closing. Totally sexual. No innocent girls in their right moral minds would send pictures like that to their “brother” nor to a married man. If you don’t think that’s a sexual picture, then try taking one like that and send it to your friend’s bf or husband. If I were to send that type of picture to a friend I call brother he would either go “eeeewww! what the heck”, that is if he really thinks of me as a sister. If I were to send it to my friend’s husband, she would totally run me down.

    I wonder how Pinky and her mom would get her out of this one. Tanya isn’t scared of her suing cus she probably has way more evidence then this. There’s pictures of the lip locking too remember? I’m also sure there gotta be some text messaging as well.

    • i agree with u cuz that is a seductive pix like ur trying to lure a guy in and tell him that u miss him. i just wish tanya or whoever did this would just let all da evidence pour out at once but then they might be doing media play to ruin pinky one at a time.

  21. People are really going crazy over this “evidence”? I don’t think it’s much of an evidence at all. Hard evidence is when no one can debunk it. There are so many ways that this particular picture can be bedunked:

    1. The Blackberry phone can belong to someone else, not necessary Peck

    2. The personal picture of Pinky can be taken from the internet and saved on any phone.

    If there’s real “evidence” why not bring it all out instead of playing childish games… bring out the pictures of them two together, etc… I’m not siding with Pinky, I’m just saying using logic and reason.

    • NongMam05, you and I think alike. Logically reasoning should be a factor in a case like such.

    • I don’t think the picture above is actually PECK’s phone. It’s a picture going around and that phone’s probably a reporter who took a snap shot of it and passed it around some more. And from the interview, it seems Tanya admitted that it was a picture from his cellphone.

  22. OK, put yourself in Tanya shoes, it doesn’t matter if she or someone else leak the photo, BUT what in the hell?! I would be beyond mad at my husband and Pinky for this crap. If I found a pic of some girl, looking a certain way on my husband’s phone, as his wife I would be seriously mad. What kind of respect is this. Respect from the husband and respect for a fellow co-worker on which these two don’t know what respect means.

    This kind of stuff makes me so mad, stupid young girls like pinky trying to be a third wheel and a woman whore like Tanya husband should NOT be married, does not deserve to know what marriage is! urggggggg

    • and I’m tired of PINKY playing stupid and innocent to this whole mess. She need to Face the truth and grow up! Pinky know exactly what she is doing, and if she think there is nothing wrong with it, this prove to me and a lot of her ex fans her true colors.

      • i agree with u b/c tanya is fed up with pinky she tried her best to be nice to pinky but she’s not cooperating so she has to do whatever it takes for her to stop.

        ppl who are trying to play detectives just need to stop cuz i’m sure tanya has plenty of other proof and if u read da whole article it says that tanya doesn’t trust her husband anymore. i still think that tanya is with peck cuz of da money and her daughter. she still has da name of being his wife while pinky is the known mistress. no matter what tanya does she’s in da win not pinky.

      • I tired of you bashing pinky you stupid little bitch i hope you get slapped by us canadian you stupid fucken bitch

        • Hahaha sy that was a dumb comment. Slap by you canadians? Now let’s assume that min lives outside canada, will you send her a plane ticket to canada or will you leave canada just to slap her for her opinions? I don’t think so. How old are you anyways? lol too funny!

        • ROFL! are you that one french girl who isn’t good in english but is good in cussing? wow so you’re going to slap us for stating or opinions? TOO FUNNY!

        • who’s racist? i don’t think we said anything racist towards canadians at all. only the fact that you’re so good at cursing others out. you seriously need to go wash your brain with soap and while you’re at it learn etiquette manners and act like a lady!

          • I said we canadian not racist to african and we respest people that are gay not not Like you stupid american are racist

        • Racist sy? You’re the one who called them African. They are not african idiot. They’re born here in the U.S not Africa so they are black american. Only people who are afraid of being seen as racist call blacks african. Go back to your crib.

  23. we all don’t know what really happen??? i need hard evidence
    like a video,picture of them kiss or in bed or something that i can see that they did have an affair .. they need to stop playing cat and mouse … and get this situation over with and show something … BIGGGGGGGGGGG……

  24. I’m not taking sides and agree that the pic is seductive.But how do we really know for sure that the pic was sent to Peck’s phone, because Tanya said so? If Pinky did mess with a married man than she needs to be taken down once and for all. The only one that is gaining anything from them playing cat and mouse is the media.

  25. here’s my 2 cent..I don’t see anything mentiong the fact that TANYA told them to SUE…because she is very confident they will lose…what does that say? it say’s a lot…it say’s that she has a lot of proof to show and basically daring them to sue…to me that’s proves to me Pinky is guilty …

    • Interesting thought noy. There have been talk of Pinky’s parents looking to sue Tanya for ruining her reputation. Remember Pinky was even asked and she said that she’s going to leave that up to her parents and that they are talking to someone about it. Pinky and her parents probably thought they have a good case on it so Tanya decided to leak this picture as a soft warning. If she doesn’t have more then this could be or could be not picture then she wouldn’t say they will lose.

  26. here’s my two cents… I think that Tanya has more pics of Pinky form the cell phone and she will leak it one at a time…

  27. or if they do go to court, all the texts and pics will show up… if Pinky did sent it. Just like the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandel

  28. Oh my gosh the WITCH’S FAMILY AHAAAAHAAA , very pity for the baby to live with this family !!! and the pics of Pinky is not shocking at all !!! Tanya ======} GO to HELL

    • EXACTLY! For the first time, I partially agree w/ you, Lydia. The picture of Pinky is NOT shocking at all. I mean, EVERYONE knows that Pinky’s like that anyway. [/sarcasm]

  29. All the fuss and attention is for this guy? Seriously? Are you kidding me?!!! WTF! Both are such beautiful girls! Please dump this ugly loser. Seriously? [shaking head]

    • actually i remember tanya’s interview. she said she will not divorce or leave this piggy nose no matter what. that mean she will continue to allow him to cheat. that is why people cant be mad at pinky or any single ladies. i hope piggy nose continue to cheat until he get hiv positive so he can give it to tanya. Maybe she might leave him then. Hopefully! if she is not that desperate to be with him. I still stand on my ground and say that tanya should just shut up and continue to sit at home and read her hubby scandal at home if she will never divorce the dude cus she deserve it.

      • micky-What kind of black wicked heart do you have? Do you even have a heart to wish a deadly disease on someone who did absolutely nothing to you? You’re worst then all the homewreckers and cheaters put together. You don’t know why Tanya is sticking by her cheating husband, you’re just going by what she said. Did she give you a reason why? No. It’s not easy to just pick up and leave someone who you invested so much in. It’s easy for you to say cus you probably aren’t in that type of bonded relationship.

        It’s so easy for people to say Tanya should do this and do that but if one day you are in the same situation would you be as brave as her and confront the problem? Right now you may say yes cus you have absolutely no clue. When the time comes, you’ll see how difficult it is. Is it her fault that her bastard of a husband cheated on her? No it isn’t. Is it Pinky’s fault? If she indeed is the other woman then yeah she is at fault. She’s at fault cus everyone knows that he’s a married man, especially her. There are unwritten rules and boundaries you dont cross or break. It’s a rule of the universe. You just don’t start up any emotional or physical relationship with someone who is legally and religiously taken by someone else. If they want to break their own vows, then leave it up to them. You come in after not during or before. You shouldn’t be part of the reason why they are breaking their vows. Pinky knew what she was doing, and she was having fun doing it, until she got caught. She got caught once and got away with it. She made Tanya a fool in front of many. How can Tanya not hold grudges? I’d go for the throat if my husband toy did that to me. Forget the divorce! Divorce settlement is nothing compare to what i would get when I become a widow. What does the mistress get? Not a damn thing.

        • i’ve been cheated on and it was easy to leave because the evidence was all out in the open. yes, it sucked because once you leave, you lost a best friend and someone close to you, but that’s one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

          staying with a cheater that doesn’t treat you right and being unhappy is selfish because all you want is to be with them. sure, tanya has a kid… but to me, she is as selfish as anyone else on the planet. i am a fan of tanya, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it stupid to stay with someone who doesn’t treat you right and continues to make you unhappy?

          • Was it marriage or just dating? It’s easier to leave someone you’re not married to.

          • I agree with you NongMam 05. I think those that stay in a relationship or marriage using kids as an excuse are really selfish. Because they know that deep down they’re too weak to walk a way or they still want to be with their cheating husband/wife. This I know cuz I was in Tanya shoes before. I rather be a single mom and raise my son on my own then to be married to a cheater that have no love or respect for me. I would never raised my son in an unhappy marriage. Because I don’t want my son to grow up to believe that it’s okay to cheat on his gf or wife because he sees his dad doing it and mom allows it to happened. So, really it’s not hard to walk away if Tanya wanted too. It took me a while but I did it for my son sake and my own happiness. You can always find love again. Nobody wants a broken home, but sometime leaving a broken home is what going to make you happy.

          • Kay, I agree with you. However, sometimes it’s not selfish using the kids as an excuse for the marriage. It’s more selfless. No mother wants their child to be known as “bastards.” They don’t want their child looked down upon because they have no father.

            Children have thoughts and feelings too. Most of the ones we know of want our parents happy being separated and finding people who love them. That’s what will make them happy. But some of these kids rather have their parents stay together no matter what. They’d rather hear the arguments and yelling than seeing their family broken.

            Now if your child was like the 2nd one…which path would you have taken?

            Do you think your son would ever look back and think that you were too selfish to just leave without fixing the problem?

            I’m not saying you took the wrong path, I’m just trying to open people’s mind of the OTHER side that many are failing to see. They may not support their decision, but they should come to an understanding rather than judging Tanya.

          • Muddie Murda…I see where you’re going at. And I understand completely. But sometimes when your in a relationship and problems occur and you try to fix it so many times but nothing good comes out of it. Sometime it’s best to go your separate ways. And all you can hope for is the father/mother still want to be involve in their child’s life.

            It’s true that kids prefer their moms/dads to stay together no matter how many times their parents fought. But from my own experience sometime the reason why kids don’t want their parents to get a divorce is because they are scare. They are scare of changes, mom/dad being involved with someone else, and they are scare that they won’t be love like before. As a parent if you try to involve the kids feeling, reassure them that they will always be love by both parents, and make them understand of the situation, they will understand a lot. Those parent that tend to forget about the little ones feeling and leaving them confuse, they’re probably be the one looking back why their parent’s didn’t work things out. And why they didn’t have a happy home like other kids.

            Anyways I hope this saga can come to an ending just for Tanya’s daughter sake. I think it’s best all three of them keep quiet and just let the news die down on its own.

        • To tell you the truth I blame all three of them in this shenanigan. You can’t always blame the third party only (Pinky). It takes two to tango. If Tanya and her husband love was so strong no matter what the third party does to seduce or tried to break their vows in the end Pinky would walk a way like a loser. I think it’s also Tanya’s fault too. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. Because back in the days I would read actual news not just gossip column about them and even then her husband still cheated on her. And he never really wanted to married her but Tanya kept insisting they do. Maybe Tanya thought that if they get married/ have kids her cheating husband would change, but I guess not. If you don’t believe me you can go search for old news on this couple. So, therefore Tanya knew what she got herself into. I also believe that the main reason Tanya can’t walk away from her cheating husband because she can’t walk a way from his money and the hi-so life style. I was in Tanya shoes before and it’s not hard to walk away when there’s an evidence in front of you. Tanya probably accepted her cheating husband ways and allow it to happened as long as she can still be a koon nai.

        • You are right I am worst than a homewrecker and a cheater because i don’t sugar coat on nothing. It is what it is even though i have never done those things. I don’t ever want to see a broken vow but shit! the only reason why i said about a deadly disease is cus so many patients that i have seen caught deadly disease cus they got it from their cheating husband. Most of them allow their husband but the minute they knew they got tested positive for these disease, they finally got it in their dumb brain to finally think of leaving after they caught the precious disease from their hubby.

          You right tanya did nothing to me, but she is a star in thailand and she is a bad example for women in general. How can you look up to someone that allow their hubby to cheat and its ok to stay in a messed up relationship. I just can’t stand stupid girls that treat their hubby like they are god or someone they worship. All i am saying is that tanya should not be mad if she will always forgive her piggy nose hubby scandals.

          Just to let you know i am married with a tight bond and my hubby know that i am not scared to walk away if he mess up. i guess thats why we are still together for almost 15yrs. Men will only respect you more if your word is as good as gold.

      • Whether Tanya divorced the cheating bastard or not, I do not give a damn. Whether Pinky gets into another affair, I do not give a shit. But what Tanya need to do is, leaked all the damn evidence she says she has. She may look like the cruel person if she leaked but at least this will all be solidly confirmed. The media is already involved, it would be hard to do it quietly and the public already know about the situation, might as well expose the dirty evidence to the public also so that people like lydia can shut up or people like me to shut up lol. I actually like Pinky for the fact that she says she will stay away from him because they were caught… well she took out the ‘caught’ part but of course, she has to make herself look good. Good for her, she should have done that in the first place.

      • Micky, you have no idea why Tanya is doing what she’s doing. There could be MANY reasons why she’s not divorcing him and it’s all none of your business.

        People like you are telling people like me that marriage is just a total joke now. Everyone’s throwing the divorce word around like it’s a game. IT’S NOT.

        • you are right, this is none of my business and also the rest of us. However, these post are made for people opinion and comments. Everyone that goes on here love gossips and posting there opinion just like me and you. I only throw out the word divorce if its a bad relationship. I don’t go around telling all the happy couple to divorce. this is a cheating hubby that repeat his history.

          I am married lady and its not a game or joke but thats what i mean. Leave the relationship and go find the relationship that is not a joke. Apparently if hubby or wife cheat, then by all mean, they do think that marriage is a joke! thank you!

          • It’s not like I don’t support divorces. I certainly do if they are necessary. But the way you’re expressing your opinion with pure curses is unreasonable. You’re a married woman so you certainly do understand somewhat and you would leave him right away. But like others, you say it now but when it’s your turn, you won’t think like you are now. I’m a child of parents that were on the verge of divorces. She had her reasons, some of them were unreasonable and dumb but some of them made sense.

            Like I said, there are many reasons as to why Tanya is staying with this guy. She will do what SHE feels is the right thing, not what society thinks and wants.

      • Micky, I’m glad that Tanya didn’t do that. Actually divorce is not a solution to end the problems cheating pigs (read: men) like Peck give to us women. Divorce is just another problem that has to be taken care of.

        I’d go with Tanya in this marriage matter. If I were Tanya, I won’t risk my marriage just because of one scandalous actress is “toying” my husband. It’s not about the man whom I married to, it’s about the marriage. The whole level. The man is just “A” part of the marriage, not “THE” part of the marriage. There are another parts, like children and responsibility as a good wife. I won’t let the marriage get ruined just because one part isn’t working as I expected.

        • I agree with PinkSamantha and Muddie that divorce is not always the solution. Divorcing is too easy. Staying married and trying to make that marriage work is the challenge. Marriage isn’t just about the husband and wife. There’s children, and two families involve. That’s why you call it a family.

          My half-sister is on the verge of divorce and she’s only been married a bit over a year. My brother in law cheated on her but not intimately. Question is, would it be easier for her to decide if he did? Who knows, she doesn’t even know. I asked her why has she not decided yet. Her answer is that the meaning of marriage is deep. You just can’t one day just decide to divorce the person you vow to to be with through good times and bad times in front of God over something that could possibly be work out. Can a guy stop cheating, yes he can if he wants to. She said she might want to give him that chance to change and redeemed himself. She said they’ve been through way too much together to let it end so easily. They went through 2 miscarriages and one near fatal accident. It could be because of the near fatal accident that got him emotionally weak and went down the wrong path. He’s sorry, I know he is but she’s still unsure. I do hope they get back together cus there’s no doubt in my mind that he loves her, he just got lost. I’m glad that he didn’t intimately cheat on her cus if he did then maybe I wouldn’t cheer him on. Plus he was the reason why my sister know me.

          So with Tanya, maybe Peck didn’t cheat on her intimately which is why she’s willing to give him a chance. Maybe.

  30. OMG!! why is this coming out agian….pinky and peck need to stop flirting and doing shit!!!…..and peck need to know that he already have a wife and a baby and pinky need to know that too….OMG!!…that UGLY PECK IS SUCH AN ASS HOE!!…FEEL SORRY FOR TANYA…

  31. After reading all the comments here is my take on the situation.

    Pinky, if all of the rumors are true, shame on you for messing with a married man. If you don’t have respect for yourself please think of your parents. Just because you are single does not make it OK for you to mess with other peoples man on a romantic level intentionaly or not.

    Tanya, the saying “once a cheater always a cheater” is almost always true. I’m not sure what kind of hold or bond Peck has on you but raising a child in this environment is not healthy for the child. You can’t put all the blame on the women for your husband’s cheating ways. As long as you put up with it he will continue to cheat.

  32. Wow. Even though I do not like Pinky. That girl should
    of have stay with my man Aum instead of running around
    getting that married guy Peck.When he is not even good
    looking; you pick him over Aum.Oh my gosh.But yeah, whatever, it’s their problem.

      • idont remember exactly who dumped who but i somewhat remember aum being sad somewhat? its in my head head but im not sure …

        • I do remember that Aum was sad after he dumped Pinky. I bet he regretted something about Pinky, but I doubt he’d be missing her, judging from Aum’s life today.

          • agreed Pink. I wasnt much of a fan of that couple but hey, whatever works for them right? Glad they’re over though! 🙂

  33. maybe aum found out somehow she’s a player so he dumped her before it’s too late… (I think).
    anyways… he’s already with someone now so… that’s history.

    • Ok someone need to go research lol on who dump who but I’m pretty sure it was Aum that dump Pinky. Aum was sad but it was him that did the breaking up because after he got her he didn’t seem like he was as interested in her as he was before he got her.

  34. pinky is definitely to blame, but so is peck. Matters like this cannot occur if both parties are not willing. Peck, what the f*ck is wrong with you? You’ve got a gorgeous wife and an adorable child at home! Why would you go and cause a rift in the stability of your family? Gosh.

  35. Tanya should divorce him and get the asset too. The court will be on her side. Because peck committed adultry. If someone committed adultry and you have proof. That mean you have the upper hand in order to win the case. This is why I don’t trust man at all. Even though I am marry to a man.

  36. Aw look at the cute Kid, only fuck up husband would do that and slut women.
    Anyway I think tanya is doing the right thing in keeping her cheat husband for the god sake of that beautiful child.

  37. omg, look at that guy!! he freaking ugly and old. I dont believe that pinky would go after that piggy nose guy. come on, she went out with one of the hottest man in thailand, Aum. So i’m thinking she have a pretty good taste in a guy. I mean if she was going after Ken, i would understand her a little more, but HIM??? but anyways 1 picture doesn’t prove it. Maybe she sent it to the wrong person or something, maybe that piggy nose have something that pinky wants, so he force her to send him all this picture, and he got caught by his wife and make up all these story to make his wife believe him, and make pinky the slut. And i know it sound like it would happen in a lakorn (yes i know i watch way too much lakorns lol.) but you never know. because my dad is a cheater, don’t get me started on how many times he cheated on my mom and he always have some type of story when he get yea too much info, i’m just trying to make a point. It just my opinion. 🙂

  38. The photo doesn’t look like Picky she trying to seduce someone, if that way the case then I guess everyone is guilty of taking a picture like that of them self and posting it up on their FB, MySpace…ect.

  39. Let me just contribute one thing. Peck is probably crazy!!! for cheating on his wife because Tanya is so beautiful. I am not saying that Pinky is not pretty but Tanya is looking pretty good too so why does he cheat in the first place? His wife is not some old and ugly lady, she is gorgeous looking.

  40. And, I wouldn’t consider that picture of Pinky to be seducing because she looks scary instead. I am not a man so I probably don’t know what is considered seducing but that certainly does not look seducing to me.

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