Nadej Denies He’s Dating A Girl Named “Neko” From Outside The ET Biz

Young celebrity, Nadej Kukimiya denies that he’s seeing a girl from outside the Entertainment Business by the name of “Neko”. He says that he has never had a girlfriend by the name of “Neko“, but he does have a friend name “Neko”. Assures everyone that he is still single, but as for his specifications on a girl, as long as she has a good personality and can cook for him, that’s all he’s asking for.

The handsome rising star would have to be given to Nadej Kukimiya and not only that he’s also becoming the sweetheart to every girl out there also. Previously there were “leaked” pictures of Nadej and a girl that came out saying that he does have a girlfriend from outside the ET biz named, “Neko”, but Nadej swiftly denies and clears the rumors.

“I don’t have any girlfriend by the name of “Neko”, but if there is a friend  named “Neko” then I do have a friend by that name. As for the girl in the pictures that leaked out her name is “May” and no one has said anything to me about it yet. As for what had happened with the leaked pictures I couldn’t take care of it sooner it was a bit too late. I just see it as a lesson that if it was to happen next time I’ll be prepared for it.” (Have you called your friend to talk about the pictures that leaked out?) “We have talked to each other. We just find it funny and laughed at it.”

Has the bosses talked to you or warned you about being careful?

“With this I’m sure I can watch out for myself.”

Are there more pictures like this somewhere?

“There shouldn’t be any, but if there was we’d probably see it by now. (laughs)”

Do you think that now that you’re famous the leaked picture came out intentionally?

“I think that might be it because those that probably knew me leaked the pictures. I don’t think it’s a boost to try to make me more famous. They just probably sold it out normally. As for the type of girl that I like…All I’m asking for his her to be able to cook because I love to eat and has a good personality that’s all. As for a girlfriend I’m not talking to anyone right now. I have my friends, family, and I work everyday.”

Is it because if you have a girlfriend your ratings will drop?

“With this someone did tell me to not have a girlfriend just yet because my fan club won’t be so keen to it (laughs). Truthfully, I’m not ready to have a girlfriend yet. I have work and I’ll soon be starting my freshman year at Rungsit University.”

Has there been girls who tried to hit on you?

“There hasn’t been any at all. I don’t know where they’re all at. (There are more “artificial women?) There are no “artificial women” either.”

[Source via Rakdara]

8 responses to “Nadej Denies He’s Dating A Girl Named “Neko” From Outside The ET Biz

    • It can be Nadej, Nadech and Naded.
      I saw how he spell his name when he was in school by seeing his name on his shirt, it’s Naded. But if you translate the name directly from Thai alphabet to English it should be Nadech. Anyway, by pronunciation it can be Nadej too.

    • i’ve seen magazines spell it nadej but on his official fanclub website it’s spelled nadech. so really it sounds da same but different spelling.

  1. really , there’s no girl or gays hitting on him?? what is happening to the world?? you’re like the most legitimate handsome hottest gorgeous bachelor ever,,,surely you’re just being humble 🙂

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