Louis Admits He’s Jealous of Noon, But Not Calling Her His Girlfriend Just Yet!

Louis Scott reveals his extended contract with Channel 3 for another 3 years in becoming the favorite “child” of Channel 3. As for love, he admits that he’s seeing Noon Ramida but, is not calling her his girlfriend just yet. He also reveals there is a “Roon Pee” (Senior) actor who is hitting on  her. Louis says he is jealous but, wants Noon to decide for herself.

With his red face showing at once, Louis Scott isn’t so happy at all that a “Roon Pee” in the industry that follows and is trying to hit on on his sweetheart, Noon Ramida from morning til night. No matter what Louis respects Noon and will let her decide for herself. He admits that he’s a bit jealous but, at the same time it’s her personal right.

“I’ve extended my contract with Channel 3 for another 3 years.”

So after you extended has the bosses been feeding you more work?

“With this you would have to look watch for it because I’ve signed thue contract for almost a month and a half already. With “Ruen Hor Ror Hian” and “Mong Goot Dok Som” the 2 that I have to play in, we’ve talked about it before I extended my contract.”

A lot of people will look at it as if you’re becoming the new favorite child.

“I have been trying to be myself to the fullest. I’m already close to my mom and approaching elders is easy for me because I’m very attached to my mother and while I was growing up I’ve always had my mother and my father wasn’t around so it was easier to approach elders.”

There’s rumors that you’ll be marrying soon.

“No not yet because with marriage I don’t want to rush into it. If I was to  marry it would have to be when I’m finally ready. There’s not timing but, as for planning out ahead I haven’t planned it out. Although, my fortune teller said I would marry around 33-35.”

Did they tell you if Noon is your soul-mate?

“I didn’t ask it because the person who should decide should be me instead. If they told me it wasn’t her and I will try to force to make it work to make it her but, if I was to say she’s the one then it would be up to me.”

With Noon are you calling her your girlfriend now?

“We said that we were seeing each other. We never said we were dating yet. I’m still stubborn like before.”

Recently we heard that a “Roon Pee” is hitting on Noon?

“There are some from outside and inside the industry who is hitting on her. It’s common because she does swimsuit photoshoots for magazines. With me, I don’t have a problem with it at all. If she wants to do it then she could. With this generation and this era there are plenty of swimsuit photoshoots. So it’s common for the viewers of swimsuit magazines find it alluring. It seems that girls are more bold and brave to do it so, it makes the guys more braver and bolder to approach them.”

Does Noon tell you that other people come and hit on her?

“She tells me all the time. Sometimes she’ll tell me about it. Am I jealous? I am a bit but, I do respect her and it’s her decision if she will deny them or if she will talk to them. Just don’t make it too much as in sneaking around talking to each other or secretly sending messages to each other. I’m the type that let them do things freely and let her decide for herself.”

Are you worried?

“I am but I can’t do anything about it because I want her to do things freely like I would do them. Then I won’t be a person of my own words and actions.”

Are you scared that Noon will feel weak and like the other guy?

“If that was the case then she is not right for me if she is feeling weak to the other guy. She doesn’t love me as much as she thought and if she does love me then she would have to be strong.”

What do you have to do to walk together on the path?

“Respecting one another and understanding one another. A guy calling to hit on her is common. Shouldn’t I think positive and trust her?”

What if they were hitting on the girl and she doesn’t show interest in them?

“Then we should just be friends with her. Good thing it’s a guy because normally girls don’t love like a guy. Mostly guys will love more loud and clear. Going to office, going to pick her up, giving her things. (with an aggressive and displeased tone) There’s nothing, I’m just saying things out randomly. You can stop now! (displeased tone)

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8 responses to “Louis Admits He’s Jealous of Noon, But Not Calling Her His Girlfriend Just Yet!

  1. aww.. i want one like him please! Make that 3 copies! lol i bet she feel the same towards him but just making him jealous. 🙂 who wouldnt want him to be jealous of you? 😛

  2. i still can’t believe he and his ex-gf broke up.. i liked them as a couple.. but whatever floats their boat i guess… sigh.. been a fan of louis eversince.. and still will.. GO RAPTORS!! XD..

  3. I’ve never heard of Noon Ramida. Louis is a great actor and he’s charming. Too bad he doesn’t want leading roles.

  4. Noon Ramida is sexy.If Louis loves her he doesn’t care

    about her sexy. I think maby Louis like sexy woman.

  5. I don’t like this chick she look too slutty for my precious Louis. I wish he meet someone more like Ann Thongprasom. She’s smart, beautiful, sexy, and classy all in one.

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