Tangmo will be with channel 7 till she turns 29

Actress “Tangmo” Pattaratida revealed she has renewed her contract with channel 7 for another 4 years.

On the set of her upcoming lakorn for the channel, Tangmo told Khaosod news about her decision.

“I think it’s ok. It’s comforting to know that your career is stable and you won’t be neglected and I’m okay with that. It’s normal for the executive to call you into the office to renew your contract when it’s about to expire. I can’t remember exactly how many more months I had left at the time when I was called in but I think it was pretty close to the expiry date”

“Right now I’ve renewed my contract for another 4 years. My contract will end when I turn 29”

“As for the other stars who may have renewed their contracts with the channel I’m not quite sure who they are, some people are in the process of weighing their options. And as for Pinky, her contract hasn’t expired yet”

“As of right now I haven’t been approached by other channels, I’m happy with channel 7 and I’m considered to be in the middle generation. The bigger people can have the senority rank and as for the younger generation. Right now there are so many of them. I’m lucky to be in the middle generation, there is no competition”

“In my generation there’s me, Jui Warattaya and Pinky, we’re all stable so therefore there’s no need for any of us to want to leave”

You’ve recently declined a lakorn offer?

“I was worried about my schedule. If I’m already tied down to another lakorn then taking on another one will be an obstacle to the lakorn crew. Honestly, the decision to turn down one of two lakorn was not my sole decision. It’s more the elders choice in idenfying what is suitable for me”

4 responses to “Tangmo will be with channel 7 till she turns 29

  1. what? i’m so confuse at what mo said in the end .. she turn them down b/c of her busy schedule and then turn around and say it’s the elder ppl decision to not have her be in it b/c of unsuitable role — pretty much she still has no right to decide as a middle generation yet but 4 years from now won’t be that long either. Wish her best of luck ^^

  2. So she is saying if another channel contact her, she would have turn her back on ch7 lol she has always been bad with her interviews so I don’t find it that surprising. And pretty much she made a wise decision, ch7 is limited with actresses, well they actually have plenty but at the moment they are lacking with good ones. Mo is… well never a fan of her nor did I find any charisma in her acting, but she technically not so new to the business so she probably has a fanbase in Thailand that does keep her standing tall.

  3. im a big fan of mo but.. i didn’t understand this article much ahahaha.. XD… at first when i read the title i was like WHAT!!! MO CAN’T BE 29!! ahaha.. but that’s like 4 years to come.. hehe.. im just glad she’s still with ch7 XD..

  4. Let me guess, after 4 years, she might move to CH3 like the other CH7 who moved to CH3 because???
    Oh god -_-

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