Golf Says He Rather Be Stabbed By A Knife…

No matter how much news or rumors “Dew” Arisara Thongborisut has but, in the name of being her sweetheart, “Golf” Pichaya Nitipaisarnkul will always get pulled in. The latest news was that Dew got into a slapping fest with Miss Maxim, Maple‘s sister “Spoi” and that she is also seeing  tomboy “Zee” Matanawee Keenan behind Golf’s back.

This is related to you saying that you’re possessive of Dew that you’ll follow her and is jealous of Zee?

“I’ve never messed with Zee before. I never had any problems with Zee. It has nothing to do with Zee. I’m not possessive and where I’m at with Dew we’re already close to each other already and there is no reason for me to get jealous at all, especially with a tom.”

There are always rumors coming out has the bosses at Grammy called you to talk to you?

“No they haven’t. There’s no problem and one other thing it’s probably just the wave of rumors that spread rapidly because if Dew didn’t do it then there is no problem.”

That Dew is dating 2 people?

“She’s not dating 2 people because if she is just take a knife and stab me instead.”

Then what about the news with Dew and Spoi?

“Well I don’t know the other girl at all and I think that Dew didn’t do it because with whatever Dew has done I think I’ve known enough about her to know what she did. Like the video clip of her when she was younger, I admit that was her fault but, with this I can’t tell you and i believe she didn’t do it. She (Maple) just came out to say that Dew slapped her sister and I was confused and if I did say she did slap her so does that mean I’m playing along with her game? (laughs)”

So you see that it’s just a rapid rumor?

“Just let everyone decide for themselves instead.”

Have you asked Dew if she did do it?

“I didn’t ask her but, let’s just say that I heard a little here and there from her.”

Is Dew stressing over this?

“A little bit. People might believe that she did do it and with this it will probably make them believe it more but, I want everyone to use their judgement. See, I’m not here defending her because what is wrong she’ll admit to it like the video clip. Even though it was a long time ago but, it was OK, she admitted but, with this she didn’t do it.”


20 responses to “Golf Says He Rather Be Stabbed By A Knife…

  1. Golf as in Golf and Mike?…wow he looks different…no more jap-look alike..he does look okay that way too..but…he looks better this way!…although …i though he was with Pinky??

    • erm, actually it was Mike the one been rumoured wif pinky, but it was just rumours… and I agree that he looks better that way.. 🙂

  2. “there is no reason for me to get jealous at all, especially with a tom.” Oh golf, golf, golf…You should really recognize your competition.

    It’s nice of him to defend her now and say he trusts her and all the shizzles. But I’m thinking back on Tangmo and [guy from B-Mix]…she totally ruined his career.

  3. Sweetie, if she stabs you with a knife, her and the she-man better watch their backs.

    I admire him for standing up for her, and trusting her…. but seriously? He can do better. She’s nothing but bad press for him.

  4. dont want to be mean but evey time i read his interviews his answers are always so blahhhhh……. i dont like his answers at all. i think it kinda stupid…… :l

  5. “there is no reason for me to get jealous at all, especially with a tom.” oh wow… i would pick zee over him anytime any day any second!

    they’re perfect for each others.

  6. I don’t think Dew is pretty at all inside or out. I wonder if she’s his first which is why he’s so head over heels for her.

  7. When you are dating someone, you would defend your other half at the moment lol reminds me of my two sisters lmao… not that everyone who is dating is like that but there are quite a few out there. I guess Golf see something in her that we don’t see. Maybe she’s too good in bed to let go? You know could be a possibility.

  8. ahahaha! its funny because he said she’s a tomboy but he looks feminine, what difference does it make? I honestly thinks the tomboy looks cuter then Golf. i agree with ‘fun’ maybe there’s something that we don’t know about??? ahaha!
    it makes golf confident his sweetheart won’t cheat on him since the other one is just a tomboy while Golf have the manhood. gahahahaha! Btw, Dew looks like a real BITCH! i saw that video once and this bitch is evil!!!! she’s saying she’s changing, like duh since she’s in the industry now and a celebrity so of course. if not she’s probably out there beating up girls telling them to wai to her! fits Golf well.

    • Was it the one where there were two girl fighting outside of a club or restaurant? I know there was a video of her beating up some girl in school.

      • Not outside of a club or a restaurant, but in some alley. I don’t know if it’s an alley at the back of a school. The girl in the video who forced another girl to bow to her was Dew. She confirmed it, and said that she regrets it.

  9. i would like to see that clip so much , however i still think Dew doesn’t good enough for Golf to love at all…
    don’t know bout this at all. Wish Golf Mike meet sth better then…

  10. I’m sorry Golf, but Zee looks like a nicer, and for that matter, a better looking, person than you are. I’d rather take Zee > Golf that’s for sure..

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