Lydia; The Benjamin Button Curse?

Some people when they get older they would show signs of aging. Or when they’re out in normal attire for court cases celebrities will get criticized for not looking too good but, not with the case of “Lydia” Sarunratch Wisuthsakda.Who seems to be getting a lot of praises for her beauty but, everyone just says it’s her nose that accentuate the beauty. Many of the praises are saying that Lydia is aging backwards instead of forward that some can’t recognize her.

Lydia before

Lydia After

Lydia Now

Comments from netizens on Pantip about her beauty.

“After her face stopped swelling she looks more beautiful now.”

“Her complexion is really nice, but she’s missing her trait. At first when I saw her picture I wasn’t sure who it was.”

“She’s looking very pretty and fresh. Very fresh looking. Lydia like this I like with no make -up what-so-ever and very natural looking. Although when she first debuted why was her skin tone more tan then this?”

“It doesn’t look like Lydia at all. I’ve met her before and her hair was neatly done but, with this I’m not used to it so I couldn’t recognize her.”

Why Lydia was in court:

Shock! Lydia’s Mom vs. Mor Krit

Lydia in tears, “Mor Krit is ruining my life.”

Mor Krit All Cried Out

Mor Krit cries, “Lydia couldn’t care less.”

Mor Krit is back

Mor Krit mom steps up to defend her son

20 responses to “Lydia; The Benjamin Button Curse?

  1. She’s very pretty with no make-up. I actually prefer her no make up face. Like what the other people said, she looks fresh. But why is she in court for?

  2. I would not have recognized her whatsoever. I think she looks like a plainer version of Song Hye Kyo now. I’m not necessarily a Lydia fan but she looked better before. Thanks for the news~

  3. Her nose is ugly. Sorry to say. I think her old nose looked much better and of course natural looking.

  4. is her nose real or fake?? it doesnt look real…. anyhow, she looks Much younger and fresher with no make up.

  5. don’t tell me it’s the same girl… she looks so different with make up compared to no make up…

    • lol yea it’s the same girl but she totally transformed completely. she had some plastic surgery done.

  6. I think its just the makeup…. it makes her look older and in the last pic she barely (if any) had any on, so she looks younger.

  7. Wow! Makeup does wonders, but in her case, it did the opposite! She looks way gorgeous without make up on. The picture where she has a ton of makeup on makes her look like old, but hey, whatever floats her boat!

  8. i don’t like her new nose. i think she must’ve did something else too besides her nose cuz before she didn’t look like this even without makeup. she looked more chinese before. whatever she did she’s prettier now lol but still in the long run plastic surgery will come back to get you.

  9. I think she got a little more than her nose done. She looks like a completely different person.

  10. i don’t get it….are you not allowed to wear makeup when you go to court in thailand?

    she looks beautiful though 🙂 very natural and serene.

  11. I have a friend who is naturally beautiful without make-up but somehow look older with make-up. Some women are like that. In any case, Lydia looks great in all three photos.

    What I find interesting is that she looks Thai in the before photos but Korean looking in the after photos.

  12. She looks great without makeup, even though it’s very obvious that she get the nose done. It’s wasn’t the same nose in two pics.

  13. I have some pictures from High school when deer was a lot more fatter. Make up does a lot of strange things lol…

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