Dome and Ploy To Begin Shooting For Polyplus

Agreeing to work together in the upcoming lakorn, “Rak Mai Mee Wun Dtai” (Love Will Never Die) with Polyplus for sure former couple, “Dome” Pakorn Lum and “Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak will be working together once again after having breaking off their relationship.

“I’ve refused at least 10 dramas already. With this I believe that if I’m not ready then don’t do it yet. Like me, I’ve been making music for 10 years already and I know when I’ve had enough and turn my interest into somewhere else. People have asked me why I chose to work on this lakorn and I ask them that if there was a production team as nice and good as Polyplus? All their stuff is good and plus the bosses were giving me support like P’Nit. I don’t what would happen if I didn’t take the offer.”

How does it to feel to play opposite Ploy?

“I’ve talked to Ploy about this and we’re both excited and Ploy is an actress who is like a “Big Momma” of the new generation. I feel good about it that I’m playing it with the girl I’m closest to.  At least we won’t be shy towards each other. I don’t want people to watch it because of the actors/actresses and realize that it’s not fun at all.”

Is the role close to your trueself?

“This role is like a stone and I don’t think you can find any human who can imitate it. You have to assume that people who have been here for ages on what they think, how they would speak, and on the outside it might seem like someone from the same generation, but in the inside it’s like a great grandfather speaking to his great grandchildren.”

Does Paint understand the situation?

“I’ve talked this over with her from the beginning.”

[Source: Thairath]

8 responses to “Dome and Ploy To Begin Shooting For Polyplus

  1. it’s gonna be a bit hard to see him as pra’ek when you know his playboy background. i don’t listen to his music and he looks ok so i don’t see the big hype about him.

  2. i remember when dome was the only singer in rs promo that wasn’t in any dramas or movies. it’s good to finally see him act… even though it took him almost 10 years but i’m curious to see how he will do.

  3. I seriously don’t see how this guy is good looking or remotely hot! I don’t see it! I wish I could see it, but I just don’t.

  4. wish they would be together because they are perfect together and no one eles is match to be in there dome and poly are cute together na*_*

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