Kwan is a fan of Om Akapan

Whereever you turn every girl is swooning over “Om” Akapan Napart, every girl including leading actress “Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanon.

The channel 7 starlet announced she’s a fan of Om Akapan and would like an opportunity to work with him

Apparently you have a crush on Om?

“Yes, I really like him. I liked him ever since he starred in that music video for Bodyslam. When I heard he’s studying at the same university as me I like him even more (laughs) I’ve been following his work, like his latest project ‘Prajun lai prayak’. While I was working on the set of ‘Hong Fah’ I was watching his lakorn, everyone on the set were hooked on it (laughs)”

I heard Tle is upset with you because of your admiration for Om

“(laughs) oh that, yes, one time the crew, the director and P’Tle we were all watching ‘Prajun Lai Prayuk’ and with me being Wayu’s biggest fan, I said to the director we should change the leading man of this lakorn to P’Om because P’Tle is useless (laughs) I like to tease him but P’Tle was upset, but it’s nothing really, it was just a laugh”

Since you like him so much, would you like to work with him?

“If given the opportunity, of course I would. He seems very hardworking and it would be good to work with him”

You’re so open about your feelings for him, aren’t you afraid of rumours?

“No, it’s got nothing to do with it. If I like him I’ll say it and to me, like or admire or whatever, to me is liking him because of his work, it’s got nothing to do with rumours and all my friends like him too (smiles)

Source via Kapook/Pantip

62 responses to “Kwan is a fan of Om Akapan

  1. I first saw him in Sapai Glai Peun Tieng, and omg I just loved him..I wander if he’s ever played any pra’ek roles before..

    • well how do you know Weir’s out shined by Om? Weirs still in the spot light of his fans and elders but Om is also in it, dont get me wrong that I’m saying Om sucks or anything. I like him too 🙂

  2. He is not fucking hot at all you are punch horny ladies. You guys are whores. Sorry I forgot about that I guess Thai women just like screw every man in these planets. Respect yourself Thai girls please do not low yourself to a fucking dirt. Please respect your parents and grand parents culture I know this is free country but you punch whores take to beyond other level bitch. I am Chinese and happen to marry beautiful Thai wonderful lady who she loves her culture a lot. She got a self respected that those whores.

    • First off Mr. Vu, How dare you call them horny ladies and whores?? Do you even know them ?? That is just wrong and disrespectful. You don’t have the right to call anyone whores!!!! What does saying Om is hot having to do to being low and being a whore?? They are entitled to their opinions. I don’t think saying he’s hot makes them a whore. If you don’t like their comments then don’t post a comment.

    • Definetly not Chinese by reading the last name. No Chinese person have that kind of last name. What an idiot.

    • you are retarded. is that how your parents and grand parents teach you how to treat other people? if they did, then they did a pretty shitty job as to how you came out to be.

      just because people admire Om doesn’t make them , horny ladies, whores, or low class. the only low class person in here is you, to come in and cuss a storm for no apparent reason… that is low class.

    • how dare you call thai girls horny whores?! last time i checked chinese are horny too. look at the population in china and look at all the girls edison chen slept with! if that aint horny than i don’t know what to call that.

      get the hell out u dumbf**k. you are nothing but dirt who can’t get a descent or easy chinese girl in china that you have to resort to marry a thai woman. you’re nothing but an uneducated hypocrite.

    • What the fuck is wrong with you?! Seriously, they admire him and thinks he’s extremely handsome, what does the have to do with being a whore or slut? Does that mean your wife’s a slut, before she married you, she would have had to be attracted to you somehow, so I guess she’s a whore too right? Don’t forget, you too, are also insulting you wife because she’s also Thai, so I guess she likes to screw every guy too right? Stop being such a dumbass and have some common sense to know that you should never categorize one race as sluts because not all are, I’m pretty sure all races have sluts and whores, that’s a given, so shut your damn mouth.

      One thing for all the people going into details about how Kwan doesn’t suit Om, all she said was that she liked him. That was all, there’s no need to say they wouldn’t match because he goes for gentle types of girls or stuff like that because we all do not know what the guy wants. They’re not a couple, she just expressed that she liked him, as a guy or an actor, it doesn’t matter so there’s no need to over-analyze. One last thing Mr. Vu, stop being a bitch. He does remind of another bitch he who likes to comment dumb shit, wonder if there’s a connection…

    • Hold up, what is your problem dude? Are you chemically imbalance? I don’t see how by saying someone is hot or admiring someone categorize the admirers as whores and sluts nor does it lower their self-respects and respects for their cultures. I mean if that is how you define sluts and whores than would you say your wife is one too? Think about it, she obviously thought you were somewhat “hot” for her to married you right? So please think before posting nonsense next time.

  3. mr vu, get the hell out of here! you’re viet not chinese! lol…i hope I proved a point here!!! I don’t even know you, but by reading your last name you sound like a viet cong! kind of like you don’t even know the ladies and you called them whores. get a life loser!

  4. Mr. Vu, you are saying that thai girls are whores. Than your poor wife must be the ultimate whore of the queen to marry an stupid chinese guy like you. First of all, you say thai girl are whore. Why the hell did you marry a thai girl cus you may have a daughter that is half thai. so that mean your daughter is a whore too just because she is half thai. Oh wait, maybe not cus chinese people kill baby girls. hahahahahahaha. take that you stupid chinese dumb people that kill babies cus of over population.

  5. P’OM and Kwan don’t see like they could go together for long, because kwan always have news with guys alot….but if kwan try her best on the couple thing, then sure yes, they could last long..

  6. I would love to see Kwan and Om pairing up together new in lakorn that will good lol. I love the both of them.

  7. i understand jokes & teasing but what she said to tle was really mean….& to admit like THAT seem very bogus (sp?)

  8. I think both Om and Aof likes Min the girl from Kob’s lakorn, but I think Om looks nicer with Min than Aof, I think Om likes girl who r abit more mature like Min, who is gentle and sweet face looking, but I am not saying Kwan is not nice but she just not gentle, she is a tough kind of girl who like to kid around…I like Om more better with Min, the girl who looks abit like Aum Patparcharapa……just my opinion guys, Kwan please don’t bite my head off…

    • haha i agree wit u P’Om is better with P’Min they look suitable together,I like P’Kwan more wit P’Win.Them four happens to be my favorites

  9. Om is pretty hott! lol..can’t blame kwan on admitting for this one…hahaha…i’d like to see them in a lakorn together too!..everyone said negative things about kwan and tle pairing up but turns out everyone seemed to like them together during and after Hong Fah was aired..we never know until we see it happen! =D

  10. Wow obviously Vu is some sick slash bored person who gets a kick out of offending people and obviously seeing their reaction. Just ignore low lives like him, there’s plenty of more where he came from.

  11. from om, how the fuck stupid fuckin got in involved. we admire him as a movie star and his works. did we all fuck him yet? no, u fcukin stupid irrogant man. i feel bad for your wife who have to marry such a ugly guy with the uglyiest attitude ever!!!!
    get a life and do something better. maybe your wife not fucking you enough cuz of your disgusting self.

  12. Kwan just want to f**k him. But he is one of the cutest actor in ch7 now. Good take out weir and put in Om.

    • Lol, well thats gonna be hard to take Weir out cuz therers still lots and lots of his fans out there. But Om will be one of the cutest actor but that doesnt mean Weir or any other actor’s gonna be taken out 🙂

  13. YES Kwan i m agree with you ,i like Om Akapan too after watching Prajun Lai Prayuk’ , like him more than Wier now .

  14. om is very good looking. Only saw him in the underdeveloped daughter inlaw and thought he should be the lead. I liked him better than charkit.

  15. wow! I was going to add my two sentence to the loser’s comment :Vu but I guess alot of you guys just summoned it up for me thanks!.. he sure is quiet now….sure not man enough to come back and reply…hahhaha.
    I agree Om is hot!

  16. I can see them working together. I would be too shy to work (professionally) with Om. LOL! I thought he had alot of chemistry with Aump. I liked him and Aump together. Is Om signed with ch7??

  17. I like Om. Hes cute but no matter what, WEIR is my #1 forever. I dont switch to new celebs easily. 🙂 I stick with the ones I’ve loved 😉

  18. And also! Why are people comparing Om to Weir only?? Oh right, Weir is the cutest! ahahaha 😛

  19. OMG!!
    Kwan Make Me SHOCK!!!
    I Love It.. They Are Prefect Couple!!
    P’ Om Is SO GOD DAMN HOT!!

  20. Wow, you don’t know how excited I am to read this. I love Kwan and Om. She got good eyes, hehe who wouldn’t like him. Even I like him now. Dang, I wish they would hurry up and do a lakorn together because they certainly would look hot together just being onscreen.

  21. Omg! I just finish watching pjlpy and I totally agree he’s freaking hot. I’d love to see OM and kwan together

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