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Thick smoke from several fires is seen near the Siam Paragon shopping complex in Bangkok

Retaliation: Thick smoke from several fires is seen near the Siam Paragon shopping complex in Bangkok. Dissappointed protesters started looting, setting fires, shooting and throwing bombs after their leaders surrendered to police.

Due to what’s happening in Thailand we will be going on hiatus. With the difficult circumstances we can’t continue giving the entertainment you need. We would like to smile and give you entertainment to relieve the stresses, but it just can’t happen right now. We are sorry.

It has been reported that Media companies are being the target in Thailand’s ongoing political turmoil. When yesterday Central World was torched down and the Channel 3 building was under attacked by protesters who set fire to cars and  punctured holes in watering pipes that led the building flooded.

Right now we are praying that hopefully with all this turmoil  will be solace and it will die down and peace be brought back to the country.

Here are a few celebrities who took to their twitter to express their feelings about the situation going on right now in Thailand.

“I’ve seen the pictures of Bangkok right now and I don’t know what to say. Words can’t describe it. It hurts deep down inside…tears are overflowing…why?” – Nichkhun Horvejkul

Fans even recruited the help of  Sean Ro (of former Korean duo Hip Hop group, JinuSean) to help pray as Sean himself is a fellow Christian and believes in the word of GOD.

Our favorite model Richie Kul took to tweet from his busy shooting day in Vietnam to tweet regarding the situation.

“The country is destroyed. Right now we can’t rebuild it but we can unite and help repair the cracks. Whomever has thought of wrong and realized what they have done was wrong. We have to help each other understand them and help them in society. Expelling them til they have nothing is only going to make it worse for society. The lesson is to have immunity and not step in and fight the problem with the same situation. Whoever is wrong knows they are wrong in every detail. Not only be half wrong and be right. Only half can also change into what is right.” – Dome Pakorn Lum

“Jane” Janesuda Parnto even tweeted about the situation of her co star and friend Beam Saranyoo who was stuck at the Channel 3 building when protesters were attacking.

“Beam” Saranyoo Prachagrit took to his twitter to tweet about his situation while he was stuck in the Channel 3 building. If we were put into the same situation as Beam we would be cursing also. Glad Beam and everyone else stuck there made it out safely.

To keep updated you can click here

We do hope everyone can understand us as this is such a tragedy that has hit Thailand. We will be back soon so let’s just hope everything in Thailand will soon come to peace.

77 responses to “On Hiatus

  1. Just wanna say I respect this decision for what it is. We may not be directly involved or at the scenes but anyone who cares enough about Thailand will feel the hurt in their hearts by what’s happening to this wonderful country and its people. I just want to pledge my solidarity and sympathy to all Thai people. Hoping for this madness to stop soon for the better. Waiting for DL’s return to the blogosphere~

  2. It’s really bad. I’m picking up my little cousins, nieces, and nephews tomorrow. Their fathers felt they would be safer here in the states. I know that might sound like they’re paranoid, but it’s really serious.

    Hopefully peace would come soon.

  3. i’ve been caught up with the news-ish everywhere.. it’s so dangerous!!.. my plans to go there won’t be anytime soon.. i hope peace will be brought.. i don’t want to see anymore innocent people dying.. >_<.. i hope everyeone in thailand is safe from harm…

    i understand if u ladies are taking a break DL.. the situation is so bad rite now.. i hope it'll cool down soon…

  4. I wish Thailand would return to what it was–one blood, one nation. I can’t stand to see separated Thai blood. That would kill me.
    Wishing for peace for all Thais!

  5. I definitely understand your decisions!! I hope peace will come back to Thailand soon

  6. Thailand, please recover soon! I feel so bad for everyone that was stuck at the ch3 building and the burning of the malls was unnecessary! We need unity!!! Peace not violence. It hurts to see the pictures and hurts to read all this news.

  7. I feel very sorry for Thailand too. It all about politics. Red protester need to listen to both side before protesting. By creating riot does not solve problem. The main person to the Red protester need to come back to the country instead of being chicken and hide and let innocent people fight for your own benefit. PEACE TO THAILAND AND THE PEOLPLE. May God bless them.

    • actually, they are doing the same thing as the yellow shirt protester once did. No one complain then. No one fire at them at all, infact, where the hell was the police? They took over the airport, destory and delay the economy. Where was the police. Come on people, think. The red shirt only want one thing REELECTION. Not killing innocent. Don’t forget about the student protester back in the day.

      • What the yellow shirts did not redult in killing and holding innocent civilians hostage or burn buildings. This post is not asking for anything but peace. Stop trying to make it bigger then what it is. If you want to debate go somewhere else.

        Dont matter what shirt you side with but all everyone is asking for is peace and all of this to end so everyone can get on with their lives. Dont bring political debates into this because no one is asking for it.

      • I don’t want to take any side but among yellow shirts, there’s no armed people. They didn’t fight back the police with bombs like what red shirts are doing. Please check the news back in the old days. I know one reason that there’s not much bloodshed like the red because royal fam took side the yellow. But red shirts could do better with peace mob. Real gold will never fear fire. If you’re true good though you don’t have the king, you’ll still win. I believe Thaksin is not a good guy though I don’t believe in yellow or the army’s ideology, I still think they’re cleaner than Thaksin. We’ll see who’s the real gold. You destroy, we’ll rebuild. You hate, we’ll love. good will prevail everything

        • As much as I want to stay clear of debating on here, yellow shirts were unarmed? Please! They were carrying guns and grenades as well. Shooting at police officers during their protest AND using women and children as shields just like red shirts. Neither sides are right but it’s like the pot calling the kettle black here. They destroyed the economy with shutting down the airports and where are there leaders? Oh that’s right, still roaming free when they should’ve been charged and jailed just like red shirt leaders. I’ve seen videos of soldiers shooting at unarmed protesters as well so I really question all of the information we’ve been given.

          No matter what, everyone and I mean EVERYONE should be held responsible for the destruction of the country.

          • ish I can say AGAIN that in yellow situation, none of the innocent people were killed. I saw some yellow ppl died and go back to read the news again how many ppl die there. There was no bloodshed from yellow shirts I can say and I have evidence. You might want to be blind with the fact but it’s a fact. You have anything to proov? I don’t think you have when there’r so many clips of red shirts kill people and burn all buildings. They have bombs they have that seh Daeng guy.

            I know it’s not fair that yellows did not need to take responsiblity for what they did. But truly, they did not kill anyone. Another reason why they are not responsible for that was they are royal fam side. you know what I mean. They have priviledge just like Thaksin can have his priviledge for corruption. Fighting for Thaksin is not democracy coz red shirts just worship him like god and gave him all priviledge on corruption coz they believe he develop the country. It’s a discourse just like the way we worship royal fam like god. Thais don’t want democracy, they just depend on elites or leaders.

            You should understand ish that with this way of thinking red shirts will never win.

          • Pim, you stated “among yellow shirts, there’s no armed people.” and my reply to you was yes there was because I’ve seen pictures of them carrying firearms! How am I blind with the facts? I didn’t say that reds did not create violence because they did but my point was that yellow did the same. They fought back.

            Regarding why yellow leaders didn’t face punishment, I agree with you because they have the backing of the elites and royals, that’s why it isn’t fair. They protested and caused the economy to dwindle, they should face punishment.

            “It’s a discourse just like the way we worship royal fam like god. Thais don’t want democracy, they just depend on elites or leaders.” This I agree with you. This type of wrongdoing by the elites is why Thailand will never prosper to it’s full potential.

      • The red shirts only want one thing, reflection?! Not killing innocent people? Give me a break and spare me the bullshit. I’ve seen enough first hand account clips to know what the red shirts really want and what destruction they’ve caused to innocent people and the entire country.

      • There was no bloodshed from the Yellow shirt when they protested (well at least I hadn’t read or heard about any). There is violence, the police and army had to enforced for it to stop. Call me cold, but I was rooting for the soldier when they were given the green light to shoot whoever was going to burn a building down. Thailand will not recover from this anytime soon. Pollution as we know it is already bad enough in Bangkok but with the smog, people are going to suffer and their health will deteriorate. The economy will be worse than before after many buildings have been destroyed, rebuilding can take up to years. The poor will be even poorer but I guess people never do learn, do they. My prayers goes out to the safety of the innocent people in Thailand.

        • I just read that Thai army are just aiming at all people. I don’t know whether to believe the news or not. I’m not in Thailand, I don’t know the real situation, all I can do is follow with what resources I have and what are available to me at the moment.

          Hopeful that a compromise will be made soon to end the bloodshed.

      • i think they are all to blame! leader or no leader, these red shirt people can all think for themselves.

  8. the situation, I just don’t know to put it into words.

    I was thinking about going on a break too since yesterday morning, but have not decided yet. it’s just emotionally confusing.


  9. Call me ignorant, but I’ve been playing a deaf ear to this entire situation. I honestly do not know why this is happening, except that it’s happening and so much has been destroyed. I don’t know how many sides there are to this fight, and so I can’t even tell who’s right from who’s wrong… But it’s very sad to see Thailand like this. I pray for the safety of the people and I hope peace will be restored.

    • True I dont know who’s the right or the wrong but to me the wrong are the one that are killing innocent people and burning Thailand

  10. i respect you, DL, for your decision to stop updating as the turmoil continues. i will wait for your return.

    i hope that reds, yellows, blacks, whites, greens, purples, blues, oranges– can all put aside all the differences and remember that everyone is HUMAN. innocent ppl, not innocent ppl, everyone is suffering.

    this hurts. stay safe.

      • With all do respect… who’s calling for peace? Destroying the country is calling for peace and reflection? Psshhh!!

        I’m not siding with any color shirt, but when it all comes down to loving your country, you would not destroy it.

  11. hmmm…wow people lets all pray for the people back in Thailand and not chooses sides on DL. WE have to accept the fact that Thailand will never be the same again and just hope that the same thing wont happen here in the United States. No one is cleaner than others when it comes to Politics, where ever there is government theres definitely corruptions. It will be really hard for Thailand to unite just pray for it to calm for now.

  12. I know much about Thai politics, but as soon as the Red shirts got aggressive, they lost sympathy from me and I’m guessing from overseas too! That goes with any protest, once you show force, your protest becomes associated with the crazies. I’ll try to play the devil’s advocate. What I don’t understand is that if the red shirts see the current Thai PM as illegitimate, then why don’t they take up his compromise to hold elections in November? (I know, they have lots of other demands, but I feel like that is just one of the gimmicks for rallying people up. And when people are angry and passionate about something, reason flies out the door.) I don’t know about the social classes in Thailand, but I’m guessing, the current government has failed in assisting the poor class. I don’t expect the current government to issue handouts to the poor, but I guess they can at least try to be more sympathetic towards them? Maybe that’s why the ousted PM was very popular with them, he was “sympathetic” to their plight.

    I hope there will be no civil war in Thailand because I would hate to see an all out communist or a dictatorship government which is so common in SE Asia. I guess it’s one of those reasons why I admire Thailand. Although, not perfect at least they had some sort of functioning democracy.

    • Whoops!! I meant to say I DON’T KNOW MUCH OR I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAI POLITICS. Sorry, typo!

    • “Thai PM as illegitimate” is that really what’s this all about then that is stupid they are like kids, and isnt taksin half thai and chinese or wasnt he born in china

    • I really agree with you, I don’t know much about politics so I can’t say anything much either but to answer your question about the elections in November..well, in my opinion, they’re afraid of unfair elections because in Thailand, if you have money, then you have power, therefore there is no such thing as a fair election, I think someone also said this in another blog, but yeah… and what another person said above, when it comes to politics, no one is clean, everyone is corrupted. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Taksin was a horrible person because he was corrupted when the current government is corrupted as well (whether you know it or not.) I’d rather have a corrupted PM and have the country be in good economy rather than have a corrupted PM and have the country be bias towards the rich while the poor stays poor. This is what I understand from the events that had happened so please don’t assume this as a fact, just what I believe.

      No matter what point red/yellow protesters are trying to get across, they’ll automatically lose sympathy from the outsiders once they hurt innocent people and burn buildings that obviously won’t make anything better.

  13. I just hope no one is hurt.. This is just too sad come on now sexy-beast its not funny when innocent people are getting hurt or maybe getting kill… Lets just hope there will be some peace in the world no matter where it is.

  14. And for those who are burning Thailand dont even call yourself Thai people or Thai generation, you guys make me sick, and someone should kill the red shirt leader who said burn Thailand. Acting like kid, like burning the mall is going to make a different what a dumbass. And yeah what’s with the red shirt, like so they are taksin people, but what I heard was that taksin cheated them didnt he, didnt he still the government money or something, and why would you burn ch3, now no more lakorn or shows

      • Because he’s an asshole “Helicopter is fucking rescure the big building! Not our news building!I fucking hate it. Where the fuck is police and army. NO fucking cops or soldiers

        Aint the ch3 boss and leader and older people in the big building so why was he saying that, and it’s not like there that much helicopter and for acting like american

        • And if your life is on the line, you would probably be 100 times worse than Beam S. Look at you cursing at Beam S. When it comes down to it, you will do anything to survive.

          • Agree with you fun. Just because he was cursing doesn’t mean he should die. What kind of thinking is that? I guess people can say anything when they never face death.

    • that is soooo mean to say!!!!!! u should NEVER wish for anyone to die. wat did he do to u?!?!?!?

      • that is damn wrong!! i hope karma comes back to u. he never did anything to u and u wish for him to die! ur just a horrible person!

        • How is it wrong. I hope karma come to you too and if it come to me then it will come to Him and more people and how do you know im a horrible person and not him

          • yea i do hope karma comes to me because i’m wishing for someone i barely know to die. let’s see u be in his situation and see how you would react. you’re in the building and there is no one helping you.

            i’m not even going to bother with u because i’m supporting peace not hatred. keep on replying as much as u want i’m just going to ignore u

          • How do YOU know he’s a horrible person? Through assumption and personal opinions right? Well that’s what min is using too. You talk about karma, well that is karma. You wish for someone who didn’t even do anything wrong but used profanity when he’s most likely scared to death of what is going on to die, so others are calling you a horrible person. Shameful and sad.

            When one person wishes the death of another person just because they curse, it’s shameful. No wonder the world is like this.

  15. they were paid by the former PM to protest and cause riots. if they’re more educated, they would know that they’re bringing the whole down and causing pain to all the thai people in the country. it’s so sad to read about this in the news… never thougt something like this would happen to my country.

  16. Kandy: I couldn’t have said it better.

    Sexy-beast: I respect your opinion, but your last comment was borderline ignorant. This is serious, if you don’t want to show compassion, at least show some respect. I will be praying for you as well.

    Thank you DL for your hard work!

    Is there any other site my fellow DL posters are on or recommend? Thanks!

    • i think lyn might take a break also because everyone is just emotionally devastated over this whole situation.

      u can check out their links section or sarnworld.

  17. I pray for my homeland and all my relatives back home AND every Thai citizens. I don’t know what to say- should I and everyone who isn’t back home right now feel relieved and safe? It sure feels hella bad to be in a safe country when your homeland is in flames.

    I love reading DL but I completely understand. I don’t have a side- sorry but everyone is equally guilty. Pray that peace returns.

  18. I don’t have first hand accountant of what it’s like in Thailand right now just according to my cousins that I just picked up from the airport. He said that the mood is very seriously as it should be. Even at the university, you would see tensions. He said majority of the students want things to get back to normal. People are afraid when they are out in public. I mean did you know that you have to even be careful with the clothes you wear?! If you have even a yellow bracelet on, people might assume that you’re supporting the yellows. Same goes for red. He said people are also being target base on where they reside! That’s ridiculous! It’s a sad and scary situation..

  19. it’s such a heart breaking 😦 my dream of going to Thailand won’t happen anytime soon. hope thing will get back to normal soon. Peace!

  20. Just wondering, who is this Beam person? Is he half or full Thai? I always find it weird to see Thai people (especially kids or teenagers) swear in English, it’s probably just me, but I feel like they over use it or doesn’t know how to use it properly and they’re just saying it for the heck of it. My thai cousin who just came from Thailand and is learning english does it all the time and I find it very annoying lol :/

    • beam is an actor, dj, and i guess host. he was in that one lakorn with siritia jensen where she played as ‘nikki’. he was the bad guy that got with jaja.

      but u have to think in his situation he was being attacked while at the ch3 building. he was scared and cussed like crazy. his situation is understandable.

  21. please everyone let’s not debate at eachother but instead bring peace. this situation is just not right and i hope thailand finds resoloution and peace.

  22. Please keep us updated if possible, i have no idea why or whats going on in Thailand I just heard about it a few days ago… Peace is what we all need!

    • you can get updates from this facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/PEACE-IN-BANGKOK-CITY/117310101640289

      i’ve been following them from my facebook page. right now the pm abhisit is delivering a msg on t.v. saying they have restored order in bangkok and the provinces. he will continue with five-point reconciliation plan, with participation of all groups of people and the government has every intention to move the country forward.

      there were reports that today (friday) there have been no news of anyone dying or shooting. it was a peaceful day and let’s pray that it keeps getting peaceful so everyone can get back to their lives. let’s all move forward!

  23. c-indy: Because he’s an asshole “Helicopter is fucking rescure the big building! Not our news building!I fucking hate it. Where the fuck is police and army. NO fucking cops or soldiers.Aint the ch3 boss and leader and older people in the big building so why was he saying that, and it’s not like there that much helicopter

    SuNa: Everybody is mean so so what, and your saying you never wish anybody to died

    Min: How is it wrong, I hope karma comes back to you to and if karma come to me then it will come to him and alot more people even you. How do you know Im a horrible person and not him i

  24. 2010-05-20 The morning after the Battle for Bangkok – part 2 of 2
    Chidlom, Patunum, Rajpasong, Victory Monument, DinDaeng

    someone posted a vdo the morning after the battle on youtube.

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