The Shameless Actress by Sor 7

Today I woke up with the feeling of being refreshed because I feel as if the ground of the earth is lifted up a few inches. As for what it is I don’t think I need to talk about it to tire my mouth. Let’s just say whatever was in the past will be put into the past. Everyone is bound to have some sort of bad karma, but what I’m feeling sorry for are the people who are living. The outcome of their actions are ruining the country. I pray to the spirits that they protect the good and eliminate the the bad people from this earth.

The most important is that everybody needs to open their eyes wake up from the lust and desire reveal the truth and not hide the bad. Make bad into good, turn black into white because falling astray is hurting the country.

I bring you into the story of the “Daring Actor” who isn’t afraid to stand up for the country, but this is his 3rd time trying and succeeding on getting his message across. But sadly the broadcasters had to cut him short so his message wouldn’t get across. The first time the “Daring Hero” tried to speak was at an event somewhere, but since it wasn’t a live broadcast it was deleted. The second time was at the “Purple Channel” that used to have “A Gay face Monkey” who likes to manage young boys, but it was cut off short and ran into commercial without notice.

The only chance he had was the third event. Which left the whole country in tears, but even though he put on a scene for everyone to see through the buffalo network that used to have a ” Thieving Celebrity” as the host. The audience were applauding loudly, but back stage was a different story because there was almost a fight the moment, “Uncle Punch-Drunk” heard the inner feelings of the “Daring Actor” something came over him and got up and walked away leaving everyone around them confused. They were lucky “Uncle Punch-Drunk” didn’t pull out his fists and threw a tantrum at them. Someone would have told him off and cussed at him.

I’ll switch gears and go into my next story that I have dragged before the story of the “Indian Faced Actress” who likes to steal the “Young Faced Actress” husband. But the shameless “Indian Faced Actress” still won’t stop messing around with her husband. As a mother and as a wife, seeing it makes my hands itch and wanting to slap her loudly, but I’m afraid that the “Indian Faced Actress” will call upon her many husbands (since she has plenty) to beat the living crap out of me. So instead I will gossip about her behind her back… keke.

This couple has had problems for almost over a year already, but the problem started when the “Indian Faced Actress” did a photoshoot for the “Wealthy Racer“. From then on sparks flew between them and gave the “Indian Faced Actress” to lie on her back and let the “Hi-So Racer” ride her all night long. At the time she was just announcing that she was seeing the “Red Lipped Actor.” That’s not enough she  will exchange her body with her previous man, “Second String Driver” who kissed her openly on the lips in front of reporters.

Having 3 husbands is not enough, the “Indian Faced Actress” is hard at spreading with no stop when she went to lure a “Wealthy Man“. The friend of the “Wealthy Racer” almost caused a war fighting for “Nang Wanthong” (A Woman with many husbands) because the “Wealthy Racer” threw a fit when he found out she slept with his friend. The “Indian Faced Actress” then put on her horns and shamelessly lied to him with tears in her eyes and said he was the only one for her. That was all it took for the “Wealthy Racer“,that and getting her into his bed again.

Their relationship developed at a fast pace. They both accompanied each other all the way to Japan. Opened up a room where they slept together eating and gnawing at fish and squid day and night. Before they both had to come back to Thailand and act stupid and play “not know each other” and say, “I didn’t steal her husband. I’m still single.” Shameless to the fullest like the airport parking lot!

The “Young Faced Actress” let her borrow her husband for so long but the “Indian Faced Actress” will clamp the “Wealthy Racer” and won’t release him. It’s not like the celebrities that she has had in the past and in the end they had to set up an arrangement and met up with each other, the wife, husband, and mistress.  With this the “Indian Faced Actress” put on a role to play the Nang Aek to the fullest saying that she will move aside, but she will always try to tempt the “Wealthy Racer” with the words, “Please take care of the racer.”

That’s not all! On some days she would send seductive pictures of herself biting her lips, showing her breasts, and laying on the bed to the guy! Playing like that was giving the “Wealthy Racer” blue balls. He snuck out to see the “Indian Faced Actress” and kept her company plenty of times. It came to a point where whatever she wanted, the “Wealthy Racer” would bring it offering to her. Car and money, whatever she wanted all she had to do was open her mouth and her legs and the “Wealthy Racer” would give it to her in a heartbeat.

It left the “Young Faced Actress” boiling mad when the mistress promised to stop seeing her husband. The latest was that she took the “Wealthy Racer” to the North and disguised themselves and entered into a hotel for 3 days and 3 nights. After they got done doing their deeds they headed out in public shoving their tongue down each other’s mouth. What was worse was that they went to the restaurant of the “Young Faced Actress” that left everyone talking about it and becoming the talk of the town. It left the “Young Faced Actress” in distress until she had to pull in the “Indian Face Actress” ‘s mother. If she knew that her daughter was whoring around with other people’s husband maybe it’ll put a stop to it.

On the contrary, the “Indian Faced Actress” ‘s mother said shamelessly, “You’re lucky it’s the “Indian Faced Actress” because she is obedient, just accept it. Just let them love each other. You can be the main wife and let her take care of him to help you.” … hearing it I’m getting chills. I don’t know if I should curse out the mother or the daughter. Having someone supporting her whorish ways no wonder the daughter has the power of two by her side.

The behavior of the mother who is giving morale support to her “Indian Faced” daughter has been well given for a long time already ever since when the “Indian Faced Actress” was seeing the “Wealthy Swimmer” who is the latest husband of “Peak Actress.” It was her mother who went and dropped her daughter off to sleep in his bed, but the only part she wasn’t there for was to take open up the condoms for them.

There was one time when they went to a very famous hotel when the “Indian Faced Actress” and the “Wealthy Swimmer” wanted to shag. The “Indian Faced Actress” ‘s mother who would bring food to the “Wealthy Swimmer” daily. One day she would cook up a meal and the other day it would be snacks attending to her daughter’s man. Although one day the “Wealthy Swimmer” ‘s  mother put a brake on it and wouldn’t accept the “Indian Faced Actress.” Even though his mother didn’t like her, but she was a bit touched with the food her mom would bring to them daily. It also made the “Wealthy Swimmer” ‘s mother wonder if there was any black magic voodoo involved, but in the end the “Wealthy Swimmer” ‘s mother put her son on a platter and let the “dogs” devour him.

I don’t know if this was what made the “Wealthy Swimmer” break up with the “Indian Faced Actress” or not because he went and aimed his gunpowder at the “Peak Actress” until this day.

Seeing the behavior of the “Indian Faced Actress” and her mother there is something that I would like to say, please just stop it. The country is already in turmoil. Don’t go around messing up other people’s life and society anymore. You’re still young and still beautiful just row your boat and I’m sure you’ll find a new husband who is single. Trust Auntie.

[Source: ManagerOnline]

56 responses to “The Shameless Actress by Sor 7

  1. I didn’t read all the way through but the first story gotta be Aof Pongpat for sure and as for the second story, come on! Even a blind person would know lol. Definetly Pinky!

  2. Who the hell is this lady? Shit, she must be someone special because she knows every single inside detail like no other. Usually with sor7 posts, I would have quite a hard time guessing but this is so easy, like super duper easy. Indian face actress is a giveaway, pinky of course. And the daring actor I’m guessing is Aof because of his recent sentimental speech. I do believe pinky is guilty as a mistress but I’m not so sure about the rest of the details this auntie is talking about. Well all I have left to say is goodluck to pinky, her reputation is going down even further than I thought.

  3. Only brainless people will believe STORY. Do not trust what you have read, just trust what you have seen. Do not make judgment blindly without knowing and seeing any fact.

    STORY is for fun. You have a brain so just read a STORY for fun, don’t think too much because it is non of our business anyway.

    This STORY is stupid and the auntie has “NO GUTS” to put the name even if she thinks she is so right and so sure about it like she is there. So what is she afraid for if she is so sure?

    • so you’re saying everyone else is brainless? No one said they believed it or not but this is only for fun. ppl take things so seriously. geez!!

    • So you say people shouldn’t believe what they read only what they seen right? Then what about text books like history and ect? We never witness history, we only read about it so should we not believe it as well?
      Just because you didn’t see it with your eyes does not mean it is not true nor does it mean it is true. That’s why you use judgment. Brains are use for judgment on things you can’t see and things you can see.

      I don’t think sor 7 has no guts, I’m sure sor 7 has lots of guts and are brave enough to post names but because of legal issues and entertainment, it’s better to give clues. It’s call marketing strategy.

      • c-indy, you can’t be serious. you are a dumb fuck. that’s the dumbest shit i heard someone said. I believe Minami was trying to point out that you shouldn’t believe everything you read if you haven’t witness it yourself. as for history, if you really believe everything that u read in a text book, you are a dumb fuck. text books are for general knowledge, for you to understand the basics of what happened in the past, but do remember: ppl who write down history are bias for their own country. didnt u know that every country history textbook is a little different? what a dumbass. do use your judgement.

        cindy, you’re a dumbass trying to act smart. shut up if u dont have nething nice to say.

        • Aww you are so proper. Did I somehow hurt your feelings? Oh wait, you must be those you believe everything you see and disbelieve everything you read. One of those that Minami called brainless? And what part of my comment was not nice? So why don’t you take your own advice and stfu as well.

          • She was referring to ignorant ppl like you when she said brainless. and you sure are dumb becuz im trying to tell your dumbass that you’re not suppose to believe everything you see or hear. wat makes you think im as stupid as YOU? dumb fuck. also, don’t try to act innocent because you did give a smart comment to miniami… peace bitch 🙂

  4. I can’t say 100% that Pinky is guilty or innocent. But if the truth is really like the story than were is the proof? Pinky is a well known celeb so if she was really entering and exiting hotels and sucking faces in public you know it would be plaster all over the place. Sometimes I think the media gets carry away when covering a story. This sor7 is talking like she has seen this with her two eyes. A good jounalis would have provide proof to back-up their story. esp one of this magnitude.

  5. The second story is just a dead giveaway lol… but how does this “money-hungry E who exaggerate” know so much inside details. I believe half of what this “money-hungry E who exaggerate” wrote but not so much the details. Although I enjoy reading some of the nonsense this “money-hungry E who exaggerate” writes,tone down the fake details.

  6. YOU the person who wrote this The Shameless Actress by Sor 7 !!! must be Tanya or her friend, you must really have nerves against Pinky or jaleous of her ! you don’t need to hide their names , are you not able to say to their face??? i can say for YOU = WITCH !
    Indian Faced Actress : pinky
    Red Lipped Actor : aum appichart
    Hi-So Racer : Songran (Aff ‘s boyfriend)
    Young Faced Actress : the WITCH (- beurkkkk)
    in the end : trust auntie ????YOU are a SHIT

    • aint no one jealous of pinky. how u know it’s pinky when there is no name? dumbass.

      hi-so racer is not songkran learn how to read. this is only for a good read.

      stop being stupid and replying to all pinky related threads. even though what u type is good but please learn how to type in english and act like a real lady before you reply.

      oh take a look at yourself before you speak. don’t go judging what u don’t know.

        • Cindy that was pretty harsh lol. I know a few French people who speaks, read and write perfect English (well not as in perfect but as a native English speaker) but she bragged that she knows French, Thai, Chinese (was it Chinese?) and English. Because she knows more languages, she’s above others. I disagree.

          I can understand, you, Lydia if you’re being rational about Pinky accusation but your words are not called for. I know you are entitled to your own opinion but you’re being ignorant. Instead you attack with words and directly toward Tanya. And in return people are attacking you. See, karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

          • LOL fun, my cousin is a French native and many of my other cousins study in France so I wasn’t disrespecting the smart French. I was just disrespecting the airhead ones lol.

    • I knew this was Lydia as soon as I read the first sentence LOL Then I looked up and said, “Yeah I was right.”

  7. Love reading Sor 7’s articles! It’s obvious who these people are and I don’t really care if it’s true or not.

  8. Sor 7 might over exaggerate on all her news, but 60-70% of it are true. Take Cathreela Mcintosh for example. Sor 7 was the first to tell everyone about her pregnancy and everyone think its bull shit. If you really follow up with her celeb gossips, you’ll know some of the stuff she said really happened.

    • that’s what i love about sor 7 because she reports things that are some what true and it’s a good eye opener to these crazy fans like lydia to take in things.

  9. i have a feelin.. or i’m pretty sure the first one is about p’aof pongpat..

    and the 2nd 1 is obviously pinky.. etc…

    sor7.. u can believe it or not.. it’s all up to u.. i’m 50/50 at believin it lol… it’s actually interesting once in a while.. lol..

  10. Okay.. So, Daring actor is Aof..then who is Uncle Punch-drunk? Go figure?
    The story abt Pinky..I dnt care @ all..If she want 2 screw up her luv life..then let her 😛

  11. Def, Aof P for the first story.

    As for the on-going love triangle/drama, it keeps getting interesting every time. Who needs lakorn when you have real life drama. Anyway, when it comes to gossip and drama, I’m always 50/50, but interesting and entertaining read though.

    off topic, anyone here in Thailand? Very scary stuff happening over there…stay safe.

    • Friend just told me about it…pretty dang scary 😦 I hope everyone in Thailand stays safe, though there are some who are still willing to go out and fight for what they believe in no matter what. 😦 Just stay safe and think about others too T_T

  12. Sor7’s story is pure entertainment. I don’t take it to heart, but I enjoy reading cuz it’s like a mini lakorn short story! Hella drama and hella exaggeration haha, very enjoyable.

  13. Is it me or Sor 7 likes attacking actors/actress from channel 7? im not sure, ive read a few of her/he articles and most of the time its directed to someone from ch 7.

    IF this is true then wow Pinky must have not learnt anything from all those nang ek roles but in my opinion i dont think alot of what was stated or accused was even true.

    Oh wells its just fun to read sometimes, just seems like the writer thinks exagerated lakorn situations actually happen in real life. Since most of the articles sound like shit written in lakorns. Shame on sor 7!!!

      • ithink ch 7 has alot of scandals, the most really. ch 3 does once in a long while but it’s not as serious as 7. but thats my opinion.

    • Maybe ‘some’ of those new ch7 generations has no real talent and they only sleep their way up?…or at least get famous through scandalous news.. haha, but sometimes life can be more than a lakorn ^_^

  14. To confuse all i know is
    Indian Faced Actress Pinky
    Young Faced Actres Tanya
    Red Lipped Actor Aum

    But yeah Pinky is a slut and a bitch for stealing people husband, first she said she coincidence meet with tanya husband at the airplane and latter said she went with him but their was alot of people and tanya husband friends

    I bet she slept with Aum, Songkran, Mike and Tanya Husband

  15. Sor7 must be a manager to “know” so much. There got to be some even if a tiny tiny bit of truth to the things he/she writes lol. Maybe sor7 is what’s his name, Aum’s manager since he has so many stars under his wings. hehe.

  16. I think some or most of it must be true or else why would people continue to read what s/he has to say, if it’s all a bunch of BS I don’t think people would waste their time to read these ‘gossips and look like a fool for reading. Yeah, it’s all fun and stuff but seriously, if I know that s/he’s lying and he’s talking about me, I’ll definitely come out and say something about it unless I’m afraid of what s/he has to say (which means that it’s true).

    I bet s/he is someone from the inside, of course they probably exaggerate some of the events but the general idea ‘must’ be true.

  17. shame on pinky. stupid loser. hahaha. husband stealer. shame shame shame. hope she gets slap by tanya

    • you stup the fuck up you stupid ugly bitch I hope you get slapped by us canadian you stup little ugly fucken bitch

  18. pinky is shameless! and her mother’s actions in defending her daughter’s wh*rish ways just shocked me. perhaps this article exaggerated some of what pinky did, but I believe that pinky did indeed steal Tanya’s husband. tsk tsk

  19. I am far removed from the Thai culture and cannot attest to whether the story is worth a grain of salt. It appears to me, though, that there is a double standard. Pinky may have been guilty of sleeping around, but why is she taking more heat than Tanya’s husband (aside from the fact that she is a celebrity)? If anyone should be held accountable for the breach in Tanya’s marriage, it is her husband. He is the person who entered into the marriage contract. He is the person obligated to fulfill his commitments. Somehow, I don’t think this is his first, nor his only, extra-marital affair. If I were Tanya, I’d cut his penis off and conclude the drama. At the very least, divorce this disrespectful, dishonest, selfish man. Betraying your family is the most unattractive quality in a man.

  20. totally agree with you ABC. These ladies on here only blame everything on Pinky. They watch too much lakorn and bring it to live in reality. Why is pinky is sleeping around and so what. Just like she said, she is single. She can do whatever she want. Now, don’t get me wrong. Pinky is wrong, but the person that is literally wrong is Tanya and her husband. Tanya is a desperate girl that know her husband cheat and disrespect her and she stay with him. If the dumb ass is ok with him cheating then why go after the girl that he is cheating on with.
    Tanya deserve it at the end cus she allow her husband to sleep around and then come blame it on the ladies that are single. To all the ladies, its you and your man fault if one cheat in the relationship. Don’t take it out on the single candidates. If you decide to stay with a cheater then just expect to get cheated on again cus why? You deserve to get cheated and stop blaming on others for your own dumb ignorant self.

    • Tanya takes her vows seriously (…for better or for worse, till death do us part) and you got to understand that Thai culture is different. As much as I wish for Tanya to divorce her cheating husband, you got to see it from the traditional Thai perspective too. I am not blaming Pinky alone, but the bigger picture is that she KNOWS Peck is a married man yet she placed herself as one of his mistress. If she had known better, she would have ditched the dude. Yes I know Peck is a player so does Pinky.

      By the way, I don’t know how Tanya is literally wrong and Pinky is wrong lol

  21. I totally understand Thai tradition because I am Thai myself. However, I don’t believe that its ok for guys to cheat and still stay with him. I am sorry the King ideal of having many wives is over. Its the new era. If Tanya is so serious about her vows and thai culture then just accept that her man will be cheating left and right with any girls and not just pinky. So the bigger picture is not pinky. Its the two idiots that made the vows not pinky.

    When i say tanya is wrong literally, i mean she wrong for staying in the relationship and got the nerve to get mad. She should just sit at home and just watch the baby and read about her cheating husband life. Basically if one stay in the relationship then just accept that your significant other will be cheating. Pinky is wrong too because she is messing with a married man yet she did not commit to any vows. I just hate when girls always blaming on the other girl when its their man that they can’t leash up.

    • You’re right, Micky. Everyone’s a perpetrator of our own drama. No one is a victim unless we allow ourselves to be one. Women need to be empowered. We must command respect to gain respect. Training a man is like training a child. Both know what they can or can’t get away with. Set realistic expectations and don’t be afraid to follow through with the consequences, no matter how hard it seems. If we can’t take that responsibility, then there is no one else to blame. After all, we are the captain of our own ship. We set our own course. If women do not embrace this concept and fail to instill it in our children, then the vicious cycle of cheating spouses and learned helplessness will continue.

      Unfortunately, people are sometimes too afraid to face the unknown. Perhaps that’s why some women cling onto sham marriages; forgetting that life never deals us anything we can’t handle. Things have a way of working out in the end. We just have to be open and adaptive to the changes.

      Sorry, I went off on a tangent!

      • Wow! i am so glad that there is more ladies who think that we should not bow our precious head to these cheating men. Culture should not be part of the solution to still stay in a broken marriage. if a person stay, then by all means. You just put yourself in a relationship base on cheating, disrespecting each others, lies, and the worst part is hurting yourself because he could be coming home to you with any kind of sexual transmitted disease. Ewww! Once again ladies! stop blaming on the other girls. The only person to blame is you. Move on. What happen to something call EGO!

        Abc, i am proud of you. lol you go girl!

        • I do understand Fun’s point that culture (the mental conditioning of people) influence our decisions. However, Micky nailed it when she said, “Culture should not be part of the solution to still stay in a broken marriage.” I find that people often mistake ‘reason’ for ‘excuse.’ There is a difference between the two. The reason Tanya stayed in her marriage might have been influenced by her culture. However, it does not excuse her choice to enable her husband’s bad behavior.

        • It’s not that I worship cheating men. I guess the fault lies in all 3 of them. Maybe Tanya stopped sleeping with him knowing he’s a cheating ass? Tanya must not satisfy him enough that he has to go hunt for some pleasure and luxuries. She cannot put him on lease 24/7. I guess what annoyed her more was Pinky denying it yet continues to see her husband.

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