The Child Looking Actor and The Wife Of Mr. Beaver

Ending their relationship on bad terms wasn’t a good thing, but even though they have been over for many years. The former child looking couple of the channel with the Auntie with bangs were so in love when they started out dating that many people thought they would end up marrying each other. But with the guy being such a player that he didn’t realize what he had in his hands was a good thing, but overlooked it instead. Picking up what kind of trash from left to right to be his one night stands that many have told the sweet faced Nang Aek that the child looking actor was a cheat and a player, but she wouldn’t believe it until she saw the evidence with her own two eyes when she caught the child looking actor in bed with another woman! It left the sweet faced Nang Aek rushing out of there and shouting on ending the relationship saying that she will not take it anymore.

With this it left the guy with a broken heart for many years and he seem to not get over it even if he currently has a Chinese looking girlfriend. Until the present when the sweet face Nang Aek was having good news with Mr. Beaver that wouldn’t stop the child looking actor from calling his former lover and lashing out on her saying that she was a gold digger. Even though she will get to be a “Khun Nai“, but with her ex being an obstacle in her way and trying to stop her. When he did wrong how come he never thought about her feelings at all? As of now he is out of work, his name is fading, and on top of that with a bad attitude like that who would want him now?!

[Source: Sor’s Daughter]

29 responses to “The Child Looking Actor and The Wife Of Mr. Beaver

  1. haha. it’s noon and kade — the photo give it all away — plus the description of the character is them too . crazy writer who came up with such awesome script LOl

  2. child looking actor was a dead give away. sweet face nang ek, i would have been stuck on that because there are plenty of sweet face nang ek lol i never liked them as a couple anyways so im glad they have long broken up.

  3. That was easy, but I am so glad Noon was able to move on and hasn’t look back. She seems a lot happier with her new man. Kade sounds bitter, but that serves him right.

  4. Mr beaver is probably my man kade, he got the beaver teeth, but he’s cute noon and kade news are over, their in the past she’s freakin married for heaven sake!

  5. child looking actor is kade
    sweet faced nang aek is noon
    mr. beaver is todd.

    the article itself is talking about how kade called noon a gold digger for marrying todd. it doesn’t matter if it’s over. ppl need to read in between da lines. it’s saying that kade can’t still get over noon and when she was to marry todd he threw a bitch fit and realized what he lost when it was too late.

    does anyone not read anymore but look at the title and pictures?!

  6. wow.. seeing the pic & readin the article was def noon&kade.. ahaha..

    mrs. beaver <– lmao.. ahaha oh goodness.. at least she'll be a rich beaver lol.. j/k j/k..

    i love noon & is happy for her for moving on & getting a new start..

    kade… he needs to move on….. you lost somethin good & now it's too late!

  7. So I assume Mr. beaver is Noon’s husband, that rich guy with big teeth, that’s a little mean lol. And Kade must be child looking actor right? Anyways, this is old news, get over it, she’s living happily with a rich guy and he’s dating other women, so what’s the big deal, just move on.

  8. yeah i never really liked kade and noon together thought she needed someone more mature looking but came to accept them cuz they were together a lot in the spotlight. when you look back at what they did together like lakorns, fashion mags, etc.. and outside work it’s a bit sad cuz it did look like they really love each other. til now i still don’t know if it’s true or not that he cheated on her. i guess the only people who know are themselves. with todd, they don’t really look that lovey dovey but he loves her and that is all that matters.

  9. Kade’s GF does not look Chinese lol. I don’t know where they got that from. But anyways I would think it would be the other way around because I remember when Noon and Kade broke up she immediately got with Todd. Doesn’t anyone remember that?

    • Noon didn’t immediately get with Todd when she broke up wiht Kade, lol . If you followed the news closely you’ll see that Noon-Kade had broken up for about a year but kept it a secret because at the time they were making money as a couple. For example presenter jobs as a couple and lakorns. Plus Ch7 wouldn’t allowed them to come out and confirmed they have broken up until later on. And that’s the news behind their break up. Anywho. Like I said earlier Kade needs to move on and stop being so bitter. He cheated on Noon numerous of time so why would she get back together with him.

  10. I really like Kade and Noon. Was there any photo of Kade cheating with another girl. Let say IT TAKES 2 TO TANGO. I am not a fan of Todd. Okay your an heir to the beer thing. But I know for sure. Money don’t buy happiness.

  11. wow. i didn’t even know that this was the reason to their break-up. i used to love these two. Gosh. I’m glad she moved on than.

  12. I remember back in the days I used to be a huge fan of Noon-Kade. In a way I’m glad they have broken up cuz I believe Noon deserve better. I’ve seen and read news about Kade cheating ways. Whenever, Noon-Kade gave out an interview Noon always act lovey dovey toward Kade, while Kade can careless. SO. Kade should just grow up and leave Noon alone. He had his chance and he blew it. Todd may not be a good looking guy but from what I observe he treats Noon with respect and he seem to consider her feeling. Most importantly he actually cherish what he got something Kade never did.

  13. lol.. The picture itself was already a dead giveaway. The nicknames just kindda confirmed it.

    And yal shush. Todd is a prince in beaver form.

    She’s moved on, and she found someone better, someone who actually CHERISHES her and treats her right.

    Kade needs to grow balls and move on. He had it. He didn’t appreciate it. And now it’s gone,

  14. This article is totally talking about Noon and kade…I can’t stand kade at all. Congratulations to Noon on her recent marriage to someone hopefully better (attitude-and-action-wise) than kade!

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