Mos Surprises His Girlfriend With A Propasal To Marriage In A Movie Theater

Mos Patiparn reveals that he  did a surprised proposal to his girlfriend at the movie theater. He hasn’t asked her parents respectively yet, due to his busy work schedule. As for the date of the wedding he won’t know about it until October.

With sweet tears overflowing the movie theater for singer, “Mos” Patiparn Pattaveegarn who opened up about the surprise proposal to his girlfriend, “Gem” that left her in tears.

“As I said we won’t find out the dates until October. Truthfully I do want to find out the dates earlier then this but there is stuff in the way. At first it was different people wanting it to happen on different days, but since that happened we couldn’t figure out on a definite date.”

Have you went in and asked for her hand in marriage from her parents yet?

“I haven’t gone to see them yet. Right now I have a lot of work so I have to delay it first.”

We heard that you shut down the movie theater just so you can ask Gem to marry you.

“That’s right because there was no one when we went. It was in the morning (laughs). Really I sat around for a bit thinking to myself how I would ask her to marry me, but the results came out good. She had tears in her eyes.”

We heard that you  made a movie for her to watch?

“There were speaking bits coming out from the screen. I’ve worked on it long and she was touched with it, but really I intended to ask her. I didn’t say anything, but had a bouquet of flowers.”

[Source: Rakdara]

11 responses to “Mos Surprises His Girlfriend With A Propasal To Marriage In A Movie Theater

  1. Aww…how sweet. Whoever that girl is, she’s very lucky. Congrats to both of them. ^_^

  2. noooooooooo not him, too!! *tear* i forgot what she looked like? wasn’t she not too good looking?

  3. she look decent. congrats to both. he has been away from screen for a while. and seems like he is always single.

  4. that’s so sweet of him! mos is a cutie! nowadays lots of actress and actors are getting engaging and marry!!!! hope him the best! 😀

  5. awwwe… how cute of him.. eeek.. congrats to p’Mos!!!! T_T.. finally gonna be a married man .. T_T..

  6. Aw… FINALLY! It only took him a couple hundred years. lol. j/k. They make a cute match. Gem is one lucky lady! I’m extremely happy for them both.

  7. It’s about time he get marry!But damn its sad at the same
    time. =( Another, man out of the market!

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