Anne Denies She Dislikes Chompoo For Pairing Up With Ken

Seeing that they have been in plenty of lakorns together, but the number 1 Nang Aek of Channel 3, Anne Thongprasom has dreams also of being an organizer. She denies that she disliked Chompoo Araya for stealing her partner Ken Theeradeth to play in the lakorn “Wiwa Waa Woon” that the ratings are shaking and trembling. As for her heart with her boyfriend, “A“, Anne brushes off that she’s afraid of her fanclub being anti’s and don’t want her to get married. She is also happy to work with Poh Nuttawuth if he does decides to go to Channel 3.

Do you not want to be an organizer?

“I don’t know yet because there are a lot of organizers for the channel, but it’s something that is challenging and if one day I got to do it and not act, but instead pick people to come play that would be nice.”

Seeing that Chompoo is playing in a lakorn with Ken will there be new pairing changes?

“The bosses saw that they were more suitable with each other.”

So, you don’t think that Chompoo is stealing your Phra Aek?

“No, never. It could be that they wanted to try a new pairing that the viewers can view and make it seem fun.”

With Poh wanting to move to Channel 3, will you two get to work together?

“I’ve worked with Poh before in the past so we know each other, but it would be good. If there was something I’d like to work with him.”

As for your heart how is it?

“Continuously good.”

How come you’re not married yet?

“Just seeing each other and being friends with each other is good already.”

Are you not ready?

“It’s not because I’m not ready, but I just can’t tell you right now.”

Are you afraid that your fan club won’t like it?

“No, that’s not it. They’re always cheering for me, but I still can’t tell you.”

[Source: Khanpak]

20 responses to “Anne Denies She Dislikes Chompoo For Pairing Up With Ken

  1. No other questions to ask eh? lol

    A and Anne, in their hearts, they are already married. Who says you need to sign a piece of paper lol

    And even if she was to get married legally (as signing the paper) then I wouldn’t have a problem. It seems like Anne is being a bit insecure but whatever floats her boat.

  2. Not a fan of Chompoo and never will be. Can’t stand her as n’eke or n’rai. But to stay on topic, as much as I love the Anne and Ken pairing, change is good. I would like to see Anne and Poh together.

  3. iagree.. it would be nice for a change. like 7 and 3 together. poh and anne would be nice 🙂 they are both very mature looking too.

  4. omg, they really ran out of headlines to make? why would anne be jealous cuz ken isnt the only actor she’ll always be paired up with.

  5. I think Ken & Chom is alright together…i don’t really think they’re suitable with each other as a onscreen pair.
    KAteam is PERFECT for each other as a pairing! Lol
    Without KAteam, there is no high Ratings! what’s wrong with the bosses eyes?!? ROFL jk
    foshizz KAteam will always get paired up with one another so there is no need for Jealousy..besides he is already married too and she’s dating! 😛
    Anyways, Ann is such a sweet lady! so nice!! 😀
    Yeah they seriously need to give her space…she already said it last time that she won’t get marry soon yet…
    Woot Woot Go Ann 😀

  6. Wow…These reporters are so useless, trying to spark some drama that doesn’t even exist. Ken and Anne will always be my favorite pairing but I don’t mind it when they pair with other people, and plus she already got him back for a new lakorn, so what do you say about that reporters. As for her and poh, I would like to see it, very interesting, maybe a romantic comedy. If Anne doesn’t want to marry, then so be it. You don’t have to sign a paper to be in love, I don’t find it insecure at all.

    • What I mean by insecure, she fears her fans will be disappointed, true or not, I have a feeling since that’s what most Thai actresses fear (lol I shouldn’t single out Thai). But she doesn’t need to worry, I am pretty sure fans are very accepting.

  7. Reporters must be running out of news that they had to make something like this up.

    I’m glad that Anne is not rushing into marriage just yet.

  8. I doubt Anne dislikes Chompoo because of that. Geesh. But I’m glad Chompoo and Ken are pairing up. It’s nice to see Ken with someone else for a change.

  9. anne is the nicest and most mature actress out there so why would she dislike chompoo? ken isn’t the only actor in ch3

  10. They’re never going to get a bad gossip/drama out of her, she’s the nicest actress and is very good at answering questions.

  11. Lol y would Ann hate Chompoo? Yes, she doesn’t seem like a hater! In my opinion i guess i like Ann and Ken better, cuz of the chemistry and they’re around the same age, i just think chompoo looks to young for Ken

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