Yardthip Denies Quarrel With Rita Over Her Role Being Inferior To Rita

“Yard” Yardthip denies that she and “Rita” Sirita got into an argument over the antagonist role in the Channel 3 lakorn, “Sirapatchara.” Yard denies that she prohibited “Num” Sornram from getting close to Rita and she reiterates that she is not playing a subordinate role. She’s used to being looked upon as fierce and always the troublemaker…

Being the chat of gossipers that there is going to be a battle of the Nang Aeks between 2 leading actresses from Channel 3, “Yard” Yardthip Rachapan and “Rita” Sirita Jensen. The reason being was because Yard did not want to play as inferior role to Rita in the lakorn, “Siripatchara Duang Jai Nak Rope” for Channel 3 therefore the 2 felt repulsion against each other. Not only that rumors are going around that Yard told “Num” Sonram Theppitak who is the Phra Aek in the lakorn to not talk and get chatty with Rita. Thairath asked Yard immediately about the rumors the moment they saw her.

There are rumors that you and Rita are fighting on the set?

There are no problems at all between us and I’m not confused at all with the rumors. Before I was going to play in the lakorn I thought some kind of rumor would have to come out. We both have to shoot the lakorn from Wednesday to Sunday and we talk and chat with each other on set. Yesterday we just saw each other also. We’re not very close to each other because before this I’ve never talked to her when we had to do runway fashion, but afterwards when I see her 4-5 times we started to talk to each other more and started getting close to each other.”

Have you talked to Rita about the rumors yet?

“No, not yet. I haven’t read the news yet, but someone did tell me about the news.”

They say that you’re not satisfied that you’ve gotten an inferior role and it made you not like Rita’s face.

“No, that’s not it. Like I’ve said now a days when I have news with anyone everyone looks at me like I’m the trouble maker who started it first. Every news will always so I’m the troublemaker, but truthfully there is really nothing. I’m not that bad to not be able to work with anyone now (laughs).”

In the rumors they say that you told Num to not get close to Rita.

“No, not at all. I didn’t tell him. P’Sirita is my senior and I don’t dare to disrespect her. Am I angry? No, I’m not angry. I just don’t want any bad news to come out and the lakorn hasn’t even aired yet.”

Is it causing an impact with the Channel? Have they called you to discuss it?

“There’s no problem at all. Anyone who has been on the set will know that we don’t have any problems at all.”

Is it because you received a lesser role that the rumors came out?

“I don’t want anyone to think that I’m inferior to Rita because there are a lot of pairs in the lakorn. Like in this lakorn, my character has a bad attitude,but P’Rita‘s character will tell me to be a good person. Anyone who wants to see me as inferior then they can. I rather have them watch when the lakorn airs instead.”

Will the fans see you play Nang Aek again?

“I’m not playing an inferior role. Now a days lakorns will have a lot of pairings and it’s up to the bosses. It’s not that repulsive now. I can play any role.”

8 responses to “Yardthip Denies Quarrel With Rita Over Her Role Being Inferior To Rita

  1. Good answers…very direct and straight forward…i hate stars that beat around the bush…this sounded really truthful and straight to the point….Good on her!!!

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