Kaimook Hurries and Apologizes After Saying She Doesn’t Want To Be Stuck In Ch. 7

Swiftly coming out to clear the rumors not in time for “Kaimook” Chutima who dared give an interview that she is sadden that big boss of Channel 7Khun Dang” won’t provide her with work. Secretly feeling sad, Kaimook thought about moving into the nestled arms of Channel 3. With this Kaimook had to quickly come out and apologize extremely to Khun Dang. Kaimook is willing to assure everyone that she will stay true to Channel 7 until the day she dies.

How do you feel about the words you said that you don’t want to be stuck like this? A lot of people is saying that it’s a bit harsh.

“I will have to apologize when I say things that are harsh. When I give out an interview I think it out in English first and when translated into Thai it comes out as “to be stuck” (จมปลัก/Jom Bplak), but in English it can be translated to a lot of things. I don’t want people to look at me like I’m a terrible person because I respect and regard everyone. I’m learning now that I should speak less so it won’t sound so harsh.”

There are people saying that the bosses at Channel 7 aren’t satisfied with your words at all?

“The bosses understand that news are news. I started with Channel 7 and not matter what I’ll be under Channel 7 forever. I love Khun Dang. I love Channel 7.”

Have you cleared it up with Khun Dang yet?

“I was shocked with it so I hurried and cleared it with her.”

Did Khun Dang say anything?

“She said that she wasn’t serious with it. Rumors are rumors and Khun Dang knows how I am. She probably knows that I didn’t mean to say anything like that.”

When you had your chance to speak to Khun Dang have you asked about any lakorns?

“I didn’t get to ask because I told Khun Dang I was going to have surgery and asked for her forgiveness with the news that came out.”

Why did you go to the doctors?

“My knee was hurting so I went to get it checked up on and it came out that there is some kind of chunk in my left knee.”

Is it any bad type of cancer?

“I will have to get it checked up first to see if it’s anything bad or not.”

Are you afraid that there would be scars from the operation since you’re a beauty queen?

“I’m a bit afraid, but I have done my research also to know how to take care of the wound and how to make the scars unnoticeable.”

[Source: Rakdara]

This isn’t the first time Kaimook has spoken bluntly!

Kaimook Get’s A Warning From Khun Dang!

9 responses to “Kaimook Hurries and Apologizes After Saying She Doesn’t Want To Be Stuck In Ch. 7

  1. Sorry? I read her interview and she seemed REALLY pissed and stuck up about it. Now she is saying she will stay till she dies and love CH7? Well we’ll have to see about that…

  2. Oh I remember her…Miss Thailand, the one who was bitter she didn’t make it to the top 15 haha. I knew that mouth of hers was gonna get her into trouble in the future. Anyways, to say she will be true to ch.7 until the day she dies is kinda…I don’t know what to think of that. The question is: Will channel 7 stay true to her until the day she dies? I’m pretty sure they won’t, she’s bound to get some wrinkles in the future, and can’t cay she’s one hell of an actress because I’ve never seen her in a lakorn. As of now, the people I think ch.7 may stay true to until they are very old are, Aum, Kob, Pancake and maybe a few more.

    • yea same here 🙂 Like I dont think the whole acting suites her at all. And yea I havent seen her in any lakorns yet and did Khun Dang like say she was gonna be in any lakorns or become an actress? I think shes just getting carried over herself about how of a beauty queen she is.
      And it’s also up to how much people will like her, the more people do, the more work she’ll get but I dont think she’ll become famous at all. Like you said, Pancake, Aum, Kob and more. Their more famous and millions love them 😀 srry bout the big reply to yours :$

    • I’m not sure too but she said about how she thougth of it in english first then Thai?? I dont know maybe she was 😀

  3. Hopefully, she will keep her words with CH7 and stay loyal and true and love CH7. CH7 isnt bad at all. All CH7 pr’eaks and n’eaks are all famous and the lakorns are just amazing!

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