Former HOT DJ, Knes Tanadon Passes Away!

Shocking! The Entertainment business is sad when former DJ, “Knes” Tanadon left the world at a mere age of 25. After contracting an infectious virus that damaged his liver. His family are still not at terms over his loss. They are preparing to move his body back  to his birth home in Chumpon.

On May 9th 2010, reporters reported of the sad news of entertainment that the former sweetheart of teenagers and adolescents “Knes” Tanadon Ninnoparart (who was a DJ for Atimemedia’s HOT (HOTWAVE) station and later became the host for POP Live on POP channel) has passed away at  Lertsin Bangkok Hospital at the age of 25 after have contracted an infectious virus.

Reporters found out that before he passed away he had special treatment for his liver (Hepatitis) already prior to the incident and after having symptoms he was rushed to get treatment and lost his life. No matter what, as of right now his family is stricken with grief and won’t be able to release the full information of losing Knes, but predictions are that his family will take his body back to Chumpon for the burial rituals.

Knes was born on the Monday the 1st of July 1985 at Chumpon hospital in Chumpon. He has 2 other siblings, an older brother and a younger sister.

Knes will be greatly missed and our condolences are with his family. We remember those days when those HOT DJ’s caught our attention and to us, Knes was our baby. Here are a few videos of Knes back in the days captured by us in the studio, doing what he does best.

R.I.P Knes, you’ll be missed.

11 responses to “Former HOT DJ, Knes Tanadon Passes Away!

  1. Are you f-ken serious? What the hell… This is all too sudden.

    I used to stay up all night to catch this guy on Hotwave webcam. I even have his cd/vcd.

    Too many talented and good people are dieing at young ages. He’s only 25 years old!!!

    R.I.P. Knes.

  2. Omg! When i read this i almost nearly cried. Knes was awesome. I cant believe it.

    R.I.P P’KNES

  3. i dont know who he is when i read the headlines but when i actually read it and watch the mvs he seems to be a great guy doing what he want to do. also he seems to enjoy it and is a good looking guy. and he’s passing away at such a young age. best wishes and love to his family.
    r.i.p knes.

  4. oh no thats soo sad ):
    I JUST watched the concert he did called af vs. atime.
    idk why I just decided to watch it again & then theres this news -__-
    this is soo sudden it’s hard to believe….

    • The same thing happens to when i was watching and searching up Min the girl in Dan kae ter Mv the next day i came on here there were news about her,wierd huh

  5. OMG, I can’t and don’t want to believe this 😦
    He is so talented, and I love his voice.

    He is too young…I just can’t believe this.

    Lub hai sabai na ka P’Knes.

  6. sigh.. theyre leaving the world so early.. R.I.P.
    my condolences to his friends & family..

  7. r u serious omg my eyes are flooding with tears omg how come i didnt hear about this..
    R.I.P p knes took yang ti p tum ja you naiy kwum jum klong fan klong p took klorn na ja na kop koon p ti blien klorn di koop koon ti p dai you nai lork ni liew fan klorng p dai fang liew ru juck p..
    klor haiy p mli kwum sook nai blorn sawan na ja…T-T”

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