Maple confessed Golf’s GF Dew slapped her sister

Miss Maxim “Maple” Punchuda claims that years ago actress “Dew” Arisara, girlfriend of “Golf” Pichaya slapped her sister. Till this day, Maple is still waiting for an apology from the young actress.

Is it true that your little sister was involved in a fist fight with Golf’s girlfriend Dew?

“If you ask if this is true, then yes, it is but it happened a long time ago”

Do you know the reason why?

“I don’t know. I just know that on the day it happened. My sister went out by herself and Dew and her friends ganged up on her”

Was it over a guy?

“I don’t know whether it was over a guy or a friend. I didn’t ask too many questions about it”

Was it over Golf?

“No, I don’t think so”

Did you see it happened?

“No I didn’t she went out by herself but when she came home, she came back all beaten up. She still has a scar on her face from the ordeal”

Did you do anything about it?

“I spoke to my mom about it and my mom said to just let it go. Don’t worry about it, what goes around comes around”

Have you confronted Dew about it?

“Not yet. But I want to tell her that the girl is my sister and every big sister loves their baby sister so of course I want to talk to her about it but I haven’t had the opportunity yet. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m a wild person and I want to attack her or anything I just want to ask her why she had to be so violent”

“I want everyone to understand that if your sister or your family was beaten up like that, you’d want to fight back too. She didn’t even look normal when she got beaten up, she was a total mess. Do you get the picture of someone who’s been beaten up. She had marks all over her face, it took ages for it to heal”

“If I run into her, I wouldn’t slap her but I would want to ask her why she had to be so violent about it, can’t you just talk to people normally?

Will you confront Dew about this when you see her?

“I wouldn’t want to start anything, honestly. But if you ask if I’m mad at her, yes I am. My sister was in such a terrible state so I just want her to apologize and it would be all over”

Source via Rakdara

23 responses to “Maple confessed Golf’s GF Dew slapped her sister

  1. dew seems to be an innocent looking girl but i guess she isn’t what she looks like. i saw a video awhile back of dew fighting someone at a younger age. i’m guessing it was that fight!

  2. Well if the incident happened years ago, why not deal with it then? Is it because Dew is somewhat famous, like she is in the entertainment industry?
    I also don’t understand why her parents didn’t do anything, seriously ‘what goes around comes around’, like why didn’t they call the police.
    And its kind of stupid for saying she doesnt want to attack Dew because talking to the media she already is. And she hasn’t even spoken to Dew yet, sheesh this girl just wants to start trouble.

    • ^^ Co-sign!

      Thank god Im pass the teeny bopper fighting over a dude type chit stage. Sorry to the youngins, but ain’t no man or boy (in this) worth fighting over.

      And it never fails that bitches need to get their friends involve and run up on peeps. smh

      • Where did it state the fight was over a guy, she didn’t say what the fight was about. Just because two girls are fighting, people would assume it’s because of a guy. She could’ve rubbed dew the wrong way, people know how that would go down, bow down to her or get beat up. And fighting over a guy doesn’t just happen with teens, I’ve seen it with my own eyes at my university plenty of times, believe me, girls who are way older tend to fight more for guys, doing that when you’re a teen is just a begginners stage, by time you’re out of that teen stage, you’ll be a professional at it. Anyways, I’ve never fought over a guy nor will I ever, I refuse to go through that stage of fighting over a guy, it’s pathetic, no offence to people who have done it before.

  3. This may be a publicity stunt but I don’t blame her, if anyone messes with my younger sister, I’ll fight back, I don’t care about anything, knowing your sister was ganged up on would suck. Fights are fights, not everyone calls the police, it doesn’t matter if you are beaten up, not everyone has the instinct to call because they don’t want any further drama, you know that person is gonna get you again if you “snitch.” It’s stupid, but in most cases, it’s true. It may have been a year, but your need for revenge gets stronger as time goes by, and to me, this was the best way for her to get it, she knows what she’s doing when she talks to the media like this, Dew is gonna have to come out and say something in her defense, probably a bullshit story…And there’s a slight chance she may apologize.

    • What?
      Golf and Mike do have a younger sister but this news is about Golf’s girlfriend, not his younger sister. Please read thoroughly next time before commenting lol.

  4. i wonder if anybody even cares about this. how many people like golf and mike anyway, only teeny boppers i guess.

  5. i still can’t believe golf is with her.. >_<.. im bias.. kwan was a better choice.. but oh well.. lol..

    anyways.. the questions are so retarded.. she obviously said that her sister went alone and they even asked if she saw it.. HELLO!!! she even said her sister was alone..

    anyways.. why are the bringing up old news again.. they've run out!

  6. girl in black does not look natural. her nose really.. idk them but yeah id defend my sister too.

  7. i would be pissed off too if my sister or family member got beaten up. That’s just wrong. One on one fight isn’t as bad (not to say it’s ok), but to have people gang up on one person is not cool at all. What a wuss those other girls are.

  8. I feel bad her sister got ganged up by Dew and her friends, but isn’t this public claim a bit too random? The whole ordeal happened a long time ago. This just almost screams PUBLICITY STUNT. I dont even know how this Maple chick is.

    Celebrities are so dumb. Do your cat fights and throw of words in private, not through the media. This is just so childish and stupid on every level. Makes me want to jump in and slap some sense into them. Now we’re gonna have to read a gazillion interviews of them dissing each other back and forth. AND THEN Golf, who has absolutely nothing to do with this mess, has to come out and defend his girlfriend and speak on her behalf just cause he’s famous and he’s the boyfriend, and it makes him look bad.

    They should have taken care of this 2 damn years ago.

  9. im guessing this is not the first time that girl dew used violence to solve her issues?

    • Definitely not her first time…There was also a video circulating around the net a year or two ago…She was young and not famous at the time, the video showed her forcing her opponent to bow down according to people that have watched it, I’ve never seen it with my own eyes so I wouldn’t know how to desribe the contents of the video, but she did apologize and tried to defend her image saying she changed and so on….Guess she didn’t. I wonder what will Dew say to Maple about this situation, probably denial or a half assed public apology Dew is going to make blaming both of Maple’s sister and herself. I do not know what those two people do in the entertainmnt business as of now nor will I ever care, but the drama attracts people, and I am one of them, hopefully this gets resolved despite it being a publicity stunt for Maple.

  10. I don’t blame Maple for coming out with this issue just now even though it was 2 years ago. Just because it was 2 years ago doesn’t mean it’s easily forgiven and forgotten. Heck yeah, I would use the media, the public, my current status as Miss Maxim to pull off the fake mask Dew has on. Dew and her gang ruined her sister. Maple is probably keeping deeper details private but for Maple to be this upset even til this day, Dew and her gang probably did more than just face scarring. And now that Maple has some public power, why not use it against someone like Dew, who thinks she’s so high up there and can beat up anyone who crosses her? I think Maple was a nobody back then and even though Dew wasn’t a celebrity then, she must have had some type of connections in order for her to go around beating up on people without being punished. Really, bullies who beat up on people like Dew have powerful people to back them up, that’s why they do what they do because they know they can get away with it. If I were Maple, I would drag Dew all the way down, let her know that karma is a b*tch. Revenge is sweet. That’s why you treat others with respect because you never know who they will become in the future.

  11. i’m not sided wif any sides since I don’t this Maple girl and tho I AM GOLF-MIKE’S fan, don’t really care bout dew… but something isn’t rite here, if she wants to know why dew and her friends ganged up on her sister, why doesn’t she just asked her lil sis?? I mean, people don’t beat up a person without a reason,… this is not the U.S. where people “shot” at some1 for fun,…

    and if it something that happen years ago, why don’t you go and confront Dew “WHEN SHE’S NOT YET FAMOUS??!!! THIS IS DEFINITELY SOME KIND OF AN IMAGE ATTACK…

    p/s I’m not a racist… don’t get me wrong…

    • Um…When people get beat up, some of them don’t actually say why because first of all, you would be embarrassed if you gotten terribly beaten up and second of all, you could have been traumatized by this incident, scared, by the way maple described it, I think her sister was beaten up badly. So I get why she didn’t tell, because the girl was hurt, scared, and you don’t want to pressure her to tell a reason due to her being in a fragile state. And one thing you don’t do is gang up on a person, that’s the pussy way to do things, if you wanted a fair fight, do it one on one, too bad the girl didn’t get one, because Dew had to be a pussy and attack someone with her group of friends. And when reporters asked was the reason of the fight because of golf, and Maple said she didn’t know and or that she want sure, I’m assuming Dew was famous by the time she jumped Maple’s sister. And one more thing, don’t generalize shootings only in the U.S. Every country has many wrong doings of their own, not just the U.S. I’m pretty sure there were some shootings in Thailand too, just like there is in any other country, not just the U.S. People don’t shoot up at people for fun, they do it for their own stupid reasons okay. That statement really offended me, by all means am I not patriotic, but I found it really low to generalize “shooting for fun” only in the U.S.

  12. I guess Maple is fed up with Dew’s growing popularity lol

    Anyways, I am no fan of fights though I do find them entertaining. It’s not that I encourage violence but it’s just so happen to be funny seeing two girls fight over something really lame. And now that Maple comes out randomly to say this.

      • Clicked publish button on accident. Let me continue, I meant to say this is the type of stuff that attracts people. Famous Immature people fighting to the dumbest reasons, can’t get more entertaining than that…

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