Girl Talk with Mark Parin

“Mark” Parin Suparat, the star of ‘Ngao Ruk Luong Jai’ talks about girls in an issue of Sudsapda magazine.

What’s your view on love?

“In the past I haven’t really hit on anyone. My love life usually comes from friendship and then gradually develop into romance. And if one day I feel it’s not right then I will gradually bring our status back to friendship again. However, when I do meet someone that I like, I will let her know straight away that I have feelings for her”

“When I date a girl I want her to understand that a man needs some time for his friends and family too. We don’t have to be with each other all the time. I don’t like girls who are fussy and the the paranoid type, they can make me moody easily”

What kind of girl are you instantly attracted to?

“There are two types and both are different. The first type, I like someone who is prim and sweet because they make me want to take care of them. And the other type, I like someone who is a little sassy, they seem mysterious. But if I have to choose only one type of girl, I choose the latter because I think they could probably take care of themselves more. My ideal type of girl is someone like P’Ploy Chermarn”

First love?

“I had a crush on one of my classmates for 4 years from year 9 till end of high school. I liked her because she was chinese looking and had fair skin and she’s also very academically smart and prim. But all I could do was look at her. I wasn’t game enough to hit on her because a lot of my friends who dated each other ended up breaking up so I felt I should just stay friends with her”

Unforgettable love?

“At one stage I was dating this girl and when she finished high school she went to study abroad and I called her every day to talk to her. I became very attached to her and after one year I asked to end the relationship because I felt she was too far away and I didn’t have much time. I wanted to give her an opportunity to meet someone better, someone who could take car of her while she’s over there. After I broke up with her, she cried big time, but the good thing is we’re still friends with each other”

Most impressive girl experience?

“On my 16th birthday I had a party at my house. A lot of my friends were invited and at midnight, a girl friend texted me to say, can you go get something on top of the sofa for me so I went and got it, and it turned out to be a present, it was a watch that I really wanted so I was really impressed that she bought it for me”

What’s the most cutest thing that a girl could do?

“When  they’re happy all the time because when they smile they’re very refreshing to look at. Like my mom, she is a happy person and she smiles a lot. She’s always positive and she would never look sad, she makes me happy when I’m around her”

Girls look most sexiest when?

“After exercise, when they go to wash their face and their hair and face are a little wet. I think that’s very sexy. Or when they’re wearing tight exercise outfits, you can really see their sexy body”

Source via Pantip

20 responses to “Girl Talk with Mark Parin

  1. lol! i like all his answers! its so straight forward and all! he is a cutie in the lakorn!!!!! and i would want a boyfriend like him cause i view it like him too! 😀

  2. WOW! so honest huh? good for him and good luck.
    “When I date a girl I want her to understand that a man needs some time for his friends and family too” i’m 100% agree with him.

  3. Oh man. I Love his answers! So funny and so cute !
    He seems to know how to handle relationships really well (:
    That’s gooood ! lol

  4. I think I fit what his description types. lmfao. jkjk

    I love Mark. His personality and honesty. ❤
    Extremely freakin' cute as well. XD

  5. ^ lmao uh-huh chuah.. sure.. lol XD.. ahaha..

    anyways.. he’s a perv.. ahaha —-> “Or when they’re wearing tight exercize outfits, you can really see their sexy body”

    i like how he&barry answer questions XD

    • lol.. i just saw that his ideal type is p’ploy.. ahaha who wouldnt want to date her? XD..

    • Haha yes don’t forget that he and barry are still considered teenagers so their answers about girls would be very hormone driven. LMAO.

  6. all the answers are very good ! ! just one i don’t like a little when he reply my type is P ploy charmann Bof i prefer the answer is Aum Patcharapa !!! LOL

  7. He is twenty and has a really good outlook on relationships, such a cutie wish they get better writers and leading ladies he is a good actor.

  8. OMg he is such a little perv..LMAO…but thats is so perverted when he say tight excerise..LMAO

  9. LOL, wow!. he was really honest about when a girl is most sexy!. hahaha….I go to the gym everyday after work!!..He can be my gym partner anytime!!! lol….=)

  10. he’s seems like the bad boy type. I liked his acting and thought he was hot but, when you see him in interviews and behind the scene filming of him, you notice that with his personality, he doesn’t seem like he is himself and is too aware of the camera.

  11. hehe i want to watch the interview, i don’t really know who this new actor character guy is but he is drop dead gorgeous, hehe nahhh his cute i gotta say. What nashh is he, is he full thai or a mix, very cute for a 20 yrs old , i thought he was 18, i love his acting in the new thai drama ”ngao ruk laung jai” just gotta adore his face. Well when reading what he said about the type of girl he like and use to date, wow he knows what his future WIFE is gonna be. Rofl keep up the main lead MARk :p

  12. He’s very honest, which is a good thing. And he’s got a good head on his shoulders but his real life personality is not the type I would want as a boyfriend or husband. The role he played as Techit is more my type of guy. Where do I find a real life guy like Techit?

  13. Mark sounds like an expert on girls and how to handle them, maybe he’s dated a lot. He almost seems like a playboy given the experiences he talks about. Although, the love he felt for that one girl for 4 years throughout HS was something different, sweet, and memorable because he saw his friends relationships not lasting and he didn’t want to have a casual relationship with her so they stayed friends. Maybe when he’s older and wants a serious relationship he’ll look for her.

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